about eboard


The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) Elections Board is the independent third party administrator of undergraduate student elections. At the end of each year, elections are held for the 15 offices of the Undergraduate Student Association Council (USAC). 

Our primary purpose is to control, conduct and manage all activities related to USAC elections to ensure impartial administration of USAC elections in accordance with the Undergraduate Student Association Constitution, the Undergraduate Student Association Bylaws, and the Election Code. Our main goal is to create a safe election environment where students can exercise their right to make a difference at UCLA. 


Through our 5 operating committees, the Elections Board works to conduct marketing/outreach campaigns, plan elections related events, and enforce all election-related regulations. Directors will be chosen to lead each of the committees (Investigations, Marketing, External Relations, Finance, Endorsements) to ensure the smooth administration of any and all election-related matters during the academic year. Staff members work in each of the committees to aid their directors in carrying out the tasks of their respective committees.

To learn more about the Elections Board, you can read our guiding document.



Marketing Committee

External Relations Committee

Investigations Committee

Finance Committee

Endorsements Committee