Meet the Executive Board


Alfred Tun


Alfred Tun is a fourth-year student from Yangon, Myanmar majoring in Political Science and Economics. In his free time, he’s an avid gamer who loves games like Dota 2 and Mobile Legends or even just playing chess with his friends. After graduation, Alfred plans to attend law school to pursue a career in the anti-trust, criminal justice, and anti-discrimination fields. Undoubtedly, his commitment to social justice is one of his defining qualities as the Elections Board Chair. His experience as the current President of the Burmese Student Association and last year's Investigations Director helped prepare him for his role. He works hard to uplift student voices and create a student election that is accessible for everyone, particularly for historically underrepresented groups. His goal as the Elections Board chair is to bridge the disconnect between USAC and the student body to help connect students with the resources they need. 


Mariah Lima


Mariah is a third year student from Santa Clarita, California majoring in Political Science and minoring in Environmental Systems and Society. When Mariah’s not too busy grinding out her schoolwork and making sure the Elections Board is running smoothly, she loves reading, yoga, and vegan baking. She plans to go to graduate school after graduating from UCLA to pursue a career in international development and public policy. She hopes to apply that knowledge to mitigate the effects of climate change in communities around the world. Mariah brings invaluable experience to the Elections Board having worked on congressional campaigns that taught her how public elections work and how fair and equitable elections are run. Mariah is extremely passionate about the Elections Board because she truly cares about uplifting student voices—and to ensure the fair administration of the election process for the next generation of student leaders serving the student body. 


Caroline Halloran

Director of Marketing

Caroline Halloran is a third-year student from Dana Point, California majoring in Political Science with a minor in Music Industry. She’s a self-taught expert in graphic design with an unrivaled passion for all kinds of art including, but not limited to, watercolor, charcoal, and even embroidery. In her professional life, Caroline aspires to become an attorney within the music industry and has experience working as a Graphic Manager for Student Impact, a non-profit dedicated to helping students succeed through the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s dedicated to using her valuable skills and experience to lead our talented Marketing Committee in order to create an informed voter base and boost turnout in the upcoming election, especially for underrepresented groups on-campus. Her commitment to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to participate in their student elections and make their voices heard is one of the many reasons that Caroline makes for an exceptional Director of Marketing.  


Palmer Turnbell

Director of External Relations

Palmer Turnbell is a third-year student from North County San Diego, Ca currently studying Political Science and Statistics. When Palmer’s not working hard managing the External Relations Committee, he likes to spend his time surfing at the beach, rocking out as a drummer, and even DJing! He’s committed to his education and plans to go to law school in the next few years with the goal of working in campaign analytics. Before he joined the elections board, he also gained experience as the Internal Vice President of SLAM, a student-run UCLA organization that provides musical education to underserved schools in Los Angeles. Now, he uses his extensive experience with student outreach and team management to develop more inclusive student elections for the UCLA student body. His experience and passion to help create an informed and politically active student body as the Director of External Relations makes him an invaluable addition to the 2021 Elections Board.


Ira Phatak

Director of Investigations

Ira Phatak is a third-year student from Dublin, California pursuing a double major in Political Science and International Development Studies with a minor in French. Ira hopes to attend law school studying international and human rights law. In the long-term, she’s planning on developing a career in the international development field to advocate for social justice. Currently, Ira works as a policy research intern with the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program focusing on the status of Indian think tanks. In her free time, she’s a horror film enthusiast and has easily watched over 100 movies! However, when she’s not busy indulging in the supernatural or developing groundbreaking research, Ira commits much of her time to her role as the Director of Investigations for the elections board. She’s a dedicated leader who believes in the importance of upholding the integrity of student elections and raising awareness about the roles that our elected officials play in the day-to-day lives of students.


Piyapan Chaiprasit

Director of Finance

Piyapan Chaiprasit is a fourth year economics major and international student from Yangon, Myanmar. Piyapan has an unmatched passion for finance and plans to work in the public accounting sector. She has even signed a full-time offer with Ernest and Young as their Core Assurance Staff for 2021! She has also served as the VP of Finance for Beta Alpha Psi, the on-campus Accounting Honors Society, and also as a CSR at the Student Government Accounting department. Piyapan brings a rich blend of experiences working with different aspects related to Finance to her role as the Director of Finance for the elections board. Aside from doing the nitty gritty in finances, Piyapan spends much of her quarantine free time working on relearning the piano and practicing her singing skills! Overall, her incredible dedication to the Elections Board comes from her desire to help students have their voices heard and have a direct impact on facilitating an equitable and accessible USAC election.