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we've built profiles for all the candidates running in this year's USAC election, so you have the information that you need to make an educated decision, because voting matters.

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To meet all of your candidates for president, please click here.


Bryce Busch's statement:

Hi UCLA, my name is Bryce Busch (he/him) and I am running to be your USAC President! As a queer, out-of-state student and a third year History major and Environmental Science minor, student advocacy across the entire UCLA campus is my top priority. A student will pay over $1000 in USAC fees during their time at UCLA. As President I want to make sure that every student knows where their money is going. This is why transparency is my
top priority in office. As your UCLA President, I envision a more collaborative student government where all offices unite to achieve the overall goals and principles of USAC. I understand that the President is the
cornerstone for cooperation within leadership and I will strive to make sure this is upheld and reinforced. If elected, additional platforms include bringing business back to Westwood and making it more student friendly. This directly ties into my other platform of expanding First Thursday’s to
include various cultural clubs at UCLA to represent our diverse student body. My experience and involvement has set me up to be an extremely qualified candidate. I have served as the Chief of Staff for the External Vice President’s (EVP) office, advocated for UCLA students at every level of government, and lobbied for bills such as Doubling the Pell and university COVID-19 relief. Let’s work together to bring community back to campus.


Vote Bryce Busch for UCLA President. For all campaign updates please follow @bryce4uclapres on Instagram.



  • As a federal team member in the 2020-2021 External Vice President Office, I lobbied for Doubling the Pell Grant and for increasing money given to Universities for COVID-19 support. These lobby meetings involved all the UC’s and the CSU’s.

  • I served as the Fellowship Director for the 2021-2022 EVP office where I led two cohorts of fellows through a 10 week program where I prepared them for a future in USAC and set up such trainings as Transfer Awareness and a People of Color (POC) tour.

  • As the current Chief of Staff in EVP, I manage an office of over 50 staffers. I organize and lead weekly meetings, serve as HR for the office, oversee staff development and social media, as well as plan office events.

  • Bruin Film Society Vice President, where I am responsible for leading a meeting of up to 100 members at a time and sending out a weekly newsletter to over 5,000 recipients.

  • Attended the 2022 Student Organizing Summit where I was trained on leadership skills to be brought back to campus. I contributed to the selection picking UC system-wide goals that all campuses would work towards during/throughout the year, including efforts for the UC’s to divest from the Thirty Meter Telescope being built on Indigenous-Hawaiian land.

Carl King Jr.'s statement:

Hey Bruins! It's Carl King Jr. your current USAC President, and yes, I am running to serve as your President again! Originally from Atlanta, I moved to L.A. to major in Business Economics at UCLA. As a Black, low-income, first-generation, transfer, out-of-state, and veteran student, I share many different identities that allow me to approach problems holistically. Bruins face many
challenges in today's ever-changing world, and I have been committed to ensuring you have a seat at the table. While serving this year, my Office has been able to secure funding for mental health and abortion pill fee waivers, reopen Cafe 1919, and offer career opportunities in partnership with the Career Center, among many other initiatives. I was even able to speak to Vice President Kamala Harris about some of these initiatives this year when I was invited to the White House.


While my Office was able to accomplish a great amount, there is more that needs to be done, which is why I am rerunning for President. I know what it takes to be USAC President and will take this knowledge to further advance advocacy on behalf of all Bruins. A vote for Carl is a vote for Campus Unity, Activating Alumni Networks, Restoring and Upgrading Infrastructure, Experienced Leadership, and a Safe and Sustainable Campus. As President, these are the common themes that lack attention and need to be addressed, and I plan to do so.


Visit @KingforUSAC for more info, and remember Carl still CARES #KingforUSAC #CarlStillCARES


  • Current 2022-2023 USAC President: I currently serve as one of 15 elected student officers, representing 31,000+ UCLA undergraduate students through local, national, and campus policies. I executed campaign promises on five main priorities: Community Unity, Affordability, Revitalizing Student Safety, Equitable Learning, and Social Engagement. 

  • 2021-22 USAC General Representative #3: For the 2021-2022, I also served as one of 15 elected student officers, representing 31,000+ UCLA undergraduate students. I executed campaign promises on four main priorities: affordable mental health access, a smooth transition back to in-person learning, financial literacy, and campus maintenance.

  • Member of UC Council of PresidentsI currently serve on the UC Council with all other UC Presidents who represent all students who study within the UC system. This allows me to exchange ideas and work with other UC presidents in order to enact change. This year we met and stressed Housing and Associated Living Insecurities with the UC President.

  • Member of Bruin Students of Color Delegation: I was selected to the Bruin Students of Color Delegation where I was active in addressing issues that Students of Color face on campus. I worked to establish concrete solutions for the real problems affecting students within the University of California system.

  • Humanitarian Award Recipient: During my time serving as a U.S. Marine, I traveled to over six countries in the Indo-Asia Pacific and was awarded for my humanitarian service. Having the opportunity to help children and the elderly in these countries allowed me to become a compassionate and empathetic leader.

Campaign photo.jpg

Poom Yoodee's statement:

My fellow Bruins, I am Poom Yoodee, a 3rd Year Microbiology student running for President of the Undergraduate Students Association Council. As a commuter student, I understand the difficulty of driving to campus every day. As a waiter, I know what it is like to work to pay for your tuition. As a
first-generation college student, I know that finding opportunities is no easy task. With over 30,000 undergraduate students on our campus today, each with unique values, beliefs, and backgrounds, my goal is to ensure everyone in our UCLA community has a voice in our student government. Working with various communities on campus, I directed multiple staff members in the IVP Office, volunteered in the Saving Hearts Foundation, and chaired large-scale service events as an officer in Alpha Phi Omega. The most memorable parts of my journey have always been helping the communities and people who make UCLA home. To promote this community and empower its people, I will foster inclusivity in student government, strike down barriers that hinder our clubs and organizations, make our campus safe for everyone, and ensure every student on campus is heard. USAC needs a leader who practices bottom-up leadership, listens and interacts with students, and brings community leaders and experts together to solve long-term problems as a team. Together, I know we can bring positive change to our campus and create a future where no one is left behind.


Visit my instagram (@YoodeeForUCLA) or my website to learn more about my platforms!


  • I’ve worked in USAC for the past two years as a staff member and a director in the IVP Office. In 2022, I raised and distributed $30,000 in Housing Aid during the pandemic.

  • In Alpha Phi Omega, Citylab, and at St.Monica Catholic High School, I’ve dedicated over 900 hours to helping local high schoolers because of my firm belief in the importance of accessible education.

  • As a restaurant waiter, I provided quality customer service without judgment to my patrons. I’ve resolved disputes between delivery personnel and restaurant staff, where I came to learn the importance of respect and teamwork.


Nate Magari's statement:

My name is Nate Magari, and I am running for USAC President. As the Director of Campus Affordability, I have gained extensive experience working to make campus more affordable and accessible for all students. On the other hand, I have also witnessed how the student government has failed to prioritize the needs of the student body. We need to demand that our student fees are being used to benefit all UCLA students, and not just a select few. It is crucial that we hold USAC accountable to ensure that the needs of all students are being met.


As your USAC President, I will work to prioritize resources that are essential to student success, such as mental health support and academic advising. Furthermore, we need to create a more transparent and accessible USAC that represents the diverse student body. I will continue to prioritize the Financial Support Commission’s auditing program to ensure that student fees are spent both transparently and responsibly. The task at hand is difficult, but with your help, we will make USAC a compelling advocate for the students.


I am committed to making these changes as your USAC President. Together, we can create a government that serves the people and truly represents the needs of all students. So, I ask for your vote and support to help bring about the change we deserve. Thank you.


  • As Director of Campus Affordability for FSC this year I was able to directly help students through lab material rentals, financial workshops, and Westwood business discounts among other programs. As a result of this position, I was able to grow as a public servant.

  • I served as the President of my highschool student council for 2 consecutive years, along with 2 years prior as a council representative. Under my leadership, the council fundraised enough money to provide clubs with grants in addition to the funds used for school events and service projects.

  • I have a unique perspective as an astrophysicist that allows me to put aside personal biases and use the scientific method in my approach to governance.

  • Through actively listening to your voices I am constantly gaining experience and will continue to do so on the job. Please email me at if you want to talk about anything!

IMG_1680 (1).HEIC

Naomi Hammonds's statement:

Hello, my name is Naomi Hammonds (she/her/hers) and I am running for USAC President. As a Black Bruin and woman in STEM, I will continue to advocate for the empowerment of students through the betterment of diversity, inclusivity, equity, collaboration, and retention on our campus and student organizations. A bit of panic, a helping of fear, a splash of terror, and a dash (maybe more than a dash) of anxiety is how I felt when I first entered UCLA. Moving from out of state, I was simply a shy girl that couldn’t break down the walls that I built. Like many of you, throughout college, I’ve had to hold full-time jobs, while balancing (sometimes juggling) my academics, mental health, and extracurriculars. I know the struggle and I’ve lived a struggle. I know what it’s like to be silenced and I know what it’s like to not feel like you belong here. The organizations that I’ve engaged with have allowed me to find my place and belonging, and I will advocate with my peers to enhance our experiences and ultimately our success on this campus. Follow @naomi.ham__ #NaomiNow


Bringing my lived experience, on and off this campus, if elected as your USAC President I will:

  • Advocate for and alongside students to uplift their voices when it comes to issues

  • Ensure students feel change where they need to see it

  • Vow that my future seconds in this role are yours (the Bruin community

  • Remain truthful, honest, and tangible



  • As the USAC General Representative #2, I have maintained the morale of leadership directors
    and staff, planned and executed my original platforms that I ran on and other various social
    events, plus more. I will continue to prioritize, amplify, and make space for students. That’s a

  • As one of the few undergraduate Teaching Assistants for LS30A and currently LS7C, I
    challenged myself everyday to learn from my students as they learned from me. I’ve had tangible effects on undergraduate education at this university. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and played a part in the solutions.

  • As a Research Assistant in the Life Science Liberation Project I created a more inclusive,
    caring, and welcoming environment in the LS7A/B/C series by advocating for better structure,
    support, flexibility, and autonomy. I developed greater interpersonal skills through listening to
    student stories that highlighted inequities in resources.

  • As a Massage Envy Manager I have supervised daily operations, trained/coached staff in order to ensure excellent service for guests and to reach membership and retail goals. I have developed the skills required to lead with empathy, optimism, and unity while maintaining a welcoming environment.

  • As a Program Development Team Member for the Learning Assistant Program I reinforced
    peer learning by enhancing communication between students, instructors, and teaching
    assistants. Through serving in the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion division with
    increasing outreach to marginalized groups, I increased confidence in student's abilities to learn and succeed.



To meet all of your candidates for IVP, please click here.


Kian Kohanteb's statement:

Hello Bruins! My name is Kian Kohanteb, and I'm excited to run for the position of Internal Vice President. I am a Pol Sci student who was born and raised in Los Angeles. I had the honor of serving as General Representative 1 on USAC last year, where I accomplished several initiatives, such as securing free Lyft rides on weekends, establishing student discounts at local businesses, organizing stress relief events on campus, releasing weekly transparency reports and club highlights, and so much more. However, I also noticed areas where USAC could do better. One of the major issues is that many students are not aware of the role and impact of student government. As the next IVP, my primary focus will be to improve the everyday life of every Bruin. I believe that all students should receive tangible benefits from their student fees, and that's why I will continue working on expanding student discounts in WW and the greater LA area. Why shouldn’t students have cheaper tickets to sporting events and amusement parks?

My campaign is centered around three key platforms: SAFETY, ACCESSIBILITY, and COMMUNITY. I believe that these areas are essential for making UCLA the best possible experience for all students, and I have concrete plans to achieve them.


VOTE EXPERIENCE. VOTE VISION. VOTE KIAN.  Learn more and stay updated on Instagram @KianforIVP


  • USAC Generel Representative 1 2022-2023
  • Chabad on Campus Board Member
  • AEPi Minor Board

  • Basketball Team Captain

  • High School Student Body President

Josh Garland's statement:

My name is Josh Garland (he/him/his) and I’m running for Internal Vice President (IVP). Growing up as a mixed race and LGBTQIA+ student, I found it difficult to express these identities openly. However, UCLA has fostered an environment where I’ve been able to explore these identities. As a result, I have a drive to ensure UCLA is a place where all students feel comfortable and welcomed. I’ve had the privilege of serving as a director in the IVP office, planning institutional events for the entire UCLA community. As a Director of Student Involvement, I’ve worked on numerous events including collaborating with the ASUCLA Board of Directors on the UCLA T-Shirt Design Contest and planning finals destress events. I’ve learned firsthand how the office is run and how to oversee projects put on by the IVP. I am confident that I can become a successful IVP as my position has given me the necessary knowledge and organizational skills to do so.

I will work with fellow students and student organizations to create a campus that is more accessible and supportive of all Bruins. As your IVP, I will uplift USAC to ensure it is an organization that students can better rely on for resources and funding. My goal is to utilize the IVP office’s resources to ensure all students can thrive at UCLA. Through my platforms, the “Four Is of Influence,” I aim to improve housing accessibility, improve USAC transparency, increase pre-professional opportunities, and increase community well-being to uplift all Bruins.  


  • As a Director of Student Involvement in the IVP Office, I help oversee a committee of
    five members and have hosted finals destressor events, worked with ASUCLA on the
    UCLA T-Shirt Design Contest, and assisted in planning and hosting the True Bruins
    R.A.I.S.E. ceremony.

  • As a Legal Assistant at the Law Office of Brian H. Turner, I’ve learned effective
    organization, planning, professional writing, and communication skills by completing administrative work and providing research assistance.

  • As the Communications Officer for UCLA Taekwondo, I have planned events for the
    club, assisted in marketing events, recruited new members, and facilitated a welcoming
    environment for all members.

  • As an editor for the Social Justice Desk at the People’s Vanguard of LA, I oversee a team
    of writers and have assisted in editing articles related to various topics regarding social justice.

Copy of image (2) (1) - JOSH GARLAND.jpeg

Jeffry Umaña Muñoz's statement:

My name is Jeffry Umaña Muñoz (he/him) and I am running to be your next Internal Vice President. As a Salvadoran, low-income, and undocumented student, my journey to and at UCLA has been dominated by systems built to oppress and erase my existence and community.
Still, throughout my experiences at UCLA, I have learned that when students organize together, we can transform our University to be an equitable resource for all students, especially those that have been historically oppressed. The time has come for USAC to respond to students’ immediate needs and empower student leaders across campus to push the University forward and uplift marginalized communities.

As IVP, I will:

  • Expand resources and institutionalize Latinx student input into UCLA’s Hispanic-Serving Institution efforts

  • Provide direct support to student organizations by redefining their relationship to USAC through adjustments and expansions of USAC-sponsored resources, such as funding bodies, material support, and administrative leverage

  • Challenge the way UCLA approaches campus safety by increasing aid to undocumented students and divesting from UCPD and investing in community care resources


We are at a crossroads— UCLA must address the structural issues faced by students on campus to uphold its role as a leading public institution. I am running for Internal Vice President to materially support students and facilitate our success during and after UCLA. As your Internal Vice President, I will use USAC’s institutional leverage to holistically support the student experience and direct attention and resources to the student leaders at the forefront of our University.


  • As IDEAS’ Co-Chairperson, I have ensured undocumented students are prioritized
    throughout the University by coordinating student-initiated resources, programs, and
    social spaces that address our holistic needs. I have led various collaborations with
    USAC, student organizations, and campus entities to advocate for relief and aid for all
    undocumented students.

  • As USN’s Retention Director, I have organized and led the #Opportunity4All Campaign
    to demand educational and professional equity for all at the UC, regardless of
    immigration status. This has prepared me to effectively lead coalitions and work with
    University administrators in order to fully execute my platforms while on Council.

  • As a Senator to the Academic Senate’s Undergraduate Council, I directly advocated
    for students, including by extending COVID-19 academic/safety accommodations and
    pushed Senate Leadership to enhance the legitimacy and efficacy of Student Senators.
    Further, I pushed the Senate to embrace a holistic framework of governance that
    prioritizes student wellbeing.

  • As the Student-Initiated Outreach Committee Chairperson, I oversaw the allocation
    of student fees to fund the operations of 7 student-initiated university access and outreach
    projects for underrepresented communities. This has prepared me to s
    treamline USAC
    funding sources to increase student programming by expanding access to students’ own
    monetary resources.

  • As the MEChA Xinachtli Access Coordinator, I have coordinated a program of higher
    education and postsecondary career preparation services to LA-area Latinx students.
    Further, I have advocated for Latinx students and their holistic access and retention

IMG_8540 - MEGAN LAW.heic

Megan Law's statement:

Hi everyone! My name is Megan Law, and I am running to be your next Internal Vice President for the Undergraduate Student Association. Being involved with the IVP office for 2 years, I believe I have the qualifications to advocate for students' voices! I am super excited to fight for student needs, transparency and accountability from administrators, and more resources for student organizations to empower our voices.

Throughout my time at UCLA, I’ve realized how inequitable, inaccessible, and disorganized our administration is with serious decisions, including COVID-19 policies and responses to student protests, that impact students on a daily basis. I’ve also noticed the tremendous lack of support that our student organizations have for funding, planning, and advocating for our causes. In addition, it’s obvious that USAC has not been the most accessible to students, and that needs to change! We need more diverse and confident student voices at the table to advocate for equity,
transparency, and social justice! We need voices that will advocate for student-led efforts to prioritize students and empower student organizations to bring positive change to our community.

As your next IVP, I will

  • Uplift student voices by collecting student feedback and concerns, appointing students to committees alongside UCLA Administrators, and coordinating to advocate for change.

  • Provide support to student organizations by creating and sharing resources for funding planning, programming, and retention.

  • Increase transparency and access to equitable education by advocating for expanded access to online learning and financial support for underrepresented communities of students.


  • As the USAC IVP Transparency and Accessibility Director (2022-Present), I attended weekly USAC Council meetings with USAC officers to provide the general student body with updates regarding USAC decisions that impact the general student body, along with being a regular substitute for multiple USAC Officers.

  • As a USAC IVP Empower Resilient Communities Staff Member (2021-2022), I supported the creation of toolkits, and resources, and planned events for student organizations and leaders regarding mental health and sexual assault awareness.

  • As the USAC Facilities Commission Bruin Bazaar Director (2022-Present), I planned large-scale events to highlight student-run small businesses and facilitated events to educate others on the dangers of fast fashion and how to combat unsustainable purchases

  • As an Intern for the Asian Pacific American Public Affairs (2021-2022), I researched and analyzed data to create reports that advocated for proper AAPI representation in politics and worked with elected officials to demand more accessible resources for underrepresented communities of color.

  • As the Vice President of the SFUSD Student Advisory Council (2020-2021), I represented 50,000 public school students and wrote policy resolutions regarding education funding, education accessibility, improving sexual harassment/sexual assault reporting systems, and increased support for political education for youth.



To meet all of your candidates for EVP, please click here.

Eva Jussim's statement:

Hi Bruins! My name is Eva Jussim (she/her) and I am proudly running to be your next External Vice President.

I truly know what it means to be an organizer and an advocate. As the current Chief of Staff to the EVP and as the Organizing Director of the UC Student Association, I represent 280,000 UC undergraduates. In these positions, I have lobbied the state legislature and UC Regents for CalGrant and CalFresh expansion on-campus and across the UCs. As an intern for the City of LA and as a tenants’ rights organizer, I’ve rallied for affordable housing and a sustainable transportation system within LA. From these experiences, I have a strong desire to promote the needs of UCLA students as the next EVP.

Affordability, labor, and accessibility are my top concerns. Supporting myself through college inspires me to establish an affordable university where students can focus on their education first. Knowing the struggles of being a student worker makes me eager to renew labor consciousness
at UCLA. Even as a highly engaged student, I still struggle to access UCLA’s resources. Further, as a lesbian, I am motivated to make our campus a physically and intersectional accessible space.

I have three years of experience working for the EVP, and I will leverage my unique institutional knowledge and connections to effectively organize the student body, advocate with students like you, and build coalitions to achieve an equitable UCLA. Join our team by following our socials @eva4evp and vote #Eva4EVP! 


  • Chief of Staff for EVP – Assisted the current EVP with legislative tasks to forge connections
    with UCLA administrators. Currently supervises three teams in EVP on projects, generating the UC’s highest
    voter turnout increase in 2022 and allocated $20,000 to Mother Organizations and other student associations to support their advocacy.

  • Board Member & Organizing Director, UC Student Association – Appointed to represent the 280,000 UC undergraduates for statewide organizing efforts and lobbying. My lobbying has contributed to increased funding of the Pell Grant, bonds to support the growth of affordable housing in CA, and student priorities in the CA state budget.

  • Director of University Relations for EVP – Developed connections to the UC Regents, UC
    Office of the President, and UCLA campus stakeholders to form coalitions. Successfully
    established CalFresh at UCLA to support food insecure Bruins and got UCLA Housing to
    commit to building affordable housing units in the next decade.

  • Community Engagement Intern, Los Angeles City Controller – Attended and participated in
    neighborhood council and city council meetings, discovering the ins-and-outs of local
    government while developing skills in outreach, grassroots organizing, and project management, all of which are necessary to engage the UCLA student body and local advocacy within broader LA.

  • Outreach & Legal Intern, The Tenants Law Firm – Building on my experience as a Political
    Science and Urban/Regional Studies student, I canvassed buildings with LA city code violations, discussed rights that tenants have and suggested pathways to legal action in pursuit of these rights, and led workshops with residents.


Hiyab Misghina's statement:

Hi Bruins! My name is Hiyab Misghina, and I am a first-generation student and the daughter of an immigrant single mother. I am running for the position of External Vice President, as I have seen the importance of having relatable students who can connect others with the right resources
to reach their full academic potential. As an advocate for the greater student population at UCLA, I aim to provide the support and assurance that all students deserve.

Having worked for the Mayor of San Diego, I gained a unique perspective on local government and the importance of building relationships with community leaders to effect change. In my role as EVP, I will prioritize student advocacy on a local, statewide, and national level by engaging in effective advocacy efforts and fostering the necessary relationships to ensure that the voices of all underrepresented groups are heard.

Being a part of the first Black Pre-Law journal at UCLA, I gained insight into the legal system's complicit participation in the loss of Black life and the need for systemic change. My experience with this project and my commitment to prioritizing marginalized groups on our campus will make me an outspoken leader and trustworthy resource to all students.

My genuine passion and tenacity make me a strong candidate for EVP. I am committed to backing the needs and interests of the UCLA community, both on and off-campus, and eliminating the structural issues present.

Thank you for your consideration, follow @hiyab4evp on Instagram for more!


  • President of the Cesar Chavez Service Organization

    • Organized and led community service projects

    • Created annual food drives for the Jewish Family Service which provided 1000+ meals

    • Served as a panelist in local televised elections

  • Mentor for First Gen Scholars Program

    • Raised $7.2 million in scholarships and financial aid for undocumented/first-gen students in the last year

  • Intern for the Mayor of San Diego 

    • I constructed a bill for the Coastal Act that protects coastal resources 

    • Aided in the implementation of bike lanes that now provide eco-conscious and affordable transportation for San Diegans

    • At the forefront of resolving the most pressing issues in San Diego and established a culture of governance that moved the city forward

    • Worked with external entities as a liaison

  • Published Writer, For the first UCLA Black Pre-Law Journal 

    • The volume centers on the legal system’s complicit participation in the loss of Black life, livelihood, and justice

    • Informed readers of the current and historical injustices of the legal system

  • Precinct Captain for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

    • Successfully lobbied AB 392, a California state law also known as the California Act to Save Lives, which updates the legal standard for police officers' use of lethal force in California

      (de-escalation tactics)

  • UCLA Bunche Fellows Researcher

    • Conducted research on students of color that sheds light on the youth schooling experience and its implications for understanding how representation– namely perceived subjective representation –may bolster students’ mental health during their development. This is research I would like to specifically apply to this role.

    • PURC Research Conference

    • UCLA Undergrad Research Conference

  • Ehrlich Scholar

    • Chosen based on demonstrated leadership, giving back to one’s community, and having the desire to be in public service/non-profit work

  • Certificate of Distinction of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Award for Aspirations in Computing



To meet all of your candidates for Gen Rep, please click here.

IMG_1044 - JOE LIN.png

Joe Lin's statement:

Hey Bruins! I’m Joe Lin and I’m running to be one of your General Representatives. Coming into UCLA, I sometimes felt astray in the sea of college students, stressed with coursework and college life, and even felt physically lost on campus. We all have hardships in our college lives,
but within our journeys are moments of positivity, whether that be going out with friends or cheering on our sports teams to victory.

I hope to take this opportunity to serve and support each and every one of you and help bring more of these positive moments into your UCLA experience. I want to utilize this office to bring about changes that bring a smile to everyone’s face. Together, we can improve our college experience and the experiences of future bruins.


As general representative, I aim to accomplish the following:

  • Creating new resources that make UCLA student life more convenient

  • Reforming and promoting existing resources (academic, mental health, etc)

  • Bridging the gap between USAC and the student body through more direct representation (proactively conversing with a diverse range of students throughout the year for student desires)

  • Raising awareness of USAC’s progress, spending, and relevant events


Follow @joelinforusac and check out for more details! Vote Joe Lin for the win!


  • Lynbrook High School ASB President: Bolstered school spirit after returning from pandemic lockdown and introduced new campus events. Developed school app, boosting campus event participation and providing quality of life benefits

  • Lynbrook High School Class President, Vice President: Spearheaded class events, rallies, and fundraisers

  • Boy Scouts (Eagle Scout): Sharpened leadership, communication, and organizational skills as troop leader. Led various community service and conservation projects

  • Cupertino Toyokawa Sister Cities Student Delegate and Volunteer: Planned logistics for organization’s cultural events (e.g. Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival)

banan-03 - Banan Garada.jpg

Banan M. Garada's statement:

(مرحبا) Bruins! I am Banan M. Garada, “BMG”, and I am running for general representative. I am a first generation student, and the first in the family to pursue an engineering degree. My technical degree informs a way of critical thinking, purpose, and the need to be resourceful, all in the spirit of efficiency. As a student of a religious minority and commuter, my values are in inclusion, empathy, and commitment to my culture, community, and UCLA. I hope that my presence may offer a new perspective on the student governing body as a listener, as an ambassador of goodwill, and above all as your fellow student. Signed, BMG. 


  • For the 2022-2023 school year, I committed to the Financial Supports Commission on a
    voluntary basis

  • Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity (CEED) Scholar

  • AAP Scholar

  • National Civic Leaders Fellow

  • National Arabic debate


Tajvir Singh's statement:

Hello Bruins, my name is Tajvir Singh and I’m running for the office of General Representative.


Listen, if you’re reading this candidate statement you’re already in a small minority of UCLA students - you plan on voting in a USAC election. That’s the reason I’m running - USAC has a fundamental problem with its culture that has alienated broad swathes of the student body, and has neglected its duties in terms of effective outreach and marketing to the average student. Furthermore, when it comes to enacting change that has helped the student body in their day to day activities, USAC has fallen short. I’m running because not only do I want to change the broken political culture at our school, but deliver common-sense solutions that improve the quality of lives for students. I’m running on four core ideas - accountability, safety, campus improvement, and student investment.


  • I serve as the Debate Union’s Finance Chair where I’ve navigated the financial bureaucracies that fund our campus

  • I served as an intern in the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, where I learned the
    importance of how public institutions should effectively outreach and communicate to its constituents.

IMG_4963 - Jean Pierre Etcheverry.heic

Jean Pierre Etcheverry's statement:

Hello, my name is Jean Pierre and I'm running for the office of General Representative. As a freshman, I have had a wonderful first year of getting to know our beautiful school and campus. Seeing all the different aspects of our campus and the issues that we face, such as Fall Quarter’s TA strike, has inspired me to run for USAC to be able to help find solutions for these problems and ways to make UCLA better. I have also served as a Community Representative for my floor in Rieber Hall and I take great pride and joy in hearing community proposals and evaluating their potential for success and student involvement while discussing and working with other representatives. If elected, I would always seek your input and opinion to understand the position of the student body on all issues. I would greatly appreciate your vote for General Representative.


  • Vast experience - I have been elected to student council positions 8 times in my
    life, including 3 times as school president and 3 times as class president.

  • Through these experiences and others, including sports and club activities, I have learned to listen to and work with others to achieve results.

C591960B-07A1-4EFB-9524-84B59AB4DC5F_1_201_a - KATELYN POOL.jpeg

Katie Pool's statement:

Hi Bruins, I’m Kate Pool and I’m a sophomore running for General Representative to help our school! As a business economics major, I’ll work to keep costs down for students and make education at UCLA, the #1 public university, affordable for all. This year the extra student fees (on top of tuition) are over $700 a quarter and they keep going up. This is too much! We are charged $2100 a year for services that are underutilized and should be funded directly by the university. This adds up to $8400 for 4 years and over $10,500 for 5th year seniors. I am seeking your vote in lowering these unreasonable student fees and making USAC fiscally responsible, while still offering a diverse and comprehensive set of programs and opportunities for all students. I’ll also work to improve dining services with more flexible meal vouchers, mobile ordering, and longer hours. I’ll advocate for more jobs on campus with fair compensation and
increase the job/research recruitment and placement services for summer internships and career opportunities after graduation. And finally, with your vote, I’ll make UCLA an even safer campus by addressing steps to prevent assault, harassment, and theft.


Want to learn more about my platform? Visit my instagram: katieepool and don’t forget to POOL your votes for Katie! #pool4usac


  • My classes in business economics and my work experience in finance at UCLA’s David
    Geffen School of Medicine give me the tools necessary to work on providing the best
    UCLA student experience at the lowest cost.

  • From my background and interests that span North and South campus, I will prioritize
    providing accessible job and research opportunities for all UCLA majors.

  • With my bridge-building skills, I’ll focus on uniting diverse campus communities while
    addressing unique needs and interests of individuals and equity groups.

Gabrielle Lasry's statement:

Hi everyone! My name is Gabrielle Lasry, and I am running to be your General Representative! As a first-generation and commuter student, I have experienced and understand many academic obstacles students face. Throughout my time at UCLA, I experienced first-hand the struggles that can arise from being a first-generation student, such as navigating the college system without prior knowledge, as well as the challenges of being a commuter student, which includes the difficulties of not receiving a parking permit or the fear of walking to your car alone at night. As your next general representative, I hope to focus on increasing resources and awareness for mental health, affordability and safety for commuter students, and work on community-building for first-gen students.

I am committed to not only listening to my peers, but amplifying their voices. As your General Representative, I would like to implement the ideas outlined in my platform, but more importantly, I want to hear your concerns, your ideas, and your suggestions for how to make UCLA, your community. With your help, we can RISE to create a better UCLA. You can find more information about each platform at @Lasry4genrep on Instagram.


  • Financial Supports Commissioner’s Chief of Staff [2022-Present]: As Chief of Staff, I ensured staff members were on task and worked closely with Sara to develop policy initiatives such as the creation of the Financial Responsibility Oversight Board, where we ensure financial responsibility by monitoring USAC expenses. We also worked to get all undergraduate students free subscription to The New York Times.

  • Graphic Designer Gen Rep 3 [2021-2022]: As the graphic designer for Gen Rep 3, I ensured graphics were organized and effectively communicated the representatives' initiatives through different visual material such as Instagram posts and flyers.

  • Hillel Student Board [2021-2022]: As Freshman Engagement Chair for Hillel, I created programs to engage first-year students through community-building events and outreach initiatives. I utilized organizational, problem-solving, and leadership skills to ensure the success of these programs.

  • State Senator Legislative Intern [2018-2019]: As an intern, I actively assisted staff by cataloging constituent correspondence, composed briefing memos for the Senator and legislative staff, and researched current bills. I also recorded information at meetings with the Senator

IMG_3754 copy - LUCAS LEVY.jpeg

Lucas Levy's statement:

Hi, my name is Lucas Levy and I am running for General Representative. If I am elected, I would strive to add more gym equipment and partner with fitness organizations on campus to help all Bruins have a better workout experience. Furthermore, I want to amend our food policies to help off-campus Bruins have access to UCLA dining halls.

In high school, I served as class president all four years and was the president of ASB my senior year. Through these experiences. I was able to generate a passion for helping my peers make the most of their student life. My motivation to help my community also extended outside of school
and in my time as the Student Representative on the Local Control Accountability Plan. I was able to represent the whole San Marino Unified School District in budget planning and goal setting. Now at UCLA, I am the only freshman Executive Assistant in the Office of the President, where I work with the UCLA administration to schedule meetings and further
administrative initiatives. Overall, I want to make the UCLA student experience a better one for all. Vote Lucas Levy for General Representative this May!

Visit my social media platforms: Instagram: vote4lucas_ Snapchat: Voteforlucas


  • Executive Assistant, Office of the President; USAC; Worked with UCLA administration to further initiatives; Scheduled, attended, and tracked all cabinet and director meetings; member of President’s cabinet

  • President, Associated Student Body, San Marino High School; Responsible for organizing student activities and generating school spirit

  • Class President, Freshman, Sophomore and Junior Year, San Marino High School

  • Volunteer, Measure E Campaign Phone Banking; Led outreach to hundreds of local residents to assess support for ballot measure designed to save 40+ teacher positions at San Marino Unified School District

  • Student Representative, Local Control Accountability Plan; Appointed by high school principal, developed 3-year educational plan, represented student body in budget planning & goal setting for San Marino Unified School District


Ethan Ferrara's statement:

Hey Bruins! My name is Ethan Ferrara and I’m running for General Representative with the United Bruin Movement slate (UBM). Just a little bit about me: I’m a Political Science major from Phoenix, Arizona and I have a passion for politics, law, and the outdoors.

When my personal values of kindness and selfless service towards others led me to start working with USAC, I realized the untapped potential USAC has in bettering the lives of students. USAC offers so many services and financial opportunities that many students aren’t even aware of. In fact, some students don’t even know that USAC exists. As General Representative, I want to increase awareness of USAC and the services it offers to the student body. By doing this, students will have more freedom and power to chart their own course at this school with the aid of USAC funds. With my experience in USAC, I believe I have a solid understanding of how the council works and how things get done.

Additionally, just from speaking with students and friends, I’ve come to realize that UCLA has lots of potential to improve in the areas of SUSTAINABILITY and ACCESSIBILITY. 

If you elect me to be your next General Representative, I will champion these issues and others that come along the way so that I can help make your life here just that much better! If you want to learn more, please see my Instagram account at @ethanferraraforusac


  • High School Student Council 

  • Eagle Scout

  • Internal Director for Kian Kohanteb, General Representative 1 

  • Cadet in ROTC

  • Board Member for The Polling Place (A nonpartisan youth-led nonprofit that focuses on empowering voters to cast well-informed ballots).

Profile Pic - SAMUEL MOTZKIN.png

Samuel Motzkin's statement:

My name is Samuel “Sammy” Motzkin and I am a first year Political Science/Chinese double major and Data Science Engineering minor running to be your next USAC General Representative.

As a lifelong Angelino, UCLA blue and gold runs through my veins. From watching basketball, football, and soccer games with my family to attending numerous day camps, UCLA is deeply intertwined with my personal identity, so being able to become a Bruin myself and experience the many opportunities now available to me has been extremely rewarding. As a student, seeing the enthusiasm and feeling the energy on campus every day reaffirms my deep appreciation for the UCLA community and motivates me to help this place live up to its full potential.

My ACT framework provides the path to do just that. Increasing Accessibility, Comfort, and Transparency will help UCLA become a place that is more equitable, attentive, responsive, and enjoyable for all.

To learn more about me and my platform, check out my Instagram @sammyforgenrep and remember to ACT by voting for me during election week. #SideWithSammy #Motzkin4GenRep


  • Grade-wide Representative: elected all four years of high school to serve as liaison between student body and administration

  • President of Spanish Honors Society

  • Volunteer Leader, Mission for Arizona: chosen to train volunteers in phone banking and text banking in Arizona during the 2020 election

  • Director/Assistant Director of Community Service Programs

  • The Book Truck Book Drive, Math Adventures, Upstanding Voice


Cristopher Espino's statement:

Hey, Bruins! My name is Cristopher Espino (he/him/his), and I am running for General Representative. I am currently a first-year double majoring in Political Science & Education and Transformation Studies. Hardship is a word that is candidly not new to me. As a gay, Latinx, first-generation, former homeless and foster care individual I understand the difficulties that
college brings. Allow me to introduce my team:

“I’m Amber Rivera-Munoz, first-year transfer & Latina, and I will work to ensure every transfer student belongs to the community and utilizes resources inside/outside of campus.”

“Hi my name is Chelsey Lu and as a person who is largely shaped by the cultural perspectives of my Asian identity, I’m joining Cris’ campaign to establish a stronger sense of cultural interconnectedness and awareness on campus.”

"My name is Alyssa Carmona & as a Hispanic student I still find it hard to find my group of people. I am joining Cris’s campaign because I feel wanted, and would love to use my skills to help other students."

"I’m Ronen and a Jewish student, I know what it is to feel like I don’t belong. I am joining this campaign so that I can work to ensure every member of the UCLA community feels welcomed."


  • ASB President

  • OCHC Representative

  • UCLA Senator

  • UCLA Poli Sci Council

DSCF4811 - Jonathan Valenzuela Mejía.JPEG

Jonathan Valenzuela Mejia's statement:

My name is Jonathan Valenzuela Mejia and I am running to be one of your General Representatives for the 2023-2024 school year. I am from Richmond, California with proud Guatemalan roots. Since my freshman year, I’ve been involved with USAC, first as an intern at the Office of the President, before I went on to become the Internship Director for that office my sophomore year. This year, I’ve been a co-director for the Retention First platform at the Academic Affairs Commission and have been one of the Chief of Staffs for Naomi Hammonds, one of the current General Representatives. I’ve also had the honor of being involved with a variety of organizations on campus, most notably, La Gente Newsmagazine, Model United Nations at UCLA, and the Latinx Admit Weekend at UCLA.

Throughout my involvement in both USAC and organizations on campus, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many bruins from unique walks of life. I’ve been able to understand many of the concerns students have about their university experience. I’ve had the opportunity to study abroad at Science Po Paris, the top public university in France, and learn about how their student government runs through my involvement in international student organizations. As your General Representative, I will apply my experiences and ensure that our student government works for the students. Through my various platforms, I hope to improve the overall Bruin experience and ensure that UCLA constantly strives to improve itself for us, the student body.


  • AAC Retention First Co-Director (2022- Present): As a Co-Director, I have been instrumental in the Books for Bruins program by reviewing applications and communicating with applicants of the program. Furthermore, I have worked on presentations demonstrating the importance of the program and informing the student body about accessible initiatives such as the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

  • General Representative 2 External Chief of Staff (2022- Present): Being one of the Chief of Staff’s for the 2nd General Representative, I have learned the ins and outs of being a General Representative, as well as helping in the organization of the office and ensuring that staff members are able to work on their initiatives and feel supported.

  • La Gente Newsmagazine Editor (2021- Present): As an editor, I have gained experience having an eye for detail and the importance of words and articulating my thoughts. I’ve also built a community in La Gente by organizing all social events for the organization and building relationships with staff to ensure we are publishing online and physically.

  • Office of the President Internship Director (2021- 2022): Being the Internship Director for the Office of the President, I lead two cohorts of students into their journey of learning about USAC and the ways they can get involved. This experience helped me understand the importance of teaching fellow students about student government and advocating for a better UCLA.

  • Model United Nations Director of Marketing (2021-2022): In this role, I lead marketing for one of the largest clubs on campus and was a member of the Executive Board, aiding in important decisions for the organization. I worked witpeople from different backgrounds and learned interpersonal skills that I will apply as General Representative.


academic affairS


To meet your candidate for AAC, please click here.


Sujana Sridhar's statement:

There are 33,000 undergraduate students currently earning their degree at UCLA. But we don’t all earn them the same way. Your RA may be disabled, taking classes with professors who disregard their needs. Your best friend may be undocumented, unable to join certain student organizations. Your neighbor might be caring for a child, limiting them to online classes. I recognize these vast disparities. By centering educational justice and equity, I will improve every student’s academic experience so they can focus on what matters.


For two years, I have worked within the Academic Affairs Commission, including directly under the current commissioner. Through this experience, I have gained invaluable insight into the commission’s infrastructure. Not only do I have a vision for the improvements that can be made, but a strong respect for the pre-existing programs that have been so successful. 


My time with the commission has fostered strong relationships with current USAC council members. I have presented at multiple council meetings on Academic Senate matters, connecting me with Eliana Sisman (Gen Rep 3) and more. This has greatly empowered my advocacy efforts.


The AAC receives $47,000 yearly to allocate to programs. I do not take this responsibility lightly. Every dollar will go towards improving academic life for every student, and every dollar spent will be made known to the undergraduate body. 


As such, I would be deeply honored and grateful to serve as your Academic Affairs Commissioner. Thank you sincerely for your support.


  • As a pre-law student studying International Development Studies, I am deeply committed to intersectional social justice, particularly in the academic sphere. My major addresses issues of costly technology, race and gender-based discrimination, and inequitable distribution of resources in the classroom. I will apply this knowledge to support all UCLA undergraduates. 

  • I joined the AAC’s 2021 fall intern class. As an intern, I closely studied the history of USAC, AAC, and the MOs. I later became a staff member for the Committee on Access and Equity, where I co-created and presented a FAFSA workshop to high school and college students. 

  • I am the Chief of Senate for AAC. As Chief, I appoint and train 25 academic senators on their obligation to the undergraduate body, the importance of intersectional advocacy, and the intricacy of the Senate. I am point on all Senate matters, leading monthly meetings to promote inter-committee communication. 

  • I sit on the Committee on Academic Freedom in the Academic Senate, where I serve as a student representative. I work with UCLA faculty and admin to offer student insight into policies and actions related to academic freedom. I am very familiar with working with faculty to advance initiatives.

  • I work as a food runner at Plateia and a legal assistant at the Law Offices of Joel Bodow. Working two jobs as a full-time student, I share and empathize with the problems that plague too many undergraduate students. My lived experience will be applied to improve everybody’s lived experience.


Natalie Ashkar's statement:

Hi! My name is Natalie Ashkar and I’m running for the office of Academic Affairs Commissioner with the United Bruin Movement slate (UBM). We strive to ensure transparency and open communication, diversity and inclusion, and access to mental health resources.

I am proud to have been born and raised in the small yet diverse, culturally rich, and naturally unique, Lebanon, where the Phoenicians created the alphabet, discovered purple, and invented glass. Unfortunately, a childhood in Lebanon meant that I witnessed the impacts of political turbulence, corruption, and negligence on education, but I also got to experience the uplifting potency of youth collaboration and our ability to make change. Passionate about equal access to education and student development, I am determined to make every Bruin’s life as stress-free and enriching as possible.

Although each USAC position comes with unique responsibilities, education is a holistic experience that commands intersectional approaches. While empowering student voices, I aim to use AAC resources to provide grants for research, study abroad opportunities, and accessible
learning devices. Furthermore, I will increase accessibility and facilitate enrollment. As an international student myself halfway across the world from my high school, I am determined to facilitate the Bruin-ification of transfer and international students, from creating more opportunities that validate their education, to workshops and orientations. As the job market
becomes extremely stressful in this post-pandemic world, I will create task forces targeted towards academic support for all students, be it counseling, tutoring, or mental health resources.



  • I interned at the Trust for Sustainable Living as a communications and content development intern, producing a year’s worth of sustainability-related K-12 learning content for international schools. I also met with and surveyed educators from around the world for feedback, as well as moderated debates with over 400 students.

  • As Director of Intern Education at Clean Consulting, I develop intern education content and manage our mentor-mentee program

  • I am a Resident Assistant for Rieber Vista and am so excited to return as a Lead RA next year. Being an RA has allowed me to connect with students of different backgrounds, majors, and interests and gauge student needs, wants, and likes.

  • I have been a Learning Assistant for two quarters now, where I worked to foster collaboration, nurture diversity, and help students get more engaged.

  • I was a summer school teacher for 2 summers and a volunteer tutor for 4 years iLebanon, where I developed both teaching and learning skills.

  • I am also involved in wastewater management research, the Lebanese StudenAssociation as Vice President, the international World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council as the Middle Eastern Representative, and I work at the Office of Residential Life.


Campus events


To meet all of your candidates for CEC, please click here.


Mason Miller's statement:

Hi, my name is Mason Miller and I’m running for the office of Commissioner for the Campus Events Commission. As a member of CEC for the past two years, I have consistently worked hard as a member of the Online Marketing team (you may recognize me from some of @uclacec’s TikToks) and have developed a deep understanding of what kinds of events are most marketable and what UCLA students want to see. With this awareness, I will program more events for CEC that can be enjoyed by everybody, as well as develop ways to expand our reach on campus through collaborations with other campus organizations. I will continue CEC’s history of providing free on-campus entertainment for students that provides an escape from their rigorous academic schedule. I will do so by further developing CEC’s relationships within the entertainment industry and leveraging both UCLA’s prestige and prime location in Los Angeles in our future artist negotiations. Our proximity to the best of the entertainment industry puts us in a position to secure A-list celebrities and entertainment that would not be as easily accessible to other universities, and I plan to take full advantage of these opportunities in order to create exclusive experiences for UCLA students. CEC is an organization that I am extremely passionate about and I am committed to continually improving both the quality of our events and the accessibility of these events to all students on campus. Visit my Instagram page: @Mason4CEC to learn more about my platform. #Mason4CEC


  • As a member of the Online Marketing team, one of CEC’s most public-facing departments, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a liaison between CEC and the student body and, as a result, have developed an understanding of what kinds of events students at UCLA want to see on campus.

  • I’ve worked with CEC’s event programming staff to better understand the logistical planning process of the events we host and how we can intentionally market them to students on campus. I’ve been a part of the marketing teams for CEC’s Devin Halbal Q+A, the Sex Worker Panel, and Synthetica.

  • As a seasoned member of CEC, I am familiar with the entire staff and can support and lead members to carry out their respective responsibilities with a general goal of serving the UCLA community.

  • Through my work as Class President in high school, I learned what is required of a student leader and gained event-planning and problem-solving experience that I will use to bring my ideas for CEC to fruition.

  • As a Sociology major and someone who has worked in customer service for 4 years, my communication skills and people-management techniques are well-rounded and effective.


Abdo Hussein's statement:

Hey Bruins! I'm Abdo Hussein, and I'm thrilled to run for the position of Campus Events Commissioner for the UCLA Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) under the United Bruin Movement (UBM) slate. We strive to ensure transparency and open communication, diversity
and inclusion, and access to mental health resources.

As a candidate for Campus Events Commissioner, my campaign is built on three key themes: transparency and open communication, diversity and inclusion, and mental health resources.

If elected, I promise to actively engage with students and organizations to align our events with your interests. Through open forums and social media, I'll provide regular updates on our initiatives and budget allocations.

I am dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion through events like the Cultural Arts Festival, celebrating UCLA's unique heritage. I will collaborate with organizations like the Afrikan Student Union, MEChA, and MESA to highlight our campus' rich cultural tapestry. Additionally, I'll offer workshops and discussions on intersectionality and allyship.

Recognizing the importance of mental health resources, I will partner with UCLA's CAPS to host events focused on mental health education and self-care. I'l organize activities like "Mental Health Awareness Week" featuring stress-relief workshops, mindfulness sessions, and expert- led discussions on coping strategies.

Vote for me as your Campus Events Commissioner, and together, we can build a more connected, inclusive, and supportive campus community for every UCLA student.

Vote for Abdo and the United Bruin Movement slate #UnitedVisionUnitedCampusUnitedBruins

In unison,
Abdo Hussein


  • Event planner: Planned events and activities, such as giveaways, for my clothing brand Quaid. Planned soccer tournaments in Egypt

  • Engagement in cultural clubs: Engaged member of cultural clubs such as Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA), Muslim Student Association (MSA), and Lebanese Student Association (LSA), and others.

  • Connections to various Organizations: Through my previous activities and experiences, I developed connections that can foster on campus events




To meet your candidate for CSC, please click here.

Updated_OfficialHeadshot_ChiaYingWongCSC - Chia Ying, Wong.JPEG

Chia Ying Wong's statement:

Hey Bruins! I’m Chia Ying (she/her) - an aspiring educator fiercely passionate about community engagement and advocacy - and I’m running to be your next Community Service Commissioner. Having been in CSC since freshman year, I’ve had the honor of learning from, and working
together with so many amazing Bruins leading the fight for justice. These experiences have inspired me to deepen my service involvement, opened my eyes to the strengths and gaps within UCLA's service landscape, and most importantly, reinforced my determination to foster a school environment that better empowers Bruins to engage in purposeful service.

As CSCommissioner, I plan to:
(1) Institutionalize service resources for greater accessibility to volunteers
(2) Establish and grow coalitions between like-minded service groups for collective impact
(3) Expand and diversify social justice opportunities
(4) Promote ethical, anti-racist principles in student service
(5) Enhance CSC’s accountability by prioritizing student voices, data, and transparency

Through working with administration and students, I strive to tackle long standing challenges that existing service groups face, while diversifying avenues for more students to enter our change making space. I’m confident that my extensive connections, leadership skills, service experience, and deep institutional knowledge about CSC history, resources and operations, will all enable me to effectively drive improvements in a highly complex office like CSC.

I sincerely hope for your support, and look forward to championing equity, inclusivity, justice, compassion and community-centeredness on our campus together <3 I’d love to connect! IG: @chiaying4csc,,


  • Program Support Director, USAC Community Service Commission: Co-organize large-scale service events with 40+ staff, 20+ student service organizations, and 4 nonprofits, including the Houselessness Day of Service, Inaugural Servocacy Fest, Basic Needs Town Hall, Mental Health Awareness Weekend. Co-lead Fellowship program and deliberate funding allocations on Student-Initiated Outreach Committee

  • Executive Coordinator, SCOPE Youth Empowerment Program: Lead and oversee club operations including community partnerships, logistics, general Design and lead 2-unit upper division course on effective mentorship principles for 35meetings, socials, social media, volunteer development, funding and field trips. Mentor elementary student weekly to support her holistic development new mentors.

  • Platforms Member, USAC Student Wellness CommissionCo-program campus-wide health and wellness events with 400+ attendees, like Healthcoming and Health Literacy Research Conference, through coordinating partnerships with administration, Ashe Center, faculty members and health-related student groups

  • Research Apprentice, Center for Community SchoolingCo-develop culturally relevant college transition curriculum to support the college Community SchoolFacilitate weekly 1.5h sessions for high school seniors over 2 quarters at UCLA transition of first-generation students of color.

  • Director of Policy, GENup Executive Board: Executive Member of GENup, a California-based, nationwide student-led social justice organization and student-activist coalition. Lead education policy initiatives by developing new campaigns, drafting educational policy, contacting legislators, pushing for California bills on GENup’s legislative priorities and policy slate, and tracking key bills to support

Kobe Dar's statement:

My name is Kobe Dar, and I am running for Community Service Commissioner. I am passionate about serving UCLA and its community as I have volunteered for various organizations in the past and have gained valuable experience in organizing and managing community service events. I am a firm believer that a community is only as strong as its members, and I am committed to working tirelessly to ensure that our community is a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive place
for everyone.

In addition, I possess excellent communication and organizational skills, which I believe are essential for this position. I am a strong advocate for open and transparent communication and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns. As Community Service Commissioner, I will work to ensure that all members of the community are heard and that their needs are met.

Finally, I am a team player who works well with others. I understand the importance of collaboration and believe that it is essential for achieving our shared goals. As Community Service Commissioner, I will work closely with other members of the community and local organizations to coordinate and facilitate community service events that make a positive impact
on our community.

In summary, I believe that my passion for community service, communication and organizational skills, and ability to work well with others make me an ideal candidate for the position of Community Service Commissioner.




To meet your candidate for CAC, please click here

IMG_0050 - Alicia Verdugo.jpg

Alicia Verdugo's statement:

My name is Alicia Verdugo (they/she) and I am running to be your 2023-2024 Cultural Affairs Commissioner.


This past year I have had the privilege to serve as your 2022-2023 Cultural Affairs Commissioner. I have been leading and continuing the important work of CAC, despite the challenges of little administrative help and with the new transition era of events and performance, while also finding new ways to be innovative within the organization. Alongside amazing collaborators and directors, I was able to fund this year’s Bruin Bash, Hip-Hop Congress, and JazzReggae Festival, and also revamp our Concerts Series under very tight funding. Currently, The Word on Wednesday is housing Please Deliver To, and we are providing postage stamps to write in solidarity with those detained fighting against CopCity in Atlanta. Also, this resource also provides students who need to pay bills and/or communicate with loved ones via mail with the stamps and materials necessary. We were also able to continue funding programming and broaden the scope of the Arts Restoring Community Fund to accommodate the transition into in-person events. Now, we are helping to include community development as a priority to fund speakers and workshops for organizations.

Next year, I hope to continue innovating the scope of CAC at UCLA and continue to work towards our overall mission to ensure culturally relevant, inclusive, and aware spaces created for and by Black, Indigenous, and communities of color by:


Reconstructing ARC: 

  • Continuing the expansion of ARC’s scope as a community restorative fund: Assuring that ARC is fully staffed and equipped with support and initiative, and establishing a foundational relationship with Student Government Accounting. 

LA is Cultural Affairs:

  • Increasing and innovating CAC’s dedication to working related to community engagement and development centering BIPoC communities in Los Angeles. I would outreach to mutual aid networks in Los Angeles, including NoName BookClub. 

Beyond Acknowledgment

  • Utilizing CAC’s positionality and community power to join ongoing efforts towards repatriation of items barred at UCLA, which sits on stolen land. To this day belongings and cultural pieces are held in the archives and museums are stolen, so providing ‘education’ at the loss and grief of the original owners. This work does not end with land acknowledgments.

Grounding The Future

  • I will continue to push for the establishment of a community center because it is necessary. Creating a space that serves as a place for holding communal experiences where we can rest, create, study, or do anything we cannot do elsewhere on campus is critical to the health and creativity of students.


  • As the current Cultural Affairs Commissioner, I have led the commission through an ongoing global pandemic that has returned to campus, and am well-equipped to lead it to its fullest potential in every series we have. This year, I ensured that the essence of CAC remained intentional, vibrant, and nostalgic in our programming, allocations, and advocacy for students.

  • As the Retention Coordinator for M.E.Ch.A. Calmecac I attend Campus Retention Committee Meetings on behalf of MEChA de UCLA and MEChA Calmecac, am the liaison between MEChA de UCLA and their retention project MEChA Calmecac, I work with the Assistant Project Coordinator and Project Coordinator to oversee the retention project and address retention issues of the Latinx community on campus, and I support funding proposals for the retention project. 

  • As a Freshman, I got to experience CAC’s Worldfest. As a performer since 2016, I played violin in competitive Mariachi. I know performance through community, a healing practice, education, and a space of joy. All of these things are foundational to CAC and my intrinsic understanding of this is imperative to leading the organization.

  • I run a small business, and I have been able to show my art and my creativity through CAC and the new Craft Fairs that we have introduced to our Art Series. Making jewelry has always been a process of love, and it has allowed me and other small business owners like me to meet the broader UCLA community.




To meet your candidate for FAC, please click here.

Evan Curran's statement:

In my two years in LA, I’ve been hit by a car twice. From cracked sidewalks to drag racing on Gayley, Westwood’s urban design jeopardizes student safety, accessibility, and the achievement of sustainability goals. Our city is on track to have its deadliest year for pedestrian and cycling fatalities in a generation. Poor land-use decisions increase the number of extreme heat days in LA, and enable destructive wildfires. Transportation is the single largest sector contributing to California’s emissions, posing disproportionate health risks to minority communities. These issues are products of the built environment that surrounds us. With creative leadership, we can implement common-sense changes to create an infrastructure that prioritizes student well-being and environmental sustainability.

As Facilities Commissioner, I intend to build a UCLA that is greener, more accessible, and more equitable than today. Westwood is at an inflection point as the opening of thousands of university-owned apartments and the construction of Metro’s D-Line have created a once-in-a-generation opportunity for transformative change. Coalition building is critical. I will form relationships with student leadership in sustainability organizations to bring greater transparency to funding distribution and UCLA’s green practices. Prioritizing the voices of students with disabilities will center accessibility and ensure mobility is expanded in our radical campus transformation. As a community organizer with deep roots in LA city politics, I feel uniquely positioned to advance student welfare and leverage external connections to make tangible, sustainable improvements to our campus.

Vote #CurranConnects and stay updated @evan4fac on Instagram!


  • USAC Office of the External Vice President: As the Director of Local Relations, I advocated for the needs of UCLA students to local government officials. I created in-depth plans to improve active transportation, mass transit, and expand affordable housing – platforms I’ve advocated to City Hall and the Vice Chancellor’s office.

  • North Westwood Neighborhood Council Transportation Committee Chair: The NWWNC is the most immediate body representing UCLA and Westwood Village. On the Council, I have advocated for refined zoning laws that permit a greater diversity of businesses in Westwood, pedestrian-oriented spaces, and police reform.

  • Los Angeles Tenants Union: The Westwood Branch of LATU organizes tenants from landlord abuses, neglect and potential evictions – something particularly prominent in Westwood. I’ve organized meetings and was part of the initial undergraduate group involved in expanding LATU back to Westwood and have since grown union membership.

  • UCLA Gun Reform: Co-founded last year in the aftermath of the Uvalde and Buffalo massacres, we organized protests on campus and a vigil service. Gun reform has been
    central to my advocacy work since high school and I will continue fighting for a future
    free from gun violence.

Evan Curran Candidate Photo - EVAN CURRAN.jpg

Hamza Milbes' statement:

Hello Bruins! My name is Hamza Milbes, and I will be running as the Facilities Affairs Commissioner for the 2023-2024 election. As a Muslim born to immigrant parents, I was taught from an early age that strength and success lie in our ability to work together, support each other,
and uplift those around us. As I grew older, this lesson became even more meaningful to me. As I embark on my journey at UCLA, I am determined to put these values I grew up with into action. I hope to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment where every Bruin feels a sense of belonging and is empowered to share their unique voice. I believe that by cultivating a culture of empathy, kindness, and collaboration, we can build a community that celebrates diversity and honors the contributions of all its members.

As your Facilities Commissioner, I will:
● Make more campus spaces more accessible and usable to students and clubs
● Maintain and improve environmental sustainability
● Advocate for an increase of equipment in John Wooden Center and BFit (Squat racks,
benches, etc.)
● Increase the hours of Recreational facilities and the IM field
● Improve dining hall menus, hours, accessibility, etc.


  • Muslim Student Association External Affairs Representative: My role in the Muslim Student External Affairs Committee is working directly with UCLA faculty to cater to Muslims' needs. This includes working to provide/improve prayer spaces on campus, halal dining options, and ensuring the voices/needs of muslims are met.

  • Majdal Center Tutor for Refugee Students: Rather than taking the simple of approach of relaying information, as a tutor, I recognized the importance of inspiring and creating a hospitable environment

  • High School Vice President of the Sports Medicine Club

  • High School President and Founder of the Debate Club


Christopher Korban's statement:

Hi my name is Christopher Korban and I’m running for the office of Facilities Commissioner with the slate United Bruin Movement(UBM). We strive to ensure transparency and open communication, diversity and inclusion, and access to mental health resources. I come from a low-income background and understand the importance of proper facilities management. With
the return to in person learning and an influx of excited students back on campus, I have noticed a need for more accessible bike pathways, wheelchair ramps and electric vehicle roadways in order to maximize the safety of everyone on campus especially as the number of these vehicles
are increasing. Moreover, maximizing the accessibility and sustainability of every building by ensuring LEED certification, decreasing carbon footprints, and other sustainability measures, buildings can become more adept in a growing technological world to meet needs of students, especially on a campus that is deeply in need of renovations to meet a growing population.
Moreover, gyms and other facilities have begun to voice concern for lack of resources including equipment, which is essential to providing relief to students and ensuring a healthy mind and body. With these issues beginning to surface, I believe it is necessary to create transparency
between the Facilities Commission, and the students of UCLA to guarantee that money and resources are used properly solely for the needs of students on campus. Through open discourse with students I can ensure that these values and plans are implemented properly for the best of
the UCLA community.


  • I am a Bioengineering Major with a deep scientific and research background, able to
    unveil problems and find innovative solutions for them efficiently.

  • As President of Rieber Vista and Rieber Terrace residency halls for two years I have
    extensive experience with voicing the concerns of residents for change in the community.

  • As the Chief Financial Officer(CFO) of College Communities Cares, my non-profit
    organization, I have experience with finding low cost solutions at a large scale(including
    funding and clothing for local homeless populations).




To meet all of your candidates for FSC, please click here.

Sara Broukhim's statement:

Hi everyone! My name is Sara Broukhim, and I am running to be your Financial Supports Commissioner. As your current representative, I have fought to win us a student subscription to The New York Times,
providing a necessary tool for students through reliable information. The subscription will be available by the end of the Spring quarter. We also obtained $30,000 for the commuter community through parking
permit grants to reduce the financial burden on students. Finally, I spearheaded the Financial Responsibility Oversight Board to monitor USAC expenses, ensure that student fees are being spent properly, and eventually promote transparency of USAC funds. Overall, these efforts demonstrate my work to ensure that our student government and its decisions are made with students' needs at the forefront.

My work for the student body stems from my passion for serving and advocating for students. It has been an honor to represent and fight for our undergraduate population. I promise to continue to be a dedicated
and vocal advocate for all students, and I will continue to work tirelessly to make sure that your voices are heard and your needs are met. With my experience, I realize the importance of expanding USAC’s scope to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate within our government, making sure that diverse voices are heard. As your FSC, I will work tirelessly to ensure your money is well-spent. You can find more information about me on my instagram @sara4fsc. Get your money; Save with Sara!


  • As the FSC I served students by renting out class materials to lessen the financial burden on
    students. I also acted as a voting member on the BOD funding body. My time on USAC has
    provided me with the necessary experience to understand how we can address these issues.

  • I currently work as an RA in ResLife. This experience has also expanded my knowledge on the struggle students face and exemplifies my passion for helping students. Moreover, my
    involvement in both USAC and ResLife has allowed for collaborations that increase awareness of resources for students.

  • At UCLA, as a member of the student board at Hillel, I plan and coordinate events at Hillel (on
    and off campus) and work within our budget to ensure that events are properly funded.

  • At the VA, I have worked as a research assistant for the past year. Some of my duties include
    working on subject payment and budgeting for the lab.


Alex Marthan's statement:

Hello! My name is Alex Marthan and I’m running for the office of Financial Supports Commissioner with the United Bruin Movement (UBM). Our mission is to ensure transparency and open communication, diversity and inclusion, and access to mental health resources. 


As a first generation international Student, it took some time getting adjusted to a new environment. Over time, UCLA has become a second home for me, an environment that has fostered my growth and nurtured my aspirations. As Financial Supports Commissioner, I wish to demonstrate my commitment to expanding access to this exceptional student community, and endeavor to break down financial barriers and extend opportunities to individuals from low-income backgrounds.


My focus is on improving the financial wellbeing of all students at UCLA. As your Financial Supports Commissioner, I will work to increase financial literacy, expand scholarship opportunities, and promote financial stability through initiatives such as affordable housing and emergency financial assistance. Additionally, I plan to:

  • Increase accessibility to resources, e.g. opt-in program for textbooks, discounted housing

  • Streamline the Financial Aid Process - shortening response times, and providing forms in different languages to accommodate students from all backgrounds

  • Work to financially support student organizations

  • New discounting initiatives in Westwood for UCLA students

  • Offer additional resources, such as one-to-one financial consultations, and educational workshops on smart investments and long term financial planning


Together, I believe that we can collectively forge a brighter, more equitable future for all students, regardless of their financial means. Vote for Alex Marthan, and the United Bruin Movement #UnitedVisionUnitedCampusUnitedBruins


  • Currently a Computer Science Major at UCLA

  • Worked as a Summer Analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald Financial Services Company (2022)

  • Leadership Role as the Editor of my High School’s Newspaper (2020-2021)

  • Planned fundraising campaign for CICRA Charity (2018-2020)

  • Fundraising Coordinator for an elephant conservation center in Laos, associated to Véolia (2018-2019)

student wellness


To meet your candidate for SWC, please click here.


Jennis Kang's statement:

Hello! My name is Jennis and it’s pronounced like “tennis” but with a “j”. I’m a third year Cognitive Science major with a minor in Asian American studies and I use she/her pronouns. Most importantly, I’m excited to be running for the position of Student Wellness Commissioner.

Navigating mental and physical well-being while being a college student in a post-pandemic, politically volatile world is not easy. I’ve used up all my sessions at CAPS, am a regular at Ashe, registered with CAE, and should probably call my doctor more often. Fun! I know first hand the self-advocacy required by our current campus healthcare system, and how this quickly becomes a barrier to care.

Students should not have to fight an uphill battle to have their basic physical and mental health needs met. I am motivated to make the process streamlined, accessible, and catered to our unique student body and the problems we face today.

Supporting my candidacy means expanding access to basic necessities for all Bruins. It means building care systems that acknowledge and address the diverse health needs of our campus. And, it means electing a commissioner with the necessary experience to optimize the SWC by drawing on the strengths of our vast UCLA network.

It would be an honor to close out my time at UCLA and the SWC as Commissioner and to use this role to make the changes desperately needed in our campus wellness ecosystem. Thank you for your consideration!

#TeamJennis #Tennis
Instagram: @Jennis4SWC


  • I have been involved in SWC for three years. I know what it’s like to be a new SWC member, intern, and committee director. It is imperative that the Commissioner completely understands how SWC runs internally. I am knowledgeable about what works for the commission, and what can improve.

  • I’m dedicated to making sure student money is spent responsibly and effectively on student necessities. I’ve led several successful campus health programs: distributing 400+ free menstrual cups, supplying free period products throughout the Hill, and transforming an existing covid relief subsidy into a quarterly basic-needs gift card program.

  • Successfully implementing the above programs has equipped me to navigate campus entities like ASUCLA, USAC, UCLA store, SGA, and ResLife on behalf of SWC. My extensive understanding of and relationship with each department is a unique asset only possible with my level of programming experience.

  • I have experience with healthcare policy beyond the borders of campus as an intern for Planned Parenthood, which deepened my understanding and appreciation for healthy policy.


Anna Ramazyan's statement:

Hey Bruins, I am Anna Ramazyan and I am running to be your Student Wellness Commissioner for the 2023-2024 school year.

I moved to the United States four years ago from Armenia, a country with very limited mental health and wellness resources, with ambitious aspirations of attaining equity in my community’s wellness.

As students, not only do our voices often seem stifled, but information pertaining to our health and wellness seems out of reach, leaving us confused and hesitant to speak up. As wellness commissioner, I aim to prioritize mental and physical wellness promotion, outreach to underrepresented and marginalized communities on campus, and creating new networking opportunities for pre-health students and organizations, all the while taking into consideration student opinions and needs.

My diverse leadership experience as the Founder-President of the ASA(Armenian Student Association) and SACNAS (Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics & Native Americans in Science) chapters at LAVC (Los Angeles Valley College) has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to create actionable goals and organize impactful outreach events for the health and wellbeing of our Bruin community. I am excited to leverage these experiences as Student Wellness Commissioner and work to make meaningful contributions towards a healthier
and positive campus community.

By incorporating student feedback, promoting a sense of community, and offering resources for both mental and physical health, I am confident that we can implement a more holistic approach to student health and wellness, resulting in a stronger and more resilient student body.


  • International Pre-Med Society Philanthropy Chair (UCLA)

  • SACNAS Los Angeles Valley College Chapter Founder and President

  • Armenian Student Association (ASA) Chapter President and All-ASA Association

  • High Aims Research

  • Path2Med Pre-Health Platform’s Co-Founder


transfer student


To meet your candidate for TSR, please click here.

IMG_1677 - Thyra Cobbs.jpg

Thyra Anastashia Cobbs' statement:

Bruins! My name is Thyra Anastashia Cobbs and I am running for the Office of the Transfer Student Representative. As the USAC TSR, I plan to promote cross-cultural unity and holistic wellness for transfer students in addition to enhancing access to academic resources and professional development opportunities.

As the current USAC TSR, I initiated work to encourage cross-cultural solidarity among UCLA’s transfer student population. This Spring quarter, I am hosting the 1st Annual Transfer Unity Week and I have advocated for a $100,000 budget to support culturally responsive and empowering transfer yield programming with the Mother Organizations.

I would also like to develop an annual Transfer Health and Wellness Week. Did you know that transfer students are more likely to experience significant mental health issues like transfer shock, imposter syndrome, depression, and anxiety than freshman admits? For this reason, I am seeking your support to address the particular health concerns of Transfer Bruins.

Through my student advocacy, I have also become aware that UCLA’s Transfer students have inequitable access to time-sensitive resources such as Greek fraternities/sororities, major declarations, student clubs, and research programs. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness of different career pathways and internships for transfer students at UCLA. I hope to address these issues beginning with UCLA’s New Student Orientation.

A vote for Thyra is a vote for the enrichment of the transfer student experience at UCLA! Visit my Instagram page @ThyraforTSR to learn more about my USAC campaign. #TransferUnity #PowerToTheTransfer #ThyraforTSR


  • I have leadership skills and student government experience from both the community college and university level

  • I am a low-income, financially independent, and first-generation female Black transfer and I have the social consciousness to recognize the intersectionality of the transfer experience.

  • During my shortened term as the current USAC TSR, I have allocated $100,000 for the TSC, TLC, MOs, and transfer with Dependents, former foster youth transfers, and commuter transfers.

  • I am planning the 1st annual Transfer Unity Week and the 1st annual ASA Transfer Admit Weekend.

  • I am currently writing a USAC Resolution demanding UCLA’s increased support for transfers.

  • I am developing UCLA’s first Black and Brown Transfer Student Empowerment Day in collaboration with ASU and Mecha.

  • I am organizing the first cross-cultural club collaboration for both PTSP and Umoja.

  • I have tirelessly advocated restoring historical MO admit weekend programming, particularly overnight accommodations.

  • I am hosting UCLA’s 1st Annual Pan-Afrikan Mental Health Awareness Week with representation from the East African Student Association, the Afro-Latinx Connection, the Faces of Afrikan Muslims, the Caribbean Student Association, and Umoja.

3E42C02C-4016-465C-A251-85379BB20256 - SAMUEL KOHANTEB.jpeg

Samy Kohanteb's statement:

Hi Bruins, my name is Samy Kohanteb and I’m running for USAC Transfer Student Representative (TSR). I’m a pre-law junior majoring in history and minoring in accounting. I understand the challenges of transfer students better than anyone. Coming from a home led by two immigrant parents, I understand the “imposter syndrome” experience that many transfers feel when they take their first steps in Westwood. Nevertheless, hard work and determination are nothing new to me and I am driven to transform the UCLA transfer experience. The fast paced transition to UCLA oftentimes overwhelms transfer students with an uncontrollable load, which results in students missing out on some very useful programs and tools UCLA has to offer. As TSR, I am looking to expand transfer opportunities on campus exponentially while simultaneously highlighting the amazing programs and clubs already established.

As your representative, I'm committed to making sure that your voices are heard and your concerns are addressed. As your Transfer Rep, my plan focuses on several different elements.
1. INCLUSIVITY: making sure every transfer feels welcome no matter what gender, race, or religion.
2. TRANSPARENCY: establishing a weekly report that displays the TSR’s office projects and involvements
3. TRANSFER ADVOCACY: I will fight for bigger benefits for transfers and
under-represented students, prioritizing issues such as housing, financial aid, mental health resources, and access to academic resources. Beyond that, I will use my resources to offer under-represented students FREE tickets to various UCLA sporting events.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @Samy4TSR


  • High School Student Body President

  • Pre-Law Transfer Society Director of Recruitment

  • Student volunteer at the Office of the Los Angeles District Attorney 

  • Intern at InvestBank Corp

  • Academic Tutor at the Center of Academic Success

International student


To meet your candidate for ISR, please click here.


Adam Tfayli's statement:

Hey Bruins! I'm Adam Tfayli, hailing from the vibrant city of Beirut, Lebanon, and I'm thrilled to run for the position of International Student Representative under the United Bruin Movement (UBM) slate. We strive to ensure transparency and open communication, diversity and inclusion, and access to mental health resources.

Being an international student myself, I understand and have experienced the unique challenges that come with adjusting to life at UCLA. As your International Student Representative, I will hear your voices heard, and work tirelessly to improve the overall UCLA experience for international students.

If elected as your International Student Representative, I will actively advocate for increased access to financial aid and scholarships specifically for international students. By doing so, we can alleviate financial burdens, create equal opportunities, and ensure that students from around the world can pursue higher education at UCLA.

I will actively collaborate with UCLA Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to deliver tailored mental health support for international students. By advocating for diverse, multilingual counselors and offering culturally-sensitive mental health workshops, we can address the unique challenges faced by our international student community and ensure they have accessible, comprehensive care.

Together, we can build a stronger, more united Bruin family, ensuring that all students feel represented and included. With your support, we can make UCLA an even better place to call home, no matter where in the world we come from.

Bruins, Vote for Adam, and the United Bruin Movement slate.
In solidarity,
Adam Tfayli


  • UCLA On Campus Housing Council (OCHC) Representative: As a member of the On-Campus Housing Council, I collaborate with fellow representatives to address housing concerns, improve residential life, and advocate for a safe, inclusive, and supportive living environment for all students.

  • Student Body President At International Highschool: As a two-time student body president at my diverse international high school, I successfully led initiatives to promote inclusivity, celebrated our multicultural community, and ensured all students felt valued and represented in school activities.

  • Engagement in Cultural Clubs: As an engaged member of cultural clubs, such as the Lebanese Student Association (LSA), Middle Eastern Student Association (MESA), Muslim Student Association (MSA), and others, I help celebrate cultural diversity, foster understanding, and promote inclusivity, while enriching the campus experience for all students.

  • Connection to Various International OrganizationsThrough my previous experiences, I have developed essential connections to organizations that can benefit all students and their 
    involvement in international initiatives. They include the United Nations, Live Love, and various others.


Oseas Garcia's statement:

Como estas! How you doing, Bruins! My name is Oseas Garcia. I’m a first-year transfer student and I’m proud to announce that I am running to become your next Transfer Student Representative. As a first-generation Latino college student, I’ve felt the struggles many transfers know all too well. Food insecurity, immigration-related issues, and the responsibility of supporting my family back home have all made my experience at UCLA more challenging. I know that my story is only one of many stories of transfers fighting to get an education. It’s for all the students like me that I decided to run.


I’m not a USAC politician, or someone interested in this role for clout or the stipend. I’m an everyday student taking history classes, spending time with my friends, and working to improve what UCLA’s student government can do to help transfers like you and me.


My platform contains concrete proposals for: 1. Ending the resource disparity for transfers. 2. Addressing food insecurity on campus. 3. Empowering undocumented & underserved students. 4. Improving public transit in Westwood. 5. Promoting transparency and honesty in student government.


I’m not interested in surface-deep solutions. That’s why I’m running to make big, structural change for all transfers. But I can’t do it alone. I invite you reading this, and your fellow Bruins, to reach out to me directly with your story and what YOU need support in. Follow me on Instagram @oseasfortransfers. Tell me your story directly. Todos juntos, ahora es tiempo! For transfers, Now!


  • First year transfer student, majoring in History and minoring in Chicano Studies.

  • Proud Puente and TRIO SSS programs alumni from a California Community College.

  • Former Senator and Vice President of Internal Affairs at the Palomar College Associated Student Government.

  • Former student worker at the San Diego Superior Court and the County of San Diego.

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