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we've built profiles for all the candidates running in this year's USAC election, so you have the information that you need to make an educated decision because vote matters.

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  • As a UCLA student who served in several leadership roles of organizations of diverse mission statements, I know how to strive for effective change

  • As a psychobiology major with a knowledge of the plights faced by both North and South Campus majors, I know how to advocate for policies that will create tangible changes that help everyone on campus. 




  • As a UCLA student who served in several leadership roles of organizations of diverse mission statements, I know how to strive for effective change

  • As a psychobiology major with a knowledge of the plights faced by both North and South Campus majors, I know how to advocate for policies that will create tangible changes that help everyone on campus. 

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Armaan Singh's statement:

It’s time to unlock the potential of student government. 


As a psychobiology major with a knowledge of the plights faced by both North and South Campus majors. I will be able to implement tangible changes that help everyone on campus. 


As your next student government President, we will work to:


1. Save students money by fiercely advocating UC Regents for tuition and fee reductions, creating student discount programs with Westwood businesses, reducing UCSHIP copays, establishing a campus wide textbook exchange program, expanding free printing services on campus, creating a tech grant, lowering parking costs on campus, compelling dining halls and ASUCLA restaurants to accept food stamps, prioritizing financial responsibility in ASUCLA board appointments, increasing the meal swipe value on campus, and financially auditing all current student fees.


2. Save students time by making sure all classes are recorded permanently, expanding the BruinBus program, working with landlords to make Westwood leasing policies to be more student friendly, unifying all funding applications for student organizations, and more. 


3. Make USAC accessible by integrating USAC with myUCLA message center, updating USAC’s website, and actively engaging the student body in the decision making process. 

We need practical, pragmatic solutions to the everyday problems students face. We need leaders who will work with administration to make sure student voices are represented. Now more than ever.


My name is Armaan Singh. With a problem-solving mindset, my goals will be concrete and focused, yet flexible enough to accommodate ever-changing circumstances.


Vote Vision, Vote Leadership, Vote Armaan. 

Breeze Velazquez statement:

Hello Bruins! My name is Breeze Velazquez and I’m your For The People candidate for USAC President. 

I grew up in a single-parent household with four siblings whose love and support constantly ground me as I navigate higher education as a first-generation student. They instilled in me the strength and confidence to serve as your Academic Affairs Commissioner, where I collaborated with campus communities to uplift unheard student voices. With the necessary experience and knowledge to bring about positive change at UCLA, I hope to continue these efforts as President. 

As your President, I will: 

  1. Launch a comprehensive Student Advocate Board and a Student Leaders of Tomorrow Fellowship to ensure equitable access to information, rights, and resources 

  2. Facilitate administrator-student discussions to increase transparency of university resources 

  3. Ease pandemic-induced financial burdens by reducing bus pass costs and creating a Student Small Business Marketplace and Business Administration Minor to support students’ entrepreneurial efforts 

  4. Create an Olympics Student Agitation Committee to address impending cost-of-living crises from the 2028 Olympics and collaborate with campus police abolition organizers to support divestment from UCPD 

As we recover from several crises that exacerbated campus inequities, Bruins deserve a leader who recognizes the power of community. I am that leader because I know that the passionate, driven, diverse student leaders at the forefront of my Commission were essential to our accomplishments. After a year that left no Bruin unscathed, I hope to support our healing, rebuild our strength, and uplift our growth as your next President.

Qualifications Continued

  • As an Academic Senator, I have served on the Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations (CUARS), Undergraduate Council, and the Faculty Executive Board. On CUARS, I advocated against standardized testing requirements and, in both UGC and Executive Board, I worked with campus leaders to achieve academic leniency during the pandemic.

  • As a Justice LA Coalition policy intern, I constructed research memos on incarceration alternatives and recruited allies for Measure J and No on Proposition 25. This work expanded my understanding of marginalized people’s needs, which is crucial to serve communities of color and system-impacted communities as President.

  • As a Parent School Partnership Intern at Mexican American Legal Defense And Education Fund (MALDEF), I taught bilingual parents how to mobilize their school district to best support their students’ path to college and created a scholarship list for undocumented students.

IMG_20210406_000227_973 - BREEZE HERNAND


  • This past year as Academic Affairs Commissioner, I led an office that held decolonization events, workshops for first-generation students, initiated a Justice minor proposal, created a scholarship and internship website, and gave out 800+ book scholarships. My work in working with students would allow me to serve as President.
  • I launched a Student Advocate Board in partnership with the Office of the President to defend students’ rights in Student Code of Conduct proceedings. I recognized students’ immense need for guidance when facing academic dishonesty charges and used my access to UCLA administration to help students navigate their cases.
  • Read below for more.

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  • Leadership: I was the student body President at Imperial Valley College, this position equipped me with the foundation and tools to succeed as a leader. Success means learning to overcome failures. I am a person that is ready to adapt to my environment and overcome all challenges. 

  • Advocacy: I was the Imperial Valley College Student Trustee in which I was able to learn how to confront institutional barriers. Having this position allowed me to learn how to work alongside administration and the college board. I learned to delegate and communicate student issues and address them promptly.

  • Read below for more.

Moises Hernandez statement:

Hello Bruins, my name is Moises Hernandez I am a first-year transfer, low-income, and first-generation student. Although my time at UCLA has been short I have learned a few things. The community is unlike any other I have been part of. Our community is united, dedicated, and composed of innovators. Across the spectrum there are students that help each other succeed. There is always unity amongst students. Furthermore, UCLA students are dedicated, we are always striving for success and never settle for less. Amidst all challenges, students rise above and continue to outperform themselves. Bruins are innovators, we are problem solvers, we are the leaders of today. Although people may say I am under-qualified for the position I can assure you that at first glance this is true. However, I am conscious that I am not perfect for this role, but no person is. On the other hand, I will adapt and overcome all challenges. In my short time at UCLA I have managed to adapt quickly to the environment. I am comfortable being uncomfortable. I am Moises Hernandez, a student, a Bruin, a person pursuing the betterment of the world. 

Visit my Instagram: @yourmastermoises for more information!

Qualifications Continued

Problem Solver:

  • I do not learn by success, rather I learn by failure. I always seek to find the solution to my problems. Taking part in many student organizations has allowed me to experience much growth. With my mentality I strive to find innovative solutions and continue moving forward. 

Critical Thinker:

  • I always think deeply about all my options. I do not rush to action, rather I construct a plan and walk slowly, yet firmly. I make logical and reasonable decisions with an objective mindset. 

Effective Worker:

  • I work best under pressure. I enjoy my work under pressure. I excel under pressure. I am confident and passionate about the work that I do which enables me to be successful in my solution.

Rutik Shinglot statement:

My name is Rutik Shinglot (call me Teek!), I use he/him pronouns, and I am running for USAC President. As students return to campus in the Fall, it is essential for USAC, with the highest student fees in the country and an annual budget close to $9 million, to ensure student voices are incorporated in every major decision they make. In my years of working in USAC, one of the questions I’m always asked is: “What does USAC even do?” I’ve created a campaign around answering that exact question. USAC has the responsibility to Allocate resources equitably, especially when we’ll have groups of students next year who have never stepped on campus. I’m dedicated to establishing a team responsible for listening to the unique needs of these students as we enter a post-pandemic era to address issues like expanding wifi access in buildings like Boelter Hall, putting bathrooms in parking lots for commuting students, and the absurdly high costs for printing. I believe USAC must Amplify student voices by highlighting their stories in our advocacy. Living in Westwood is expensive. Expanding the awareness of the housing resources students have available to them is paramount in ensuring their right to live where they go to school is both affordable and accessible. Finally, USAC must Advance a culture of trust and collaboration with students. I’m committed to bringing more student organizations to the table at the council meetings that represent the diverse identities of every Bruin.

Follow me on IG: @teek4pres!



  • ​State Relations, USAC External Vice President’s Office, 2 Years

  • News Department Manager, UCLA Radio, 3 Years

  • Campus Relations Director, Student Alumni Association, 2 Years

  • Westwood Affairs, USAC Office of the President, 1 Year

  • Ambassador, Guayaki Yerba Mate, 3 Years

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SRSI-190702-CLASS-371 copy - BAKUR MADIN


  • International Student Representative, USAC, 2020-2021 

  • External Vice President, Saudi Arabian Student Association, 2020-2021 

  • Student Senator, Committee on International Eduction (CIE), UCLA Academic Senate,  2020-2021 

  • Representative and Secretary, UC International Student Coalition, 2020-2021 Chief Technology Officer (CTO), General Representative II, USAC, 2019-2020

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Bakur Madini's statement:

Hi again (for returning students) and welcome (class of 2024)! My name is Bakur Madini, your current International  Student Representative (ISR) on USAC. I started as a physics major but I am switching to do both math/econ and political science (Trying to get a taste of both North and South  Campuses). Throughout the last year I had the pleasure of representing my community, international undergraduates, and did my best to make this unprecedented year less worse. However, there are many issues to fix at UCLA and USAC that exceeds the international community such as but not limited to student-fee and budget transparency, housing availability and affordability post-pandemic, sustainability, USAC accountability and structure, assisting class of 2024 including transfers when they hopefully first come to campus next year, and much more.


Thus, I wish to use my previous experience and institutional knowledge as your ISR to tackle these wide reaching issues through the Office of Internal Vice President. If you are following the news about a possible  constitutional amendment (I hope by the time your read this it succeeds to be on the ballot,  if not then that would one of my priorities in office) that would make the Judicial Board and Election Board more independent from USAC among other changes that I am presenting  alongside a very enthusiastic group. My end goal is to improve USAC governance and switch it to a more equitable and representative senate system similar to the other UCs.


Help me do so! 



  • As the 2020-21 Assistant Internal Vice President of USAC IVP, I have developed the administrative and organizational skills to serve as your IVP. I delivered office-wide communications and developments, distributed over 90k in Rent Relief Awards, maintained connections with student organizations, and advocated for better mental health responses for students.

  • As the 2020-2021 Administrative Coordinator of Samahang Pilipino, I am in charge of outreach, social media, and civic engagement. This year, I spearheaded educational social media campaigns, distributed newsletters, and infographics with resources and social justice material, and created a new website to ensure transparency and accessibility. 

  • Read below for more

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Cassandra Gatica's statement:

Hi everyone! My name is Cassandra Gatica and I’m the For The People candidate for the Internal Vice President. I am the daughter of two immigrants; my mother from the Philippines, and my father from Nicaragua who had to escape violence from the government. Growing up multi-racial, I witnessed and understood the pain that BIPOC communities face, and from there I continued to advocate for the people, challenging and dismantling systems of oppression our communities face. I value community, equity, student rights, education, and accountability. 

I have been involved in USAC IVP for 2 years now, serving as this year’s Assistant Internal Vice President. In the office, I have established a Social Justice Opportunities Database, spearheaded the inaugural IVP Rent Relief Award, and held admin accountable for criminalizing mental health. I also serve as the Administrative Coordinator for Samahang Pilipino, where I coordinate public relations and increase civic engagement in the Pilipinx community. 

As your next Internal Vice President, I will:

  • Educate students on worker rights, advocate for the decriminalization of mental health responses, and increase adequate mental health resources

  • Raise awareness on social justice topics and introduce how they can be incorporated into STEM communities

  • Provide training and resources to student organizations about USAC support, anti-discrimination & inclusion, and sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention

  • Compile comprehensive housing insecurity research, distribute Housing Relief grants, and encourage UCLA Basic Needs transparency

I have the ability, knowledge, and passion to run the IVP office effectively for all fellow Bruins.

Qualifications Continued

  • As a student worker for the UCLA Office of Education & Information Studies Graduate School, I connected with professors and administration to ensure transparency between the school and students. The relationships I’ve built and my experience serving as a liaison will support me in my role connecting USAC,  administration, and students. 

  • As a participant in the 2020 San Francisco Rising Educator Pathway, I have the professional skills to execute educational workshops and the knowledge to address obstacles marginalized communities face in higher education, learning about topics like restorative practices, radical health, and financial literacy. 

  • As the Treasurer for UCLA Hedrick Hall in Residential Life from 2019-2020, I supervised the funding budget among Residential Assistants to ensure fiscal responsibility and helped distribute funds to student organization initiatives. This knowledge will help me run the IVP Partnership Fund and financially support student organizations.




  • Communications Staff & UCLA Student Lobby Conference Delegation Lead — USAC Office of the External Vice President 

  • Chief of Staff (Publicity) — USAC Office of the President 

  • Director of Events — USAC Office of the Internal Vice President 

  • Networking Night Coordinator — Undergraduate Communications Association

  • Student Worker — UCLA School of Engineering & ASUCLA Anderson Café 

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Sarah Wang's statement:

Hi there! My name is Sarah Wang and I am running to be your next External Vice President. As a political science and communications student, I seek to apply my years of campus leadership in organizing, advocacy, and media strategy to serve the student body at the council table and beyond. 

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve helped distribute $250,000 of COVID-19 relief funds, create the 2020-21 Off-Campus Housing Guide for displaced students, and manage crisis communications on the @uclapresident social media accounts. 

As we embark on the journey toward recovery this fall, my primary goal is to ensure an equitable return to campus for all students. Together, we will ensure that no Bruin is left behind by prioritizing: 


  • Provide funding, training, and localized lobby access to support student advocacy initiatives 

  • Promote conversation & accountability to student organizations via the USAC Congressional Advisory Board 

  • Close the digital equity divide by ensuring all students have adequate internet access to succeed in both virtual and in-person environments 


  • Create system-wide standards for basic needs and campus food pantries, and transit access 

  • Increase Westwood affordable housing options and enact student renter protections 

  • Advocate for college affordability through #DoublethePell, tuition stabilization, and financial aid reform 


  • Increase spaces and support for historically underrepresented groups

  • Support immigration reform protecting undocumented students and limiting the government’s ability to detain and deport immigrants 

  • Work with community members and legislators to develop safe public transit and strengthen Title IX 

Visit and vote #SarahforEVP!



Adam ElSayed's statement:

Hello Bruins! I’m Adam ElSayed and I am running for the office of General Representative. 


67% of incoming freshmen enter UCLA as STEM majors, yet 0% of the current General Representatives are South campus students. I strive to enhance the variety and accessibility of student resources for North and South campus students alike during and beyond our current virtual learning circumstances. A vote for me is a vote towards a USAC that properly represents and serves the broader UCLA community. 


I identify with the struggles of UCLA’s first generation and low-income students, and from experience know the burden of financial stress. That’s why I advocate for expanding financial aid education and improving the accessibility and availability of scholarships to eligible students. A vote for me is a vote for having a USAC that better supports our students financially. 


I know that many of my fellow Bruins have felt the disconnect between the student body and the student council, yet little has been done to close that gap. I believe that the council should not be an overcomplicated enigma - Instead, USAC should be an accessible entity to students that not only guarantees student voices are heard, but guarantees actions will follow to better serve our peers. As a candidate for General Representative, a vote for me is a vote for having your concerns voiced and enacted upon in council. 


Accessibility. Variety. Understanding. I’d be honored to have your vote - Adam ElSayed for General Representative.


  • Have had first-hand experience with significant health issues in adults, giving me some strong insight into the different types of resources that Los Angeles County provides.

  • Am former foster youth with direct connections to other foster youth students on campus that have similar needs that need to be met monetarily, socially, and politically. 

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Alex de Santiago's statement:

​Hey Bruins! My name is Alex and I'm running for the General Representative position. I, like many other Bruins, have seen that our campus still needs a lot of work done despite the strong strides that we have made as a student body. This is why I am campaigning for Mental Health Espousal, Former Foster Youth Advocacy, and BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Intersectionality within student government, along with other overlooked groups on campus taken into consideration. Were you aware that less than 3% of former foster youth students graduate from four year universities? That is why we should take greater account from our more at risk communities on campus in regards to costs and resources made available. Adding onto this, did you know that over 40% of adults reported issues with mental health during COVID-19? Students are facing an increased amount of mental health problems in conjunction with their studies, cultural stigma, and even ancestral trauma during this pandemic that needs to be addressed further. And finally, more attention needs to be paid to the growing number of minority students in college that may not be fully represented, such as with BIPOC students with diverse, but often left out, opinions. All of these issues leave much to be fixed and I would like to be at the forefront of steps taken to face them. Check out my Instagram where I will be delving a bit deeper into my platform. 



Director of Recruitment (Kappa Sigma Delta Nu):

  • Being the Director of Recruitment has helped me to develop myself as someone who can observe problems and adapt to solve them. The skills I need to use in expanding a fraternity will carry over and be exemplified when I am expanding the reach of the student council: 

Cohort Representative (HHMI Pathways Program): 

  • As a Cohort Representative I need to be able to not only represent a small community of students among an intricate and diverse set of leaders, but be able to work in a team with my fellow Cohort Reps in order to expand our program and have it thrive. 

President (California Scholarship Federation): 

  • This program put me in charge of presenting and educating my peers on scholarship opportunities and other forms of financial aid.

Young Medical Scholars Representative:

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Headshot Pic for USAC - HAILEY


  • As an Academic Senator (2019-Present), I advised the Chancellor in the appointment of our Dean of Undergraduate Education. Using my experiences evaluating campus-wide policy proposals and voicing student concerns to administrators, in office I will continue to prioritize receiving students’ demands in calling administrative attention to issues affecting students.

  • As a Co-Director of Sanctuary Campus for AAC (2020-Present), I have outreached and fostered communications with different community spaces on-campus to develop an inclusive wellness resource guide that was distributed for campus-wide use. I also initiated and hosted a ‘Decolonization of the Mind’ mental health speaker series. 

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Hailey Valles's statement:

My name is Hailey Valles, and I am running with For the People to serve as a General Representative for the 2021-2022 USAC Council. As a queer woman of color and first-gen college student in STEM, my early experiences in higher education were defined by my sense of not belonging in spaces unfamiliar to myself. 


It was not until I was introduced to student advocacy that I found a community of students who fostered my sense of belonging and confidence in my ability to lead. Through the Academic Affairs Commission I have collaborated with campus organizations to promote a safe and inclusive campus for marginalized communities. Through the Academic Senate, I have advocated for accessible and inclusive campus policy initiatives in administrative spaces. Through Rewritten I created a community space promoting diversity in healthcare by equipping and empowering students with the wellness resources they need to succeed. Lastly, through my STEM sorority, I have prioritized educational initiatives celebrating BIPOC pioneers in science and developing inclusive practices. 


When elected, I plan to institutionalize my accessibility and mental health initiatives by:

  1. Advocating for mental health by promoting a culture of collaboration over a culture of competition.

  2. Bridging the gap between USAC and south campus by uplifting STEM organizations and promoting awareness of resources offered by USAC.

  3. Promoting a smoother transition for prospective high school and transfer students into a four-year university.

  4. Empowering historically underrepresented students with the tools they need to succeed in academia in collaboration with USAC and existing campus organizations.



Undergraduate Researcher at UCLA & Visiting Undergraduate Research Fellow at UCSF

  • I’m an engineering student with extensive research experience at UCLA and other UCs, so I understand the value of academic enrichment and how they impact lives. I also understand the competitive funding landscape for undergrad projects. 

UCLAxUCSF Institute for Global Health Sciences COVID-19 Research Watch

  • I have helped members of the public, clinicians, and scientists review and understand new COVID-19 information as it’s released. Thus, I’m able to effectively communicate public health ideas quickly and effectively for policy practice.  

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Passa Pungchai's statement:

I’m a third year bioengineering student running for General Representative with Bruin Solutions. As a public university, we are obligated to ensure that every student has the same access to opportunity and success. My office will implement bold policy to uplift underserved students and improve campus life for all. Some bold policy we have: 

  • Compensate learning assistants and undergraduate researchers with the USAC Surplus and/or federal work study so that students with less resources are not blocked out from these activities. 

  • Establish a summer bootcamp to prepare freshly admitted STEM students from underserved backgrounds to learn science fundamentals they need to succeed in Year One and also form peer groups early on to improve retention.

  • Install menstrual product dispensers in ALL restrooms across campus. 

  • Improve coffee quality on campus by analyzing and revising coffee brewing practices at on-campus eateries and cafes. 

  • Work with the Facilities Commission to install hand sanitizer dispensers and pressure administration to refill existing dispensers more often. 

  • Expand BruinCast capability to every lecture hall on campus, and incentivize professors to stream lectures, so that course enrollment numbers are not limited by Fire Marshall regulations. 

  • Expand the learning assistant program further, so that discussion sections can accommodate more students.

for eboard site - ASANTE SPENCER.jpg


  • Intern, UCLA Office of the President, 2020-2021:

    • Advocate for mental health resources for all Bruins; inform administration of student mental health concerns; organize and write program planning documents.

  • Vice-Chair of Health and Wellness Commission, San Mateo Youth Commission, San Mateo, CA, 2019-2020: 

    • Address issues affecting youth in San Mateo County, closing the gap between adult and youth perspectives; advocate for youth issues; advise the Board of Supervisors, present policy recommendations; lead health and wellness committee members. 

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Asante Spencer's statement:

My name is Asante Spencer. I am a first-year pre-Political Science and African American Studies major, and Music Industry minor running for General Representative. 

The unconventional nature of the past year has pushed us to minimize personal issues and adapt to external changes. We have prioritized family, financial security, and school amidst a time of mass confusion and fear. 

The pandemic has heightened student issues—mental health, discrimination, lack of access—but simultaneously stalled measures of progress. Now, as we transition back to campus, it is crucial to think about how to ensure that student issues are still being addressed and everyone is represented. 

However, administration often takes our voices off the table. Measures branded as solutions ultimately harm us, as there is no input from those of us who are directly affected and adversely impacted.


Excluding students from matters that impact us does our community a disservice. Especially, since UCLA has a large and diverse student body that yields vast opportunities to have valuable cross-cultural conversations that are impossible in environments that lack such diversity. Now is the time to take the resources, perspectives, and talents scattered within our community and bring them together. 


As your General Representative, I will empower students by amplifying student voices, supporting student businesses, and centralizing student resources. Through proactive engagement and transparency, I will work to create a more inclusive and involved campus environment that enables each student to learn freely, with adequate access and support. 


Visit @asante4genrep on Instagram and #voteforasante#ourcampusoursolutions

Qualifications Continued:

  • Facilitator, Anti-Racism Organization: Snitch on Racism, San Francisco, CA, 2019-2020: 

    • Bi-weekly meetings; collect and organize student concerns; advise administration on student issues and concerns; collaborate with Bay Area private school administration to enact policy change; collaboration and problem solving; effectively brought about administrative change. 

  •  Co-President of Student Body, Urban School of San Francisco, 2019-2020:

    • Facilitate weekly school-wide assemblies and student government meetings; chair annual charity concert; serve as a liaison between students and administration; mentor younger students; improve student welfare.  

  • MLK Youth Speaker, Mentor, and Representative, North Central San Mateo, San Mateo, CA 2016-2020:

    • Chosen by the San Francisco Bay Area NAACP branch and San Mateo Parks and Recreation Board; write essays discussing political climate and advocacy; share advocacy writings at San Mateo County events and Bay Area NAACP events.

FFED2DBE-B20F-4AB7-9FCB-870F17D42E8E - A


  • I’ve spent over a hundred hours this year working as a student activist with CALPIRG students-- yes, a very persistent group, but I’ve worked on the grassroots and statewide levels of activism to push for better conditions for UCLA students.

  • I approach campus issues through the social lens of overarching systemic influences, and will be open minded in hearing and tackling campus concerns.

  • I have worked in my current administrative job for almost 2 years now, and have developed skills of consistent professionalism, organization, and timeliness.

  • I am a human biology and society major, and will accurately address concerns of academic competition and class restrictions balanced with systemic influences on the long term health of college students.

  • I have an affection towards volunteering and community service, and will donate my time and effort toward enhancing the Bruin experience. I want campus to be a welcoming place of service and support.

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Ayesha Aslam-Mir's statement:

Hello and happy spring! I’m Ayesha, and I am running to uplift your voice as your general representative. A bit about me, I’m the fifth of six children, a proud muslimah, and a fan of the Unknown Mortal Orchestra. UCLA is an international champion of progress and inclusion, and since I’ve *virtually* stepped onto campus, I’ve tried to involve myself with many ways to advocate to uplift others. I’ve worked to register over 2000 Bruin voters, raise money and media attention regarding food insecurity, and helped advocate for open textbook resources. I’ve lobbied offices of legislators including Kamala Harris to advocate for more funding for college students in the recent COVID relief bill.


Bruins deserve comfort in reliable, comprehensive, and intersectional advocacy. I will work to accurately confront concerns, starting with Bruin Well-Being to address both physical and mental health. Every student should be able to reach their goals as a Bruin; Accessibility is important on all levels, and appropriate accommodations should not be a barrier for any student that struggles at UCLA. One of the most daunting barriers as college students is additional costs on top of tuition. I want to create Open-Source Measures on campus to systemically fight food insecurity, high textbook costs, commute and parking penalties, and student homelessness. Most of all, I want to be your advocate-- I work to uplift you. I am not afraid to be confrontational and will champion resolutions on the basis of Inclusivity and holistic decision-making.

3755DED5-44C5-48BB-AD5B-D4AEFC6438D3 - A


  • As an ACLU NextGen Board Member, I brought together community leaders and activists to address issues affecting the future of our community and society at large

  • As an Organizing Intern at the American Federation of Teachers 1931, I mobilized low-income communities of color in an effort to create positive social change 

  • During my Students for Economic Justice Fellowship at the Center on Policy Initiatives, organized campaigns to uplift community activists and engage low-propensity voters to build a more progressive community 

  • On the Judicial Review Board at my Community College, I advocated for and uplifted the voices of students facing disciplinary and academic code of conduct violations.

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Arturo Bustos Ochoa's statement:

I’m Arturo and I’m running to be your next General Representative.


I’m a sociology transfer student looking to make a lasting impact for underrepresented students at UCLA and beyond. Before transferring to UCLA, I advocated for marginalized communities through Student Government, coalition-building, and grassroots organizing.


As a transfer student who is part of the Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities, I’ve noticed that marginalized communities are underrepresented in spaces across campus. More specifically, the experiences of Black, Indigenous, and students of color, transfers, and non-traditional students alike, continue to be overlooked. This underrepresentation begins in the UCLA admissions process. Of the 15,602 first-year UCLA admits in Fall 2020, only 15.5% were Chicano/Latino-identified, 4.8% were African American-identified, and 0.53% were American Indian-identified. Similarly, of the 6,271 transfer, UCLA admits, in Fall 2020, only 22% were Chicano/Latino-identified, 4.8% were African American-identified, and 0.76% were American Indian-identified. With these statistics, it is no surprise that campus and student organizations perpetuate the underrepresentation of marginalized communities through little to no membership. We must unify in the struggle for visibility for historically underrepresented communities across UCLA.


As General Representative, I will cultivate a community of action that uplifts and celebrates the voices of underrepresented students at UCLA through inclusion, transparency, and accountability.


Join me in pursuit of continuing this legacy of advocacy at UCLA. Together, we can and will uplift, amplify and celebrate the voices of marginalized communities at UCLA. Student government is supposed to represent the interests of all students, and I will do just that.


  • With experience as a communicator on the UCLA’s External Vice President’s office and Marine Corps communicator, I have the necessary skills to communicate the grievances of the student population. 

  • Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity 

  • Member of Bruin delegation to the UC Students of Color Conference

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Carl King Jr.'s statement:

Hey! My name is Carl and I'm running for Office of General representative as an independent. Since I was 13, I have always worked to better the lives of those around me starting from my involvement with Habitat for Humanity where I worked to provide housing for low income families. I followed this up with raising my right hand to defend the Constitution of the United States for all Americans. This has been attributed to my personal trait of selfless service. If elected, I intend to bring this same selfless trait to the UCLA student body. A vote for Carl King is a vote for Professional Development of students, a vote for prioritization of Mental Health of students and a vote for a smooth and safe Transition back to Campus. I will also work to ensure Campus Maintenance is maintained to provide for a revitalizing and safe academic experience. Finally, I just want you to know that a vote for me is a vote for experienced leadership. Since I was 17, I have been involved with leadership roles that have tested my resolve in sometimes dangerous and tiresome situations. I plan to use that same resolve to fight for you going forward if elected. If elected, I also promise to use our platform to ensure a smooth Post COVID Campus Transition. Visit my instagram page @KingforUSAC to follow this campaign and remember a vote for me is a vote for yourself. #KingforUSAC 

Qualifications Continued:

  • As Co-President and Founder of The Rewritten Pre-Medical Experience (2020-Present), I’ve had the privilege of holding a platform to advocate for a healthier STEM student body, creating a non-competitive space for students to develop as leaders. I have the skills necessary to lead with compassion, purpose, and unity with students.

  • As the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Co-Chair of Phi Sigma Rho STEM Sorority (2021-Present), I have developed and instituted weekly trainings addressing racism, ableism, allyship, and other EDI-related content. Through my STEM sorority, I have prioritized pushing for accessibility, inclusivity and transparency within the organization.

  • As a COVID-19 Campaign Coordinator for CALPIRG Students (2020), I led over 10 interns in weekly campaign strategizing meetings, phone banking events, and leadership development meetings to best support the Los Angeles community in the fight against COVID. During this time, I developed as a strong communicator and listener.


  • Census Intern, UC Student Association 

    • Worked to educate students and families across UC campuses on the importance of the Census 

    • Organized workshops to educate and demystify what the Census is and is not. 

    • Interned with the AAC and EVP, 2020-2021 

  • On Campus Housing Representative (OCHC), Rieber Vista 

    • Represented and Advocated for students living on the Hill while organizing events and campaigns incorporating topics varying from the Women’s March to Menstrual Equity. 

  • Vice Chair, Mercer County Democrats (MCHSD)

    • Aided to increase community voter turnout and expand community outreach through democratic values and ideals 

  • Office of Organization Development, Assistant Content Director, Redefy 

    • Worked to build content and awareness in hopes to create a more equitable and just school environment for students of color across the nation.

  • Fundraising chair, Gubernatorial Presidential Youth Campaign 

    • Joined the effort to create a Presidential Youth Campaign to hold the Office of the President accountable for and in tune with the needs and vision of the American youth. 

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Himaja Vendidandi's statement:

Hey everyone! My name is Himaja Vendidandi, I’m running to be your next General Representative. Looking forward to a mostly in-person class setting for the coming year, we have a chance to re-create and strengthen the sense of community and support we’ve been lacking. 


In the past, I’ve been fortunate to work with some incredible groups to advocate for, educate, and work towards a more equitable and inclusive space for all people. It’s this work that has inspired me to run for office and create “UNITE”: a plan to tackle a broad range of issues and strive to continue to inspire change in and around campus. 


Undergraduate Student Advisory Board: 

  • Improve diversity among students actively involved with USAC and aim to accurately represent the needs of all Undergraduate students.


Now us”: “Now us” is a plan to increase accessibility and awareness of advocacy work on how to make an impact and stay informed on the events occurring both on campus and state-wide.


Increase Accessibility:

  • Advocate to create a Food Closet available to students facing food insecurity on the Hill. 

  • Build on efforts to update and expand resources not limited to: Student Research Portal, financial support, Bruincast, tutoring opportunities, and mental wellness spaces. 


Treehouse Initiative:” 

  • Work with OCHC in moving forward to create a space on the Hill for free Menstrual Products available for students. 

  • Create a Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Committee.

  • Organize UCLA’s first Sexual Misconduct Conference. 


Expand Transparency: 

  • Formalize expected standards for offices of accountability and transparency.

1021005996269748967 - JACOB LINDER (1).j


  • As the IT Director of the International Student Representative’s Office, I helped build the USAC budget viewer, which makes our budget more accessible to students. Building this tool taught me a lot about USAC’s finances, and is a semblance of future projects I will be working on while in office.

  • I am the co-founder of a technology startup, where I learned how to build a large project from start to finish. The leadership experiences I gained and the business strategies I learned enable me to pinpoint areas of weakness within UCLA and competently create Bruin solutions.

  • I have been a Computer Scientist for nearly a decade, which has familiarized me with many cool technologies that can make student life cheaper and more efficient.

  • As a student with a busy schedule and a respect for money, I am able to recognize areas of UCLA in need of improvement that will most directly improve the life of the everyday student, like you.

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Jacob Linder's statement:

Howdy everybody! My name is Jacob, and I am running for the office of General Representative with the slate Bruin Solutions. 


As a computer science major, I have been trained to quickly locate problems and fix them with optimal efficiency. I plan to take this same methodology to my office in USAC, focusing on solving problems that best improve the quality of life of UCLA students. My campaign focuses on outreach to students and listening to their needs, taking into account the issues that affect the large majority of students as well as those whose voices are seldom heard.


As your General Representative, I will:

  • Create technologies implementing machine learning and AI to turn bureaucracy into democracy.

  • Utilize tools that most efficiently allow students to engage with USAC policy by voicing their opinions on what they want to be changed.

  • Push for standardization of the USAC budget to ensure that every penny is properly accounted for. 

  • Build tools that make the USAC budget more transparent and accessible to all students.

  • Implement a system to make textbook selling and trading much more fairly priced than it currently is.

  • Make a way for students living in apartments to recycle furniture to incoming tenants.

  • Build relationships with diverse student organizations, listening to students and working for the changes they want to see done.


My main goals are to cut down on your costs while at school, work for policies that are fair to all students, and most importantly, make your life easier.

887444C1-5EF6-4FCB-A882-EF7707224B54 - J


  • As IDEAS’ Internal Representative (2020-Present), I have worked to ensure undocumented students are prioritized across UCLA spaces by leading collaborations with USAC, student organizations and coalitions, and campus departments/entities to advocate for relief for all undocumented students which has prepared me to bring this fight to the Council table.

  • As the IDEAS Representative to the Congressional Advisory Board (2020-Present), I have directly worked with fellow student leaders from marginalized communities to expand their access to USAC by working to elevate these groups as permanent stakeholders in Council, which I will work to increase and support through my office.

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Jeffry Umana's statement:

My name is Jeffry Umana and I am running for General Representative with the For the People slate. As someone who is Salvadoran, low-income, and undocumented I know what it’s like to challenge the system in order to make space for myself and my community, especially at UCLA.


While UCLA and the UC system at large tokenize undocumented students, it is clear they do not have our best interests at heart. My work with IDEAS, an organization that advocates for undocumented people, has shown me that this is the moment to demand space and justice for our community at the council table.


If elected, I plan to:

  • Work toward institutional accessibility, retention, and solidarity for undocumented students 

  • Reimagine and elevate the role of the Gen Rep Office by using the office to expand student input to Council and transform current outreach and involvement opportunities

  • Connect students transitioning to in-person classes and new incoming students with resources, community, and mentorship


Having been involved in various on-campus grassroots organizations and USAC offices this year, I believe that we are at a critical moment for UCLA to address the structural issues faced by marginalized communities. It is time for USAC to use its institutional leverage to direct attention and resources to these organizations leading the fight for these changes. That is why I am running for General Representative, to directly give the communities I represent, and those I do not, direct access to decision-making and material support from Council.

Qualifications Continued:

  • As an UndocuBruins Fellow (2020-Present), I work directly with the Career Center to increase the accessibility of its resources and opportunities to all undocumented students and reimagine their services in light of COVID-19, experience that is vital to my platform on expanding departments opportunities to undocumented students.

  • As an intern for the USAC President and IVP (2021), I have learned how to navigate the structures and systems of USAC by working on specific projects, like drafting a resolution and helping establish a mental health resource center, that have prepared me to accomplish my platforms as General Representative.

  • Working on staff in General Representative 2 and the Academic Affairs Commission (2020-Present), I have contributed to projects aimed at making USAC/UCLA a safe space for marginalized students and increasing the transparency and accountability of the offices, preparing me to build on these practices within my own office.

jesse4genrep-0823 - Jesse Johnson.jpg


  • Chairperson of The American Indian Student Association (AISA) at UCLA which is one of nine Mother Organizations (MO). 

  • UCLA Pow Wow Coordinator for AISA at UCLA 

  • Life Sciences 7B Peer Learning Facilitator (PLF) for the Academic Advancement Program (AAP) 

  • Cultural Affairs Commission - The Word on Wednesday Staff Member

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Jesse Johnson's statement:

Haawka (Hello)! My name is Jesse Johnson (he/him) and I am a candidate for General Representative. I am a 3rd year Human Biology and Society major with a minor in Food Studies. As an Indigenous student, I am working to establish visibility for the communities that make up less than 1% of our campus population: Indigenous, Native American, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander peoples. During my time at UCLA, I have experienced the struggles of navigating a campus that never truly represents me or the identities of my peers. As a General Representative on the council, I hope to establish lasting, equitable, and legitimate change that will help our students feel safe and heard on their campus. 

As a student leader, I know what it takes to represent the diverse communities that UCLA encompasses and I hope to bring this to the USAC table. I have organized major events such as the UCLA Pow Wow, a cultural event produced by AISA. Amidst this event planning, I developed a working budget upwards of $60,000 which allocated funds to Indigenous populations in the greater Los Angeles community, created scholarships, and established visibility right here on campus. These experiences and my work with our communities have given me the organizational, managerial, and appropriate skills necessary to listen to your voices and be an outstanding General Representative. 

Your voices have inspired me to create these platforms and I will continue to fight for you and your needs as your General Representative.


academic affairS


Angelina Quint Photo - ANGELINA QUINT (1


  • As Assistant Academic Affairs Commissioner (2020-2021), I represent students on matters of educational policy and academic affairs. I’ve bridged educational disparities by leading quarterly counseling events, distributing 800+ Books for Bruins scholarships, rewriting bylaws to increase seats on Academic Senate for transfer students, and drafting resolutions for students and administration. 

  • As an Academic Senator for the Committee on Teaching (2020-2021), I’ve urged administration and staff to support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, to be mindful of the social climate when teaching and grading, and to be attentive to student needs and voices as expressed through course evaluations. 

  • Read more below.

Angelina Quint's statement:

My name is Angelina Quint and I’m your For The People candidate for Academic Affairs Commissioner. As a first-generation, low-income woman with Asian and Indigenous heritage, I have personally endured many academic obstacles through my struggles with food and housing insecurity. Thus, I understand the challenges of navigating the systemic barriers that commonly plague higher education. It is my goal as AAC to make UCLA a safe, accessible, and equitable home to all Bruins. 


As Assistant Academic Affairs Commissioner, I have advocated for changes in academic policy and implemented programs to institutionalize equity within academia. Motivated by my experiences and by my brother, who has a disability, I have also worked with campus organizations, like All Brains and SHEP, that strive to push past barriers and cultivate environments of empathy and inclusion. I have the knowledge and experience to contribute meaningfully to the Commission and run an effective office that prioritizes students.


As your Academic Affairs Commissioner, I will: 

  • Create safe and socially-distanced learning spaces and increase access to portable technology. 

  • Enhance community-oriented spaces focused on mental health and healing.

  • Ensure an equitable and accessible education for underrepresented student populations. 

  • Support students in their academic development so they can thrive.

  • Foster empathy and understanding within academia so that the experiences of all students are valued. 


As AAC, I hope to uplift the voices of multicultural, underserved, and underrepresented communities by creating a seat in the classroom for them to share their stories, celebrate their identities, and reach their full potential. 

Qualifications Continued

  • As an Undergraduate Representative on the UCLA Committee on Disability (2020-2021), I’ve advocated for greater inclusivity and accessibility for our students with disabilities, supported MetaMap’s mission of virtually mapping the campus, pushed for a safe return to campus, and advocated alongside the FAC for mandatory closed captioning on Zoom lectures. 

  • As a Workshops and Trainings Volunteer for UCLA All Brains (2019-2021), I’ve connected students, faculty, and campus departments with resources on how to better support neurodiverse students in their academic and social lives, and I’ve strived to create inclusive environments that embrace, empower, and value people on the spectrum. 

  • As a Peer Health Educator for Student Health Education and Promotion (SHEP) at the Ashe Center (2020-2021), I promote health and wellness by partnering with campus organizations like CAE and CAPS to develop programming on topics including food/housing insecurity, mental health, body image, alcohol/drug harm reduction, and communication. 

IMG-20200406-WA0004 - ATHARVA KULKARNI.j


  • Chief of Staff – International Student Representative’s Office - 2020-21

    • Worked to advocate for international students during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Model UN and Debate Experience – 9 years

    • Proficient in argumentation and public speaking

Atharva Kulkarni's statement:

USAC has a laundry list of issues that seem to come up every year, but most of the time we get a lot of hand-waving followed by confusion. My plan is to hit those issues head on. What we need are real solutions that provide concrete impact. I want to democratize education, work to bring innovative digital solutions for mental health, and aim to improve the academic dishonesty process. Why can’t we provide access to mental healthcare proactively instead of being reactive? Why are professors still requiring expensive textbooks? Why is the quality of the CAE services so poor? With your help, I want to work to fix these issues and more.

I’m not going to claim to know everything, but I want to work with key stakeholders to find answers to these questions that make everyone happy.


Bruin Solutions can solve Bruin Problems.


I don’t think USAC isn’t supposed to be your voice, it’s supposed to give you a voice.


  •  External Relations Lobby Coordinator, Transfer Student Representative, 2020- Present- Organized and held meetings with Congress and State Assembly members to advocate on behalf of transfer students such as housing, financial aid, and Prop 16–which aimed to reinstate affirmative action.

  • Speech and Debate Coach, Argumentation & Communication Leadership  Academy (ACLA), non-profit organization, 2020-Present- Prepared and taught K-12 students the fundamentals of speech and debate in preparation for tournaments. 

  • UCLA Campus Tour Guide, UCLA, Present

  • Read more below 

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Lizeth Chimal's statement:

Hello! I'm Lizeth Chimal, your Bruins Adelante Coalition (BAC) candidate for the Academic Affairs Commissioner. As a first-generation daughter of Mexican immigrants, low-income, latina, transfer student I truly understand the hardships students go through in our broken education system. My experiences have fueled my passion about enacting the changes UCLA deserves to address the needs of all students, especially those from marginalized communities. This is why I am running to be your next Academic Affairs Commissioner. 

 Over the past few years, I strove to hear from, advocate for, and represent all marginalized communities. That very representation is what I fought tirelessly for during my time at Mt. San Antonio College (Mt. SAC). Whether it was through my speech and debate team advocating for the Latinx community or as a lobbying coordinator in the Transfer Student Representative Office vocalizing the needs of transfer students, advocacy for all was my goal. 

UCLA’s known diversity is why I chose to come here as a transfer student. The diversity of our students, however, just isn’t translating over to our student government. Every minority and demographic, no matter how small they are on campus, have a right to be heard. As AAC, I will ensure that the voices of all are heard and uplifted. Using my experiences and position to amplify, rather than speak for all students voices, I hope to bring much needed diversity, inclusivity, and equity to all UCLA students. 

Qualifications Continued

Vice President, Philosophy Club, Mt. San Antonio College, 2019-2020

  • Coordinated weekly meetings on multiple philosophical topics from AI, aesthetics, morality, and environmental ethics. Hosted and moderated campus-wide events, including an Interfaith dialogue, in collaboration with the Muslim Student Association, and Ethics Bowl discussing the implications of China’s social credit system.

Forensics (Speech and Debate) Team Captain, Mt. San Antonio College, 2018-2020

  • Led and encouraged the team to use their voice to advocate for marginalized communities they represented at the regional, state, and national level. Advocated on issues such as street vendor rights, femicide, sexual assault and mass incarceration.


Campus events


380F76E9-7360-4673-AC4D-C0822F56A2A9 - B


● I have been a member of the Events Department of UCLA Radio for the past two years. I have worked collaboratively to organize concerts, fundraisers, and more with a variety of budgets. 

● As an engineering student I have great math, organization, and problem solving skills. This makes me a better budgeter, ensuring we get the best events possible for our money. I also bring a South Campus perspective that is often underrepresented in USAC. 

● Planning large scale events takes a passionate team working together. From engineering projects to radio shows, I am constantly working collaboratively and will foster an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their perspectives.

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Brigid Ahern's statement:

We have all lost over a year of our college experience due to COVID. For some, Fall of 2021 will be their first time setting foot on campus. My name is Brigid Ahern and I am a third-year civil engineering major, so the upcoming school year will be my last at UCLA. Therefore, I am running for Campus Events Commissioner to make next year the most fun, exciting, activity-packed year yet for everyone. 

I want to create an enjoyable experience for every student. This means organizing a wide array of events, from Bruin Bash to intimate film screenings. I will use this role to give opportunities to new artists and a platform to silenced voices. Through UCLA Radio I have experience organizing a variety of events, from shows to socials. I have a large range of interests, and love music, concerts, the outdoors, and learning new things. But this is about YOU, so please feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @brigid.ahern for questions, critiques, or suggestions. Let me know your interests and what you want to see next year! #ucla #cec #brigid4cec 

IMG_7800_Facetune_04-04-2021-17-01-56 -


● As the current CEC Speaker’s director, I have extensive knowledge about every detail that goes into planning large-scale CEC events. My familiarity with the process of both virtual and in-person event planning uniquely equips me to navigate the uncertain transition from virtual to in-person events next year. 

● In the upcoming year, the Campus Events Commissioner will need to be flexible and a creative problem solver. I exercised both of these traits extensively when planning events in such an unprecedented environment this year. I will approach the uncertainty of the upcoming year with the same flexibility and creativity. 

● Outside of CEC, I work as a Peer Learning Facilitator in the Writing Center. I’ve had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of different students in several majors about their writing, which has shown me how vast our student body truly is and helped me further grow my communication skills.

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Maya Sanghavi's statement:

Hey UCLA! My name is Maya Sanghavi, and I’m running for Campus Events Commissioner. I’ve been a member of CEC since my freshman year, and this year, I’ve served as the director of CEC’s Speaker’s Staff. I love this organization so much, and I truly believe that entertainment has the power to unite and empower our student body. Some of my favorite moments as a UCLA student have been getting to see the positive impact that my staff’s events have had on individual students. As Speakers Director, I’ve tried to both engage students and provoke new conversations through hosting a broad range of speakers, including Hunter Schafer, Nicole Byer, Tabitha Brown, and Jaboukie Young-White. 

After a year where most of us have been stuck at home, CEC’s work is more important than ever. I anticipate next year to be a huge transitional year for the organization, and as a long-time member of a CEC events staff, I plan to navigate this transition from virtual to in-person events with the best interests of the student body in mind. My primary goal is for CEC’s events to be as fun and engaging as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that every student is able to access our content and feels like their interests are being represented in our programs. A vote for Maya is a vote for collaborative, accessible, and intentional event programming. For more information on my platforms, visit my Facebook page (Maya For UCLA Campus Events Commissioner) and my Instagram (@maya4cec). #MayaForCEC 




Profile Pic - MOMINAH SUBHAN.png


  • CSC Co-Transportation Director 2020-present

    • Maintain and update CSC van schedule, approved drivers list, and vehicle logs regularly, develop and host CSC Approved Driver Trainings

    • Work with the Student Risk Education Committee to connect students to virtual Driver Safety Trainings 

  • CSC Advocacy Committee Member 2019-2020

    • Worked with committee to uplift student advocacy, including the fight to build more affordable housing units in LA and the Schools and Communities First Proposition

    • Facilitated presentations during CSC Gen meeting to discuss with service leaders how to incorporate advocacy into their service

  • Bruin Shelter Member 2019-present

    • Supervise shelter residents, prepare meals, manage shelter logistics, maintain general shelter upkeep and safety (2019-2020 before pandemic)

    • Organized with CSC Advocacy to host Policy Day for Homelessness Awareness Week 2021 discussing Assembly Bill 396, which would increase Medi-Cal access for unhoused folks

  • UMMA Volunteer Project (UVP) Finance Director 2019-2020

    • Completed service funding applications each quarter, presented funding proposals at hearings, and secured large scale funding for UVP 

    • Prepared the annual budget for project expenses and maintained accurate financial records throughout the year

  • UMMA Volunteer Project Site (UVP) Coordinator 2020-present

    • Spearheaded and run the Health Justice Scholars site with Da Vinci High School, where high school students learn about health equity, careers in science, and social justice issues in LA and create a research project examining intersectional issues in their communities

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Mominah Subhan's statements:

Hey y’all! My name is Mominah Subhan and I am honored to be running for the position of Community Service Commissioner. 


Being involved in service at UCLA and working with student leaders has taught me that service is rooted in building solidarity and long term partnerships with one’s community to address systemic social inequities. As one of the five True Bruin Values, service is vital to uniting our campus community and committing us to become future leaders in advancing social change. However, I believe there is a fundamental disconnect between UCLA administration’s view of service, and the student initiated, community based service that UCLA students regularly do. If elected, I will fight to make service opportunities more accessible to the student body through my platforms.  


As we transition back to campus, I believe CSC needs a leader who has extensive experience within the commission and student run service organizations so that Bruins can return to in person service as smoothly as possible. 


Experience and knowledge about the office is crucial to the role of Community Service Commissioner, which works directly with 31+ service organizations, 2,000+  volunteers, and over 10,000 service recipients per year. My institutional knowledge of CSC and dedication to service orgs over the past three years will allow me to effectively implement my platforms and build on the work of my predecessors. 


I look forward to meeting and working with y’all as we fight for change through our community service. Thank you! 


  • Over the last 7 years, I have completed nearly 300 recorded hours and almost over 500 hours of service to different communities in the United States

  • With a caring attitude, I understand the importance of student concerns and any community related issue that is addressed will become my problem to solve

  • As an undergraduate student researcher at the UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center, I will take environmental matters into serious consideration when designing different projects to restore our community 

  • I have completed service as a teacher, a food runner, an agency consultant, a translator, a driver, a technology helper, a cook and a counselor so I have a really all rounded experience in service and I hope to have many more opportunities to serve

  • As a part of the Bruin Leaders Project, I am constantly learning ways to be an effective leader and an excellent fellow Bruin. I have learned many aspects of leadership in this school-based internship that I will bring to the position in USAC. 

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Rohit Gore's statements:

Hello, my name is Rohit Gore and I am running for the position of Community Service Commissioner in the upcoming election. As a student who has been involved with community service projects their whole life, I can say that I can represent our fellow students as I path ways to make UCLA a place for students to really restore the community as a whole. I would like to hold this position because of the happiness I receive from helping others. I want students to really involve themselves in community service not only to make Los Angeles a better place, but also to have fun together and develop relationships with one another. As a candidate, I will find ways to increase Student Involvement by creating more enticing opportunities for students to serve. I will also push to create a broad Representation of the student body through service rewards and perks for committed acts of service. As a large part of my goals in office, I would like to implement many more environmental cleanup projects THE GREEN WAY. As a green energy researcher in one of our labs, I have found keeping our community as green and clean as possible will be imperative in the near future. I will also put together Service Events that will reward students for their services and also give them a chance to connect with each other and have a great time, the True Bruin way. A Vote for Rohit is one for the community.






As the current Cultural Affairs Commissioner, I have led the commission through a global pandemic and am well-equipped to lead it through a transition back to campus. This year, I ensured that the essence of CAC remained captured in our programming, allocations, and advocacy for students despite the virtual environment. 

● As last year’s Chief of Staff and Interns Director, I fostered community amongst CAC staff and interns and facilitated their professional and personal development. I also increased cohesiveness and community-building inside of the organization, initiatives that I will continue to improve on if elected to a second term. 

● As one of last year’s Summer Organizing Interns for UNITE HERE Local 11, I organized custodians, housekeepers, and cooks at universities and hotels, supporting their struggles for workplace rights. Supporting others’ struggles is integral to the Commission’s art and education projects. 

● As a Cultural Affairs Commission Intern my first year, I learned the structure of the organization and observed directly from my predecessors how to best run the commission. My time in CAC has taught me what each series needs, and gives me the historical background to continue the work. 

● Freshman year, I attended CAC’s Word on Wednesday and never left. Having been a competitive poet since 2015; I know poetry as community, a healing practice, and space of resistance. All of these things are foundational to CAC and my intrinsic understanding of this is imperative to leading the organization.

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Promise Ogunleye's statements:

Hello UCLA, my name is Promise Omomolawa Ogunleye and I am your For The People Candidate running for Cultural Affairs Commissioner! 

This past year I have had the privilege to serve as your 2020-2021 Cultural Affairs Commissioner. I have been leading and continuing the important work of CAC, despite the challenges of the pandemic, while also finding new ways to be innovative within the organization. Alongside amazing collaborators Enormous Activities Fair and Bruin Bash were planned and executed, despite various obstacles within virtual programming. I also held virtual healing spaces to help BIPOC students cope with racial trauma, continuing the spirit of community healing despite being far from the comforts of the Kerckhoff Art Gallery. We were also able to continue funding programming and broaden the scope of the Arts Restoring Community Fund to accommodate the virtual transition and include community development as a priority to fund speakers and workshops for organizations. 

Next year, I hope to continue innovating the scope of CAC at UCLA and continue to work towards our overall mission to ensure culturally relevant, inclusive, and aware spaces created for and by Black, Indigenous, and peoples of color by: 

● Continuing the expansion of ARC’s scope as a community restorative fund. 

● Increasing and innovating CAC’s dedication to work related to community engagement and development centering BIPoC students. 

● Prioritizing the repatriation of stolen art alongside those already engaged in advocacy. 

● Ensuring student input within the UCLA EDI office and Strategic Communications.




ElijahS4 - Elijah Simas.png


  • Active Member of UCLA’s Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity (CEED) Program

    • Work alongside student leaders, organizations, and engineering industry representatives to foster an environment of diversity and inclusion on UCLA’s campus.

  • Member of the Student Committee on UCLA Electrical & Computer Engineering Department’s Faculty Search

    • Oversaw the department’s underrepresented minority mentorship professor faculty search program and provided feedback on candidate selection. Strived to ensure the selected candidate had the best intentions for all members of UCLA engineering’s underrepresented minority community.

  • UCLA Housing Residential Dormitory President (Sproul 3S)

    • Work alongside Residential Advisors and other student leaders to develop and host community-centered events for residents living on the Hill. Provided resources and support for transitioning students during the COVID-19 campus shutdown. 

  • Read more below.

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Elijah Simas's statement:

Hello! I am a second-year electrical engineering student running for the Facilities Commission with Bruin Solutions. 

I believe change and progress can be accomplished through the implementation of practical and effective solutions. While many USAC campaigns are filled with hollow promises and meaningless buzzwords, I’ve worked with the student body to forge a campaign platform that is directly tailored toward beneficially impacting the student body and improving quality of life.

As your Facilities Commissioner, I will:

  • Develop and implement a student transition program to refamiliarize returning students with campus facilities and resources prior to their first day of classes.

  • Increase transparency related to the allocation, spending, and impact of USAC’s $9,000,000+ annual budget.

  • Advocate for the installation of free menstrual supply dispensers in restrooms across campus. 

  • Push for the installation of more access points to upgrade UCLA WIFI for a campus-wide increase in coverage and network speeds. 

  • Work with UCLA’s administration and other USAC offices to increase and improve accessibility resources. 

  • Develop a “seat repair hotline” program to fix broken seating in all lecture halls.

  • Increase on-campus sustainability by providing resources and funding for renewable student-led initiatives and projects.

  • Improve and expand BruinCast course quality and availability


Bruin problems require Bruin Solutions. Vote for the change YOU want to see in USAC this year!

Qualifications Continued

  • UCLA Engineering MentorSEAS Mentor

  • Assist incoming UCLA engineering students in their transition to college. Mentor a small “family” of students to foster a sense of community and provide insight into the resources available for students at UCLA.

  • UCLA x MESA Program Volunteer Mentor & Tutor

  • Mentor and tutor underrepresented high school students in the greater Los Angeles area. Coordinate and plan academic enrichment activities for students to participate in. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 7.11.51 PM - J


USAC Facilities Commission, ReUse Director 

  • I’m leading the charge to instate reusable dining ware on the Hill and participating in the Buy Your Values and Safe Parking campaigns. 

  • I’m producing presentations, financial reports, and guidelines while participating in FAC’s long term projects that require an intimate understanding of the commission. 

USAC Financial Supports Commission, COVID19 Task Force Director 

  • I’m facilitating this year's USAC Pandemic Relief Fund, procuring >300,000 dollars to redistribute to students in need. 

  • I have gained experience in allocating and distributing large sums of money equitably, a vital skill for the chair of The Green Initiative Fund.

Campus Library Instructional Computing Commons, Lead Consultant 

  • I help distribute technology to students across the country to ensure equal access to technology throughout the transition to remote learning. 

  • I work firsthand to ensure that regardless of income level or access to technology, all students have the resources to learn virtually. 

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Jane Ni's statement:

My name is Jane Ni and I’m your For the People candidate running for Facilities Commissioner. I believe students deserve an equitable and safe Return to campus while Reimagining the future of our university. 

As the daughter of Chinese immigrants in a predominantly white hometown, I struggled to find a community where I felt I belonged for much of my life. When I came to UCLA as a woman of color in STEM, this struggle continued. However, I soon realized that UCLA itself is a community composed of our students, staff, and the greater Los Angeles area. This led me to discover a passion for public health, because public health is ultimately about maintaining the wellbeing of a larger community through both individual actions and the systems that govern the individuals. I want to reimagine the way we handle infrastructure, space, accessibility, and sustainability in a way that ensures that all students can have an equitable and safe return to the campus community. 

I will support our Return to campus while Reimagining our current university status quo by: 

  • Working with administration to ensure students have access to campus facilities that they’ve been away from and deserve the right to use in a safe and equitable way. 

  • Reframing the way students and administration address sustainability through an environmental justice lens, prioritizing basic needs and accessibility to sustainability. 

  • Push USAC and UCLA to adopt inclusive design principles by increasing housing accessibility for students with disabilities and improving USAC communication and feedback. 

Qualifications Continued

  • Biocritical Studies Lab, Research Assistant 

    • Contributed to the development of the complete history of systemic racism and discrimination in the medical examiner system. 

    • I am learning more about medical racism and the importance of assuring that public health responses are led by the communities that are impacted the most. 

  • Students Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity, Research and Public Affairs Director 

    • Advocating for the abortion pill to be present at all California public university healthcare centers and helped educate students on the issue. 

    • Gaining experience in building campaigns to pressure administration into making real change.





  • Director, COVID-19 Task Force, Financial Supports Commission, 2020-2021

  • Advisor, Save on School Committee, Financial Supports Commission, 2019-2020

  • Assistant Project Manager, 180 Degrees Consulting at UCLA, 2020-2021

  • Director of Internal Service, Ballet Company at UCLA, 2020-2021

  • 2nd Place, Boston Consulting Group x UConsulting Case Competition, 2021

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Emily Klarissa Yu's platforms:

​Hello! I’m Emily and I’m running for Financial Supports Commissioner. I’d like to develop educational programs to help students navigate UCLA-related financial processes, expand FSC's existing initiatives, advocate for student interests, and engage our community through financial stimuli. I’ve worked with FSC for two years as an advisor and now a director, providing me the experience necessary to continue existing programs while implementing new ideas. Last year, as I read applications for the USAC COVID-19 Relief Fund, I felt overwhelmed and upset reading the struggles of my classmates and the additional hardships compounded on those from under-resourced and marginalized backgrounds. I used this experience to inform my work as a director of the FSC COVID-19 Task Force the following year, in dialogue with the Financial Aid and Scholarships office, and in helping design subsequent iterations of the fund. While the pandemic seems to be coming to an end now, its long-term financial ramifications and the preexisting economic inequities that it had exacerbated are not over. Therefore, I’d like to transform our pandemic relief efforts into a Financial Hardship Fund for students facing difficult circumstances. At the same time, I believe we should invest in our classmates' ambitions, so I hope to implement a Small Enterprise Fund to assist the growth of students' small businesses, startups and ideas. I hope to provide students with as many financial resources as possible, while advocating for greater institutional support and reduced financial burden on students to administration as the end goal.


Samuel Seidel's statement:

Transitioning back to life on campus, the inequities that existed prior to the start of the pandemic have only been renewed and expanded. As Financial Support Commissioner, it will be my job to ensure every student has the necessary tools to succeed on campus — financially and otherwise. Having founded my own non-profit and serving in a variety of leadership roles on campus, I believe my experiences managing budgets and fundraising efforts have prepared me to efficiently make financial decisions and pass legislation to combat these inherent imbalances. 


One of the most pressing issues facing USAC is the lack of widespread awareness of its basic functions, exemplified by the consistently low voter turnout. This results in a USAC which reflects only a small percentage of UCLA students' needs and opinions, despite the fact that every student contributes to its budget. As FSC, I will create educational opportunities for incoming freshmen and transfers to learn about USAC’s responsibilities from day one. 


Additionally, I intend to implement fines on Greek organizations that violate school policy, recognizing its responsibility to promote social responsibility, particularly in regard to abiding by COVID-19 protocols, sexual assault and other misconduct. By expanding outdoor study areas I hope to provide all students, particularly transfers and commuters, suitable access to study spaces. Lastly, I will support students in efficiently planning their financial futures. 


I’m Sam Seidel, and I look forward to being your next Financial Supports Commissioner.


Sam Seidel: Building a Better Future, One Solution at a Time. 

student wellness



  • California Disaster Healthcare Volunteer

    • At the start of the pandemic, I signed up to join the California Disaster Healthcare Volunteer program, and have been actively assisting with vaccine distribution in Santa Clara County. 

  • Santa Clara Medical Center Oncology Service Rounder

    • Prior to the pandemic, I volunteered as an Oncology Service Rounder. I generally helped MAs and nurses with helping patients get prepared and comfortable for their appointments. 

  • Learning By Giving Foundation

    • I collaborated with Doris Buffett’s Learning By Giving Foundation to evaluate local non-profits and distribute funds in order to combat food insecurity. 

    • Read more below.

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Brandon McClelland's statement:

Hi, I’m Brandon, a Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics undergrad. I’m running for Student Wellness Commissioner with Bruin Solutions.


In the past, I wouldn’t have been brave enough for politics, but the shortcomings of government during the coronavirus pandemic and growing anti-science sentiment has spurred me to get involved. I aim to implement practical and evidence based solutions in order to solve the problems that we face in an efficient manner, without requiring additional resources. 


I want to rebuild trust between USAC and the student body by increasing transparency and student involvement, along with by implementing effective policies that actually use your fees wisely. You can find these policies below, I will let them speak for themselves.

Qualifications Continued

USAC ISR Office - Special Committee to Foster Mental and Social Well-being

  • I worked to understand the role of digital technology in promoting well-being and to lay the foundational analysis to bring data-driven digital health applications to UCLA.

Science and Social Science Tutor

  • I currently run my own tutoring service, specializing in tutoring high school students for AP classes. My lessons for AP Biology, AP US History, and AP US Government and Politics are most popular. 



  • Co-Director, SWC Student Education and Research on Contemporary Health (SEARCH) 

  • I tripled the size of SEARCH, spearheaded health-focused events, led student-run research initiatives, including the Event Evaluation Program (EEP). EEP gave me in-depth knowledge about SWC committees. Having SWC leadership experience means I know how to implement changes I want.

  • Affordability Co-director, USAC Office of the President 

  • I worked on many initiatives including USAC budget breakdown, textbook affordability, the affordable housing guide, and demonstrated my ability to delegate and stay organized through coordinating with various USAC offices and administrators from organizations like ASUCLA and CAPS.

  • Read below for more.

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Kavya Juwadi's statement:

Hello everyone! My name is Kavya Juwadi, and I am running to be your next Student Wellness Commissioner. SWC has been one of the most rewarding parts of my college experience, and I hope to continue improving this impactful organization as commissioner. As a member of SWC executive leadership, I have first-hand knowledge about the reach of the 11 different committees, the associated projects, and the work that goes into it, which includes working with affiliates, advisory committees, and campus administrators. As co-director of SWC Student Education and Research on Contemporary Health (SEARCH), I was able to triple recruitment of SEARCH, introduce multiple new research initiatives, and expand the scope of the SWC Event Evaluation Program (EEP). With irreplaceable experience and commitment to teamwork within SWC, I will support the existing efforts of SWC committees, health-related and cultural organizations, and spearhead new campus-wide health initiatives.

My goal is to increase health and wellness awareness on campus and have more students and student groups utilize SWC’s resources to enrich their own programs. As a part of the SEARCH’s EEP, I have worked on examining committee specific data, which gives me a good understanding about the programming of the different SWC committees as well as student feedback about the different programs. With my experience in SWC, I am confident that I can lead the commission and successfully advocate for student wellbeing. 

Follow @KavyaforSWC on instagram and Kavya for SWC on facebook for more information!


Qualifications Continued

Scribe, Westminster Free Clinic 

  • While volunteering, I have interacted with patients from diverse backgrounds. Working with patients from underserved communities really showed me the effect of socioeconomic factors on health and wellness.

Intern, UCLA Center for Health Policy Research 

  • I used data to create health community profiles of underrepresented communities.This experience really showed me inequities in healthcare and encourages me to advocate for the health and wellness of my fellow Bruins.

Mental Health Coach, UCLA STAND (Screening and Treatment for Anxiety & Depression) Program 

  • I learned how to help guide students who are completing modules about anxiety, depression, and recommended interventions. This experience has taught me how to really empathize and actively listen to the concerns of others.

F888FB1E-FB22-420A-98F3-A23FEED04287 - T


  • Office of the President Bruin Emergency Relief Fund Co-Director (2020-Present)

  • Office of the President Presidential Appointments Co-Director (2020-Present)

  • Melanin & Medicine Women & Community Health Chair (2020-Present)

  • California Health Professional Student Alliance President (2019-Present)

  • Research: "Investigating the Experiences/Challenges of Diverse College Students during COVID-19” (2020)

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Tayloneei Jackson's statement:

Hi Bruins! My name is Tayloneei Jackson and I am running to be your next Student Wellness Commissioner.


From the moment I started my journey in health advocacy at fourteen, I’ve had the opportunity to work and lead in spaces that tackle student health and wellness from a variety of angles. These angles include interpersonal, communal, organizational, and policy. In all these spaces, I committed myself to unapologetically fighting for student health justice, especially for students from non-traditional, underrepresented, and marginalized backgrounds.


My identity as a low-income, first-generation college student and a Black woman in STEM confirmed that the personal is political. And my years of experience leading in multiple tiers of health advocacy confirmed that health is political. Our health and wellness are shaped by the ways our different identities are impacted, and at many times, harmed, by politics. I recognize that many communities have different health needs and priorities. That’s why our campaign is focused on listening and amplifying, transformative collaboration, and building community. I am prepared to be adaptive to
help meet the needs of different communities on campus.


Working to ensure that all students feel empowered in their health on campus will undoubtedly entail me being rigorous with Administration, collaborative with Council, and in community with the student body. I am ready to bring my years of experience to Council and I am qualified to ensure that student health is a priority as we transition to in-person instruction.

To learn more, visit



transfer student


Harmonie_Yacob - Harmonie Yacob (1).png


  • Umoja Peer Counselor and Student Instructor, January 2020 - June 2020 - In community college, I was a peer counselor within the Umoja program which consisted of transfer and school work guidance. As a student instructor in a counseling class, I was responsible for assignment guidance and study sessions. 

  •  Director of External Outreach, Legal Underground, Spring 2021 - Apart of a new club at UCLA and responsible for networking with legal professionals to help UCLA pre-law-minded students. 

  •  Co-founder of San Ramon Social Justice Collective, January 2021 - - Collective responsible for a county-wide mobile art project for racial equity and pressure with San Ramon city hall to recognize racial issues.

  • Read more below.

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Harmonie Yacob's statement:

​Hi, I’m Harmonie Yacob, a 3rd-year Political Science major running for Transfer Student Representative with Bruin Solutions! Being a first-year transfer student I know first hand how overlooked the transfer community is, by students and administration. Although transfer students do not make up a large portion of newly admitted students their experiences at UCLA are just as important. Because of our current global pandemic, this has halted the experience for a lot of transfers and will continue to do so next year. Advocacy for those overlooked is so important to me since I am an immigrant, adopted and a Black student and with me as your representative, I will make the transition to UCLA smoother for new transfers while being an advocate for current transfers. Each transfer student has about two years to get acclimated, pave a path for their future, and make their marks. My platforms of Transfer-to-Transfer, Accessibility, and Transfer Awareness will allow transfer students to feel truly at home. Administration and student organizations need to see our experience at UCLA as worthwhile and I will make sure of it. We worked tirelessly to be admitted so we deserve nothing less than the great college experience. 

Qualifications Continued

  • SHAPE Intern, Fall 2020 

    • - Interning at a LA continuation school to encourage black & brown students to gain an education and provide guidance to parenting students and formally incarcerated students. 

  • An organizer of Gun Control Protest & Black Lives Matter Protest in San Ramon, Spring 2018 and Summer 2020 respectively

IMG_4126 (1) - Herman Chavez.jpg


Transfer Student Representative: Director of Student Activities

  • Developed curriculum for Transfer Awareness Training based on pillars of dialogue and co-facilitation

  • Managed a staff of nine student staff, organizing outreach projects to student organizations, academic departments, and academic programs.

  • Worked closely with current TSR in USAC capacities, including by-law changes and commissioner collaborations


Transfer Student Center: Volunteer Program Coordinator 

  • Work closely with TSC and BRC administrative staff, including new TSC director

  • Maintains intimate knowledge of TSC’s inner workings, knowing how to coordinate the TSR position with the TSC

  • Developed a virtual volunteer program for transfer to engage in projects of accessibility and community

  • Read more below.

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Herman Luis Chavez's statement:

Hola Bruins! I’m Herman Luis Chavez (he/him/el), your Bruins Adelante Coalition candidate for Transfer Student Representative. As the queer son of Bolivian immigrants who has come of age across rural white United States, I’ve grown up experiencing cultural displacement throughout my entire academic, professional, and personal life. Transfer students experience a similar dissonance when coming to UCLA, and these issues have been enhanced in the wake of the pandemic. From transitioning to on-campus life to advocating for overlooked transfers, I will address institutional needs to ensure the 2021-2022 school year is as supportive as possible for the transfer community.


I joined USAC as the TSR’s Director of Student Activities this year to expand transfer inclusivity across our campus. In my role, I helped create new transfer appointments in leadership spaces, implement a new Transfer Awareness Training curriculum, present transfer allyship across USAC and campus spaces, and conduct outreach to an unprecedented number of student organizations. My experiences, knowledge, and ability to build relationships have created a foundation to run an effective office that remains accountable to students.


I’ve already been in the room with student leaders and with administrators making heavy transfer decisions, from the Transfer Student Center to the Academic Senate. I’ll take my advocacy to council as your Transfer Student Representative for all transfer students.


Join me as we fight for transfer students to have the integrative UCLA experience that they deserve. Visit and vote #Herman4TSR.

qualifications continued:

Academic Senate: Undergraduate Representative for Committee on Library and Scholarly Communications

  • Serve as one of three transfers currently on Academic Senate

  • Understand student appointments on Senate to use the TSR’s new appointment power next year responsibly and thoughtfully

  • Established relationships with AAC and other student leaders on academic issues


Herb Alpert School of Music: Anti-Racism Action Committee

  • Was the first undergraduate student to join the committee

  • Connected HASOM to AAP to inform students about receiving academic support

  • In the Culture of Academia sub-committee, participated in conversations about decolonizing the curriculum and voiced undergraduate needs in a faculty-majority space


Associated Students of Colorado State University: Associate Senator for the College of Liberal Arts

  • Served as the only senator representing the School of Music, advocating for their issues in student government

  • Participated in one of the most autonomous student governments in the country under a legislative, executive, and judicial model

International student




  • Latin Business Student Associatio: Oversaw UCLA chapter of 100+ members for the Latin Business Student Association, promoting the professional development of Hispanic/Latinx students in finance

  • TVBS Media, Inc:

    • ​Led fellow interns in developing a clear vision and business model for Taiwanese media giant TVBS’s new podcast app

    • Created and presented a bilingual pitchbook alongside project executives to the major investors and chairman of TVBS.

  • Read more below.

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Natalia Garcia Tang's statement:

Hi everyone, Hola a todos, 大家好, Hallo zusammen. 

I am a second-year Economics major and German minor originally from Taiwan and Spain running for International Student Representative with Bruin Solutions.


Like many international students, I came to the States for the first time during my freshman year of college. While no experience is the same, there are many recurrent challenges we face as international students, whether it’s spending holiday breaks away from family for the first time or feeling unsupported during the coronavirus as uncertainties persist.


International students are an important part of the Bruin community. Representing 84 nationalities, our diverse backgrounds and experiences add value to the Bruin community at large. If elected, my office will work to amplify the voices of international students in USAC, establish durable bonds between domestic and international students to build a strong network, advocate for international students who cannot return to campus, and facilitate the transition process of new international students on campus, whether they are freshmen, sophomores, or transfers. Furthermore, in light of the many recent hate crimes against Asians, I will work with student identity groups to identify how USAC and my office specifically can use our funds and platform to ensure that all students feel safe on campus, including international students from Asia and many other parts of the world who experience racism.

Qualifications continued

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority

  • Elected to develop and manage a $1 million annual budget for the 150+ member chapter along with the VP of Finance

  • Revamped the Alpha Chi Omega website for the UCLA Alpha Psi Chapter, to include diversity acknowledgment, educational resources, and statistics to achieve further transparency


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance