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we've built profiles for all the candidates running in this year's USAC election, so you have the information that you need to make an educated decision because #yourvoiceyourvote matters.


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Armaan Singh's statement:

It’s time to unlock the potential of student government. 


As a psychobiology major with a knowledge of the plights faced by both North and South Campus majors. I will be able to implement tangible changes that help everyone on campus. 


As your next student government President, we will work to:


1. Save students money by fiercely advocating UC Regents for tuition and fee reductions, creating student discount programs with Westwood businesses, reducing UCSHIP copays, establishing a campus wide textbook exchange program, expanding free printing services on campus, creating a tech grant, lowering parking costs on campus, compelling dining halls and ASUCLA restaurants to accept food stamps, prioritizing financial responsibility in ASUCLA board appointments, increasing the meal swipe value on campus, and financially auditing all current student fees.


2. Save students time by making sure all classes are recorded permanently, expanding the BruinBus program, working with landlords to make Westwood leasing policies to be more student friendly, unifying all funding applications for student organizations, and more. 


3. Make USAC accessible by integrating USAC with myUCLA message center, updating USAC’s website, and actively engaging the student body in the decision making process. 

We need practical, pragmatic solutions to the everyday problems students face. We need leaders who will work with administration to make sure student voices are represented. Now more than ever.


My name is Armaan Singh. With a problem-solving mindset, my goals will be concrete and focused, yet flexible enough to accommodate ever-changing circumstances.


Vote Vision, Vote Leadership, Vote Armaan. 

Rutik Shinglot statement:

My name is Rutik Shinglot (call me Teek!), I use he/him pronouns, and I am running for USAC President. As students return to campus in the Fall, it is essential for USAC, with the highest student fees in the country and an annual budget close to $9 million, to ensure student voices are incorporated in every major decision they make. In my years of working in USAC, one of the questions I’m always asked is: “What does USAC even do?” I’ve created a campaign around answering that exact question. USAC has the responsibility to Allocate resources equitably, especially when we’ll have groups of students next year who have never stepped on campus. I’m dedicated to establishing a team responsible for listening to the unique needs of these students as we enter a post-pandemic era to address issues like expanding wifi access in buildings like Boelter Hall, putting bathrooms in parking lots for commuting students, and the absurdly high costs for printing. I believe USAC must Amplify student voices by highlighting their stories in our advocacy. Living in Westwood is expensive. Expanding the awareness of the housing resources students have available to them is paramount in ensuring their right to live where they go to school is both affordable and accessible. Finally, USAC must Advance a culture of trust and collaboration with students. I’m committed to bringing more student organizations to the table at the council meetings that represent the diverse identities of every Bruin.

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Breeze Velazquez statement:

Hello Bruins! My name is Breeze Velazquez and I’m your For The People candidate for USAC President. 

I grew up in a single-parent household with four siblings whose love and support constantly ground me as I navigate higher education as a first-generation student. They instilled in me the strength and confidence to serve as your Academic Affairs Commissioner, where I collaborated with campus communities to uplift unheard student voices. With the necessary experience and knowledge to bring about positive change at UCLA, I hope to continue these efforts as President. 

As your President, I will: 

  1. Launch a comprehensive Student Advocate Board and a Student Leaders of Tomorrow Fellowship to ensure equitable access to information, rights, and resources 

  2. Facilitate administrator-student discussions to increase transparency of university resources 

  3. Ease pandemic-induced financial burdens by reducing bus pass costs and creating a Student Small Business Marketplace and Business Administration Minor to support students’ entrepreneurial efforts 

  4. Create an Olympics Student Agitation Committee to address impending cost-of-living crises from the 2028 Olympics and collaborate with campus police abolition organizers to support divestment from UCPD 

As we recover from several crises that exacerbated campus inequities, Bruins deserve a leader who recognizes the power of community. I am that leader because I know that the passionate, driven, diverse student leaders at the forefront of my Commission were essential to our accomplishments. After a year that left no Bruin unscathed, I hope to support our healing, rebuild our strength, and uplift our growth as your next President.

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Moises Hernandez platforms:

Hello Bruins, my name is Moises Hernandez I am a first-year transfer, low-income, and first-generation student. Although my time at UCLA has been short I have learned a few things. The community is unlike any other I have been part of. Our community is united, dedicated, and composed of innovators. Across the spectrum there are students that help each other succeed. There is always unity amongst students. Furthermore, UCLA students are dedicated, we are always striving for success and never settle for less. Amidst all challenges, students rise above and continue to outperform themselves. Bruins are innovators, we are problem solvers, we are the leaders of today. Although people may say I am under-qualified for the position I can assure you that at first glance this is true. However, I am conscious that I am not perfect for this role, but no person is. On the other hand, I will adapt and overcome all challenges. In my short time at UCLA I have managed to adapt quickly to the environment. I am comfortable being uncomfortable. I am Moises Hernandez, a student, a Bruin, a person pursuing the betterment of the world. 

Visit my Instagram: @yourmastermoises for more information!


Bakur Madini's statement:

Hi again (for returning students) and welcome (class of 2024)! My name is Bakur Madini, your current International  Student Representative (ISR) on USAC. I started as a physics major but I am switching to do both math/econ and political science (Trying to get a taste of both North and South  Campuses). Throughout the last year I had the pleasure of representing my community,  international undergraduates, and did my best to make this unprecedented year less worse. However, there are many issues to fix at UCLA and USAC that exceeds the international community such as but not limited to student-fee and budget transparency, housing availability and affordability post-pandemic, sustainability, USAC accountability and structure, assisting class of 2024 including transfers when they hopefully first come to campus next year, and much more.


Thus, I wish to use my previous  experience and institutional knowledge as your ISR to tackle these wide reaching issues through the Office of Internal Vice President. If you are following the news about a possible  constitutional amendment (I hope by the time your read this it succeeds to be on the ballot,  if not then that would one of my priorities in office) that would make the Judicial Board and  Election Board more independent from USAC among other changes that I am presenting  alongside a very enthusiastic group. My end goal is to improve USAC governance and  switch it to a more equatable and representative senate system similar to the other UCs.


Help me do so! 

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emily hong van luong's platforms:

  1. To address widespread labor violations faced by student workers, I will hold bi-monthly know-your-rights trainings for student workers and create a training module for all on-campus managers about wage-and-hour law and protected concerted activity.

  2. To help fight housing insecurity and ease the rent burden, I will establish rent-subsidization grants and reinvest the funds raised from the annual Off-Campus Living Fair into an emergency fund for students in need.

  3. To equip student leaders with the knowledge, skills, and relationships to advocate for themselves and their communities, I will hold trainings and teach-ins about UCLA logistics and resources, power-mapping, and networking, as well as arrange for increased access to key administrative figures.

  4. To re-imagine how we think about safety and build a community that operates on the key principles of transformative justice, I will spearhead town halls and workshops about strategies to reduce and address harm within our own community, as well as host community healing spaces to address oppression, trauma, and violence.


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aidan arasasingham's platforms:

  1. In Our University: Democratize lobbying, funding, and training to support student group advocacy, formalize a community board to build EVP accountability to student communities, work to implement ASUCLA CalFresh access and benefit enrollment on-campus, and expand BruinsVote’s focus on historically disenfranchised voting groups.

  2. In Our Region: Build on efforts to increase affordable housing and student shelter in Westwood, target untapped county dollars for basic needs, mental health, and transit access, center police and district attorney accountability, and expand lobbying access by bringing lawmakers directly to students on campus.

  3. In Our State: Fight for UC affirmative action through ACA 5 (the repeal of Prop. 209), advocate for long-term financial support for student workers impacted by Covid-19, push for stronger UC ethical and sustainable labor standards, and agitate for college affordability, tuition stabilization, and financial aid reform.

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carl illustrisimo's platforms:

  1. Basic Needs Advocacy: Foster empirical research on the living conditions of students to address tuition hikes, support spaces that address food insecurity, advocate for an overhaul of the ECRT system and the creation of a UC-Wide Financial/Disaster response framework, and connect tenants across the UC to their local tenant's unions.

  2. Reinvest in Students: Advocate for divesting in war profiteering, environmental destruction, and the privatization of the public university; so that billions can be reinvested directly to the benefit of students and the constituents of the UC.

  3. Institutional Leverage for Organizing Spaces: Connect organizing spaces directly to UCSA and UCLA Student Lobbying to work with existing organizer actions and campaigns;  lay the framework of a UC-Wide Organizer Developing and Funding program while fighting for the continuation of BEST.

  4. Labor: We will center union work and worker-led movements by fostering student-worker solidarity, working directly on labor campaigns to lobby for their demands, and mobilize students to actions and spaces.


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andrea robinson's platforms:

  1. Access USAC: Further develop student accessibility to USAC with freshman forward-focused initiatives and hosting introductions and informative sessions with freshmen.

  2. Understand USAC: Updating the USAC website to be clearly organized and comprehensive, and integrating USAC into UCLA online, in person, and off-campus resources.

  3. Change USAC: Modify USAC bylaws to allow for clarification, continuity, transparency and accountability.


  1. CPO Intern, Community Programs Office, 2019-2020

  2. AAC Intern, Academic Affairs Commission, 2020 

  3. FSC Intern, Financial Supports Commission, 2020

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atharva kulkarni's platforms:

  1. Accessibility to Education: I aim to expand BruinCast, producing lecture series for courses that are accessible to students and work with CAE and other campus organizations to improve their note-taking systems and mechanisms for increased educational accessibility.

  2. Accessibility to Administration: I want to put more students in direct contact with the administration through office hour expansions, increasing USAC transparency and outreach, and having administration-led fiat lux courses. 

  3. Accessibility to Opportunities: I hope to generate more research opportunities by expanding the use of the undergraduate research portal and creating research recruitment events that will allow professors to directly engage with students hoping to participate in research.

qualifications (partial list):

  1. Community Coordinator, Students Offering Support, 2018-2019

  2. Researcher Assistant, University of Calgary Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, 2017-2020

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clare glavin's platforms:

  1. Title IX and Sexual Assault Prevention Reform: Under this platform, I will implement Callisto, which is secure platform for survivors to timestamp their testimonies without actually reporting the assault, in order to ease the reporting process and increase reporting as well as implement discussion-based sexual assault prevention workshops for all Greek councils and all of Residential Life. 

  2. Tuition Transparency and Financial Resources: I will create a transparency report of both what your USAC fee is specifically funding as well as where the nonresident supplemental tuition fee goes (it’s $30,000 per year per nonresident student); in addition, I will make all scholarship opportunities- especially nonresident ones- more publicized and accessible.

  3. Reproductive Health Rights: My office will ensure that menstrual products are available in bathrooms on campus and on the Hill, advocate for affordable birth control on campus, and make sure that the student body is informed and educated once the abortion pill is available on campus in January 2021.

elijah wade's platforms:

  1. Fight for Low-Income Students: Implement programs that empower low-income students by giving them an equal opportunity to succeed. Advocate for Hardship counselors that have the discretion to provide academic accommodations similar to CAE to support students that are going through hardships that may not be due to medical conditions and encompasses all basic needs.

  2. Tear Down the Barrier: Establish a series of mandatory outreach initiatives to eliminate barriers between USAC and the student body through advocating and facilitating a series of workshops hosted by each USAC office in order to inform students on each office’s work. Encourage the use of available technology in order to generate more student input.

  3. Provide Increased Transparency: Work with CAE and other campus departments to ensure student voices are heard, and students’ accommodations are fulfilled by creating a program of transparency that allows students to report unfulfilled accommodations, holding departments accountable to delivering these accommodations.

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jong hyeon lee's platforms:

  1. Plans to evacuate through the Westwood train station (yes, it exists).

  2. A disaster relief savings fund from USAC’s yearly surplus.

  3. Improvements to the MyUCLA interface and enrollment process.

  4. A *comprehensive* event calendar.

  5. A budget analysis of hundreds of pages of USAC expenditures [IN PROGRESS].


  1. Brought back LAXbus, with administration, 2019-2020

  2. Boelter Hall signage, with facilities, 2020

  3. Elevator simulations, Office of General representative II, 2020

  4. Cabinet Member, Office of General representative II, 2020

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justin rodriguez's platforms:

  1. To uplift the voice of student-workers, whose concerns have often been silenced, I will collaborate with the Student Labor Advocacy Project to create a body of student workers with the institutional authority to voice their thoughts directly to administration.

  2. To better understand conditions and experiences of student-workers here at UCLA, I will create a team of student-researchers to gather data and testimonies to then be shared with students.

  3. To improve CAPS services for students, I want to continue the work of General Representative 1 to petition administration for increased funding, counselors, and attention to the specific needs of marginalized students.

qualifications (partial list):

  1. Core Organizer, Student Labor Advocacy Project, 2019-2020

  2. Student Wellness Commission Appointment, Campus Retention Committee, 2019-2020

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sam haddad's platforms:

  1. Know Your Voice: Our team will advocate for all students, not just for the internal interests of USAC, by expanding public comment at USAC council meetings, providing simplified financial statements, and mandating that every USAC vote be public information. 

  2. Know Your Rights: Survivors are currently not entitled to the reproductive justice that they deserve at UCLA, which we will fight for by mandating that rape test kits and forensic services are provided to survivors at our on-campus health facilities and creating space for male-identifying and LGBTQ+ survivors at facilities that provide sexual assault resources. 

  3. Know Your Campus: Our team will improve UCLA’s fragmented and inaccessible technological infrastructure by establishing a universal calendar of campus events and modernizing the current campus organization information page.

qualifications (partial list):

  1. Coordinator, Bruin Ambassadors Program, 2019 – 2020

  2. Committee Member, Public Affairs Major Events Committee, 2019 – 2020

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viktor chanchykov's platforms:

  1. Work closely with students to solve campus-wide issues and enhance the student experience at UCLA.

  2. Work with UCLA leadership to decrease the ever growing textbook prices. 

  3. Push for the reform of the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at UCLA.

  4. Enhance the voices of students and organizations in the Undergraduate Student Association Council's decision making.

  5. Promote transparency between the Undergraduate Student Association Council and the students at UCLA.

qualifications (partial list):

  1. Community Representative, UCLA Residential Life, 2019

  2. Outreach Representative, UCLA Residential Life, 2019-2020

  3. Media Intern, CALPIRG Students, 2019

  4. Media Volunteer, CALPIRG Students, 2019-2020


academic affairS


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breeze velazquez's platforms:

  1. Bruins for Access and Equity: I will create a more accessible UCLA campus whose demographics reflect the diversity of the current population, by continuing the fight for the removal of the SAT and addressing the summer experience gap of first-generation/transfer/students of color.

  2. Retention First: Retention First will ensure that all UCLA students, regardless of background, have the opportunity to thrive through expanding the Books for Bruins program, extending Night Powell hours, adding laptop rentals and extension cords in late-night study spaces on the Hill, and advocating for the expansion of study lists to be posted prior to student enrollment.

  3. Sanctuary Campus: I hope to make UCLA a Sanctuary Campus in which students from marginalized communities can feel safe in the environment in which they call home, specifically through hosting healing space events for mental health in collaboration with different communities on campus.

  4. Transparency and Accountability: encouraging Bruins to connect with their academic senators and crisis response team, clarifying messages sent from administration, and informing the student body about pressing matters regarding the university and UC system

Campus events



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alice naland's platforms:

  1. Increased diversity in programming.

  2. More frequent large-scale concerts.

  3. Focus more on student suggestions.

  4. Increased co-programming with niche organizations. 


  • Media Production Staffer, Campus Events Commission, 2018-present

  • Content Director, Pangea, 2020-present

  • Media Staff, Music Industry Committee, 2018-present

  • Concert Photographer, Capital Sound DC, 2019-present

  • Staff Photographer, Daily Bruin, 2018-2020

  • Production Assistant, UCLA Graduate Film School, 2017-2019

  • Video Production Intern, Birds Nest Productions, 2018




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jonathan wisner's platforms:

  1. Pushing for a comprehensive program that covers all service organizations with general liability insurance.

  2. Working to use CSC resources and administrative ties to tackle the issue of transportation in service, focusing on cost and accessibility.

  3. Making CSC the hub for all service-minded students and a more accessible knowledge and resource center.

  4. Advocating for structural change to the Volunteer Center to make the Center a locus of institutional support for all UCLA volunteers and service organizations.

  5. Urging the Community Activities Committee to increase the funding cap on their annual application, allowing service organizations to increase their capacity.

qualifications (partial list):

  1. Community Service Commissioner, Undergraduate Students Association, 2019-2020

  2. Finance Committee, Community Service Commission, 2018-2019




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promise ogunleye's platforms:

  1. Institute a Healing Space, using the resources of the art gallery to establish healing and wellness circles to uplift the marginalized during especially trying times.

  2. Increase Activist Support,  highlighting the activism in art activism and working and giving aid and space to more activist groups on campus.

  3. Support the implementation of the Black Resource Center in all Capacities. 

  4. Broadening ARC Guidelines, to expand the groups who may apply for funding.


  • Intern, Cultural Affairs Commission, 2018-2019

  • Chief of Staff, Cultural Affairs Commission, 2019-2020

  • Afrikan Student Union, 2018-2020

  • Nigerian Student Association, 2018-2020




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draco tong's platforms:

  1. Renewable Energy: To move towards carbon neutrality, I will seek to implement solar panels and other alternative sources of energy on campus.

  2. Wi-Fi Service: We should eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones by installing more access points outdoors, deep inside buildings, and in high-traffic locations.

  3. Elevator Repairs: Elevators on campus are broken and irregularly maintained; a consistent maintenance schedule would minimize their downtime.

  4. Waste Reduction: We can accomplish university waste reduction targets without making trash bins impossible to find.

  5. Other Topics: Bring me your concerns and I will be happy to address them!


  • Researcher, Sustainable LA Grand Challenges, 2019-2020

  • Cabinet, USAC Office of General Representative 2, 2019-2020

  • Community Representative, Resident Government Council, 2018-2020

  • Paid researcher, Tufts Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2018

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sachi cooper's platforms:

  1. Sustainability: Defying pre-existing notions of sustainability to include the needs of all campus communities through funding expansions and more.

  2. Accessibility: Ensuring that the campus goes above and beyond in supporting students with disabilities both infrastructurally and culturally.

  3. Creating Space: Revitalizing existing space and reforming space allocation practices to better serve student needs.

  4. Holding Administrators Accountable: Pressuring administration to reject the status quo and make visible efforts for change.

  5. Infrastructure: Increasing the effectiveness, affordability, and scope of lighting, transportation, and facilities on campus and in the greater Westwood community.

qualifications (partial list):

  • Metamap Project Director, USAC Facilities Commission, 2019-2020

  • Blank Space Committee, USAC Facilities Commission, 2019-2020

  • UC Affordability Director, USAC Financial Supports Commission, 2019-2020




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noe garcia's platforms:

  1. Consolidate: resources for students of low socioeconomic status into an on-campus and virtual center for students to more easily and reliably access.

  2. Advocate: to UCLA administration for increased financial security among students after the COVID-19 pandemic through UCLA job portals, stimulation packages, and providing education on financial wellness.

  3. Reduce: additional academic costs, including placement exams and class-specific insurance fees such as course material lab expenses.

  4. Expand: and continue the Bruin Card Fee Waiver program, Lab Coat and Goggles Rental Program, and iClicker Loaner Library.

qualifications (partial list):

  • Assistant Commissioner, USAC Financial Supports Commission, 2019 - Present

  • Our Safety Advisor, USAC Office of the President, 2018 - 2019

  • Intern, Office of Assemblymember Rudy Salas, 2019

  • Bruin Ambassador, UCLA Undergraduate Admissions, 2019 - Present


student wellness


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christina read's platforms:

  1. Institutionalizing SWC’s menstrual hygiene initiative at the administrative level by finishing the work of past commissioners and installing menstrual hygiene dispensers in academic buildings.

  2. Expanding access to affordable nutritious food by offering larger-scale Food for Finals events on campus and strengthening connections to local farmer’s markets through existing campus organizations. 

  3. Working with SWC’s Bruin Consent Coalition and CARE to create a comprehensive guide to the Title IX investigative process and prioritizing the spread of trauma-informed practices in various campus programming.

  4. Tailoring programming and health resources to non-traditional campus communities with unique and historically overlooked health needs, such as those within the Bruin Resource Center.

qualifications (partial list):

  • Volunteer Director, Student Wellness Commission Executive Board, 2019-20

  • Research Director, SWC Health Nutrition, and Fitness, 2019-20


transfer student


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deven streeton's platforms:

  1. Turn transfer orientation into a two day event  in order to create a more memorable Bruin experience.

  2. Have transfer students working as New Student Advisors at Transfer Orientation.

  3. The transfer page on the UCLA website will contain a comprehensive calendar of events, and list of resources.

  4. I will create an opt-in email list for transfer and commuter students to stay updated on all on-campus events.


  • Assistant Camp Director, Camp Bravo, 2017-2020

  • Public Relations/Vice President, Thespian (theater) Club, 2013-2016

  • Transfer Student, UCLA, 2019-present

  • Former Commuter, UCLA, 2019

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zuleika bravo's platforms:

  1. Changing the Culture: Working with departments, programs, and student organizations to increase and institutionalize transfer receptive practices that aim at transfer representation and inclusion to change the culture at UCLA. 

  2. Summer Bridge Program: Transitioning to UCLA can be discouraging, especially with the limited time transfers have, which is why I am planning to implement a summer bridge program to connect transfers with student organizations, research opportunities, and ways to get involved early on to successfully onboard them into the quarter system.

  3. Reform UCOP: Revisit UCOP financial and housing policies to increase financial support for transfer students who live off-campus and in family housing by collaborating with the Financial Aid and Scholarships office and UCOP through the implementation of annual student evaluations to reassess their financial needs and improve financial aid packages.

  4. Intersectional Representation in Office: To assess and address the needs of underserved and underrepresented communities, the office will outreach and hire directors who represent all aspects of the transfer community such as students who are non-traditional, commuters, system impacted, formerly incarcerated, veterans, and parents. 


International student


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bakur madini's platforms:

  1. Increasing the interaction between international and US students through pairing and cultural exchange event.

  2. Highlighting the diverse minorities of International students through sponsored cultural events and campaigns.

  3. User interface improvement of the Dashew Center online services and CCLE.

  4. Work with UCLA Dining Services to increase the diversity of the food provided to students in line with our vibrant international student community.

  5. Work with UCLA admissions on encouraging more bright international students to apply to UCLA, especially those who come from disadvantaged or underrepresented countries.

qualifications (partial list):

  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Office of General Representative II of the Undergraduate Student Association Council, 2020

  • Signatory, Saudi Student Club at UCLA, 2020

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nadine xerxes avari's platforms:

  1. Mask-Off: Dispelling misconceptions and generalizations through nuanced programming aimed at reframing perceptions of international students

  2. Global Voices, Local Action: Increasing administration accessibility and institutional support to address the diverse needs of different international student communities

  3. Educate and Empower: Working with campus entities to further enhance programmatic and technical support for students on an F-1 or J-1 visa.


  • Director of Outreach and Public Relations, USAC Gen Rep 1 Office, 2018-2019

  • Director of Political Affairs and Operations, Pakistani Students Association, 2018-2020

  • Director of Communications and Policy, International Student Office, 2019-2020

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nox yang's platforms:

  1. Create a Space to Feel Belonged: Advocate for the establishment of a MULTICULTURAL CENTER in the residential area to celebrate diverse cultures, encourage open conversations, and host events that help students academically, professionally, socially, and culturally.

  2. Create a Space to Empower: Connect with campus resources and build a RESOURCE DATABASE, distribute information to help students explore campus resources

  3. Create a Space to Speak Up: Build an ONLINE PLATFORM that invites students from different cultural backgrounds to share personal stories, humanizing individuals and fighting against ignorance

  4. Create a Space to be Heard: Develop ADVOCACY TRAININGS specific to international students, create opportunities for more students to engage and advocate for our community, and increase representation both on campus and at the UC level.

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