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we've built profiles for all the candidates running in this year's USAC election, so you have the information that you need to make an educated decision, because voting matters.

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Moises Hernandez's statement:

Hey Bruins! My name is Moises Hernandez and I am running for equitable education for all students. As a first-generation, low-income, Latino transfer student I understand many adversities Bruins are facing at UCLA. I see a need for change in this institution. Too many students are struggling in areas such as accessibility to resources, financial burdens, and overall

academic restraints. Furthermore, I want to see a positive change in the Bruin community. I have personally struggled to transition from community college to UCLA and I know that if we all work together, we can create a positive impact on the community. Therefore, I am working for equitable education for all students. I am willing to work alongside others, empower others, and most importantly be a proactive leader in our community. I invite you all to be part of this transformation for an Equitable Education. Visit my Instagram for more info on my campaign @motivatedmoises #MotivatedForEquity


● I was the student body President at Imperial Valley College, this gave me the skills and experience to serve students and know how to work alongside administrators

● I worked with students and administrators to expand the student center, the library, the disabled students union, and homes for students (over 2 million in funding).

● At UCLA I am part of IVSOl, Latinx Greek Council, and CCCP. In which I help to build and foster a community for students.

Angelina Quint's statement:

My name is Angelina Quint (she/her) and I’m running for President with the Students Organizing Active Resistance slate. As a first-generation, low-income woman of Asian and Indigenous heritage, I have faced many academic obstacles due to food and housing insecurity. My experiences have shown me that in order for institutions to serve marginalized students, they must be pushed by students to provide support for the university’s most underserved communities.


Serving as the Academic Affairs Commissioner and a Resident Assistant, I’ve seen the impact of advocacy in removing barriers to institutional knowledge, resources, and the support necessary to reclaim student power and navigate the current campus climate. I’m running for President because I aspire to make UCLA accessible and equitable to those that the university was not built for. 


As President, I will: 

  • Support student advocacy by extending resources and direct access to administration in order to hold the institution accountable and ensure the demands from the Murphy Hall sit-in are realized

  • Ensure university housing and dining are available daily for Bruins who rely on UCLA to access their basic needs 

  • Advocate for universal access principles across campus and support the creation of an access and retention program for disabled students


My goal is to transform UCLA so that future generations are not met with the same structural barriers that students have historically endured in order to achieve success and agency at this university. As your President, I will work to ensure that UCLA protects, uplifts, and empowers all Bruins.


  • As Academic Affairs Commissioner (2021-Present), I’ve bridged educational disparities by advocating for academic accommodations and leniency for students, distributing 400+ academic scholarships and funding to students and organizations, providing resources and workshops to support the retention of underserved communities, and advocating for the expansion of accessible and safe learning spaces.

  • As an Academic Senator: Undergraduate Council, Executive Board, and Committee on Teaching (2020-Present), I’ve extended P/NP and drop deadlines, promoted academic leniency, reimagined Senate to center student experiences, and advocated alongside the DSU to reverse the Priority Enrollment decision that negatively affected enrollment access for disabled students.

  • As a Resident Assistant (2021-Present), I’ve fostered an inclusive and welcoming living community by responding to student needs, mentoring residents on navigating UCLA, providing holistic support to students through campus resources, creating programming centered on student needs, and empowering residents to self-advocate and take agency over their UCLA experience.

  • As an Undergraduate Representative on the UCLA Committee on Disability (2020-2021), I’ve advocated for greater inclusivity and accessibility for students with disabilities, supported MetaMap’s mission of virtually mapping campus, pushed for a safe return to campus, and advocated alongside FAC and DSU for mandatory closed captioning on Zoom lectures.

  • As a Peer Health Educator for Student Health Education and Promotion (SHEP) at the Ashe Center (2020-2021), I promoted health and wellness by partnering with campus organizations like CAE and CAPS to develop programming on topics including food/housing insecurity, mental health, body image, alcohol/drug harm reduction, and communication.

Angelina Quint Headshot_edited.jpg

Carl King Jr.'s statement:

Hey Bruins! My name is Carl King Jr., and I'm running for USAC President. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, I moved to LA two years ago to major in Business Economics at UCLA. As a Black, low-income, first-generation, transfer, out-of-state, and veteran student, I understand what it means to work hard and overcome challenges—something I think we can all admit we have experienced over the last two years. The realization that in a time of hardship, our campus needs an experienced leader encouraged me to run for General Representative last year, where I had the honor of serving the student body. During my time as General Representative, I was able to fulfill my election promises by creating the Financial Literacy Program, ensuring a smooth transition back to campus by communicating your needs and grievances to the administration, and also securing funding for student-led initiatives. This year, I plan to continue working to better the lives of UCLA students if elected, as I care deeply about Bruins. I know how important it is to create tangible change on our campus, and I know that I am the right leader to foster a campus environment of inclusion for all Bruins. A vote for me is a vote for Community Unity, Affordability, Revitalization of Campus Mental Health, Equitable Learning, and Social Engagement. Visit my Instagram page @KingforUSAC to follow this campaign and remember Carl CARES! #KingforUSAC #CarlCARES


Current USAC General Representative #3

● I currently serve as one of 15 elected student officers, representing 31,000+ UCLA

undergraduate students through local, national, and campus policies. I executed campaign

promises on four main priorities: affordable mental health access, a smooth transition

back to in-person learning, financial literacy, and campus maintenance.

Humanitarian Award Recipient

● During my time serving as a U.S. Marine, I traveled to over six countries in the

Indo-Asia Pacific and was awarded for my humanitarian service. Having the

opportunity to help children and the elderly in these countries allowed me to become

a compassionate and empathetic leader.


Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity/ World Vision 4 R.E.A.L

● I was an active volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. While volunteering, I participated in building affordable housing for low income families. I was also selected as the President of the World Vision organization, (4 R.EA.L).


Member of Bruin Students of Color Delegation

● I was selected to the Bruin Students of Color Delegation where I was active in

addressing issues that Students of Color face on campus. I worked to establish concrete solutions for the real problems affecting students within the University of California



My-Lan Le's statement:

Hello everyone! My name is My-Lan Le and I am running to be your Internal Vice President next year! As a Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology and Political Science double major, I am confident that I can relate to the struggles of both north and south campus, considering various perspectives when creating initiatives to serve the entire student body. The Office of the Internal Vice President especially holds a special place in my heart since it has been a large part of my life since my first year at UCLA. My first year, I served on three committees where I was able to participate in various initiatives including promoting  transformative justice on campus, outreaching to over 100+ student organizations and planning various institutionalized events. My second year, I served as the Institutionalized Events director where I led the planning of events such as the Off-Campus Living Fair, Finals De-Stress Events and more! With these experiences, I believe that I am well equipped to run an office as crucial as the IVP. I unequivocally believe in putting the people over politics to create truly effective changes. I want to help students become more connected to USAC, student organizations and each other through my time in office, taking into account all perspectives to make our community a more accessible and inclusive space. Together, we will ensure that students and student organizations have an avenue to directly influence changes that affect us as a student body. For more information, visit @mylan4ivp on Instagram!


Office of the Internal Vice President, Institutionalized Events Director

● Hosted Movies with the IVP, 4 Final Exam De-Stress Events and Food Trucks for Finals

● Collaborated with ASUCLA and Westwood landowners to host the ASUCLA T-shirt

Contest and Off-Campus Living Fair

● Co-managed a team of 4 staff members

Roosevelt Network at UCLA, Internal Director of Fellowship

● Co-authored policy memo on healthcare access for COVID-19 to be published in our journal

● Planned meeting agendas and created powerpoints for weekly meetings

● Planned icebreakers, retreats, socials and other events

Southeast Asian Students for Organizing (SEASON), Programming Coordinator

● Aided in outreaching to 50+ organizations and individuals for participation in the event

● Helped organize panel of 5 Southeast Asian organizers and 8 workshops for the conference

HOPE Clinic for Women, Events Volunteer

● Worked with staff to host fundraisers and women’s health awareness events

● Advocated for women’s health and healthcare accessibility

● Provided families with necessary resources such as childcare necessities

Nashville International Center for Empowerment, English Teacher

● Collaborated with teachers and volunteers to instruct refugees and immigrants in their pursuit of the English Language every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am to 11am.

● Mentored and tutored children of Nashville immigrants to help them navigate through the barriers posed to them

Royce Picture.JPG

Jeffry Umaña Muñoz's statement:

My name is Jeffry Umaña Muñoz (he/him) and I am running for Internal Vice President with the Students Organizing Active Resistance slate. Being Salvadoran, low-income, and undocumented, I face a system built to oppress and erase my existence and community.

My work in the Mother Organizations and USAC has shown me that when students organize together, we can reclaim the institution to be an equitable educational resource for all students, especially those that have been historically oppressed. The time has come for USAC to invest in empowering student leaders across campus to push the University forward and uplift marginalized communities.

As IVP, I will:

  • Expand and institutionalize Latinx student input into UCLA’s Hispanic-Serving Institution efforts

  • Offer direct support to student organizations by redefining their relationship to USAC through an expansion of USAC-sponsored resources, such as funding bodies and institutionalized power 

  • Challenge the way UCLA approaches campus safety by increasing aid to undocumented students and divesting from UCPD and investing in community care resources

We are at a crossroads— UCLA must address the structural issues faced by marginalized communities on campus to uphold its role as a leading public institution. I am running for Internal Vice President to expand student autonomy at UCLA and materially support student-led interests. As your Internal Vice President, I will use USAC’s  institutional leverage to holistically support the student experience and direct attention and resources to the student leaders at the forefront of our University.


  1. As the Student-Initiated Outreach Committee Chairperson, I have overseen the allocation of student fees to fund the operations of the Student-Initiated Outreach Center and its 7 university access and outreach projects for underrepresented communities. I have advocated for an end to administrative overstepping and negligence over student-initiated, student-run spaces.

  2. As the MEChA Xinachtli Access Coordinator, I have helped prepare the project to continue a decades-long program of higher education and postsecondary career preparation services to LA-area Latinx students and to advocate on a University-level for the access/outreach needs of these students. 

  3. As a member of the MEChA de UCLA Mesa Directiva, I have built community and provided support for Latinx students by pushing the organization to reconcile with its flaws and engaging in coalition-building with other Latinx student organizations to support Latinx unity, especially in face of administration’s HSI petition. 

  4. As IDEAS’ Internal Representative, I have worked to ensure undocumented students are prioritized across UCLA spaces by leading collaborations with USAC, student organizations and coalitions, and campus departments/entities to advocate for relief for all undocumented students. This has prepared me to bring this fight to the Council table.

  5. As a Senator to the Academic Senate’s Undergraduate Council, I have advocated for students consistently, including to extend academic accommodations and other policies during the COVID-19 Pandemic and to push Senate Leadership to strengthen the legitimacy and efficacy of Student Senators.  



Divine-Faith Johnson's statement:

Hello UCLA Family! My name is Divine-Faith Johnson (she/her) and I am running to be your next External Vice President. As a third year political science major, I am passionate about policy and uplifting student voices in lobbying spaces. Being a Black woman in leadership, I have personally witnessed the power of representation in bringing about meaningful change. I have 8+ years of experience as a leader within advocacy spaces. One of my greatest accomplishments was successfully pushing my City Council to build 100 free housing units for houseless elderly in my community. As a Congressional intern, I’ve worked closely with my Congresswoman, State Assemblymember and Mayor to advocate for student centered issues, racial justice and accessible education. At UCLA, I have served as a Director and Chief of Staff for the External Vice President’s Office, Vice Chair of the UC Student Association, Senior Policy Intern for the UCLA Government Community Relations, and member of the Community Health and Homelessness Subcommittee for the North Westwood Neighborhood Council. In these roles, I lobbied local, state and federal representatives on behalf of UCLA students and planned events such as a district attorney town hall. I have also written multiple policy proposals, including one focused on creating free housing for low-income UCLA students. I plan on using my extensive connections, experience, and knowledge to ensure that the student body is effectively advocated for at all levels of government. My core platforms are:

● Safety

● Affordability

● Accessibility

● Sustainability


Socials: @divine4evp 


1. Chief of Staff – USAC External Vice President

2. Vice Chair – UC Student Association

3. Senior Policy Advisor – UCLA Government Community Relations; Federal Relations

4. Congressional Intern – Congresswoman Judy Chu

5. Homelessness and Community Health Sub Committee member – North Westwood Neighborhood Council 


Nunu White's statement:

Hello, my name is Nunu White and I am running as an independent to be your next UCLA External Vice President. As someone who entered in the midst of the pandemic, I understand what it’s like to be a student and confused as so many things are happening and feel like there’s nothing you can do, but await the next email. To prevent the student body from being in this position, I aim to: Strengthen Student-Faculty Relations as it is important for faculty to know the students they’re representing and make way for better transparency and Enhance the Student Voice through installing a student vote and/or say in certain processes. To ensure the entire student body is accounted for, the initiative I call “Small in Representation, Small in Population” focuses to aid in the specific needs of various communities on campus who have either been historically underrepresented in their campus population and/or in USAC spaces. With your support, we can work towards a campus that has students as an integral part in the decisions it makes and in the direction it goes in, while making sure no community is lost or unheard in our journey towards a better, more inclusive future. “Power To The Students” is the motto that drives us and with your vote, we can work towards obtaining it. Feel free to follown@nunuforusac on Instagram or email for more information or message if you have any questions. Thank you!!! 


  • My time serving as an Academic Senator on the Academic Affairs Commission: Academic Senate-Committee on Academic Freedom showcases my dedication to the student experience and making sure students feel safe and protected in their learning, as advocated on behalf of the student body in regards to key issues.

  •  As a Resident Assistant, I am on the ground actively serving and looking after students, while constantly providing guidance, advice, and resources students can utilize for a better experience. My compassion for residents carries over into my student advocacy, as I aim for everyone to have an optimal experience. 




Eliana Judith Sisman's statement:

Hello lovely people! As an autistic Jewish woman, I have experienced the stigma and confusion endured by individuals and communities who face adversity and defy expectations about who belongs on this campus, but I have also learned about the dignity of difference and the value of friendship, determination and caring from my fellow students of all backgrounds and from my disabled, neurodivergent and Jewish communities. My values are self-determination, solidarity, respect, equality, community and kindness. I advocate for the correction of injustice in all forms and the development of healthy, liberating and joyful environments throughout UCLA. As a General Representative I would prioritize nutrition, disability rights, students' health needs, and international education and channel my influence and resources to support UCLA’s amazing student organizations and activists who are brilliantly serving and advocating for this community and have been doing so for decades. 


1. I advocated for accessible and equitable education as a member of the Disabled

Students Union and the Strike For Our Safety coalition. I physically participated

in much of the sit-in and arranged events bringing together UCLA's awesome

disabled activists and influential people from outside UCLA to raise awareness.

2. I helped Students Vs. Pandemics edit a cookbook with healthy recipes for the

hardworking low-income people served by Second Harvest, a food bank

which assists 400,000 individuals every month in Silicon Valley.

3. I’m currently fighting Internet addiction and promoting healthy tech use by

creating and building up Students Stop Tech Addiction Together, a peer

support and educational organization, and developing a presentation for the

Semel Healthy Campus Institute’s Information Literacy and Media Summit.

4. I’m helping to organize a community forum and advocating for increased attention to student voices as a member of the Student Advisory Board for Equity,

Diversity and Inclusion.

5. I developed a comprehensive disability policy plan for Marianne Williamson’s

visionary 2020 presidential campaign. You can read the plan which I created

together with Roger Wolfson, a leader of Marianne's campaign, at this link: 

Alexis Molden's statement:

Hello! My name is Alexis Molden and I am a first year Political Science major at UCLA. During my first quarters here, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in USAC as a part of the fellowship for the External Vice President’s office and have been a part of other student government and advocacy projects. As a minority student, I have understood the issues of diversity and inclusion

and the different priorities every individual needs. Because of my experiences and outlook on opportunity, I am the perspective that UCLA needs in order to address their gaps and great need for improvement in enabling success for all students. As the General Representative at UCLA, I can begin to form a university where we are prepared and comfortable to combat the difficulties

faced beyond our time here at the university. I will make it my duty to ensure that we thrive in the opportunities to Jumpstart our career and professional goals, prioritize our Mental Well-being to adhere to different groups and individuals, and incorporate Liveable Wages for our campus jobs. Every individual should be represented in their needs and I want to make sure it

is done equitably. I have already begun to dedicate my career to advocating for necessary resources for students, so please allow me to continue my journey towards opportunity and vote for me, Alexis Molden, for your General Representative. And don’t forget to follow my campaign instagram! @votealexismolden #MoldenisGolden 


External Vice President Office

● I was an active fellow for the External Vice President’s office where I participated in

organizing and collaborating with my peers on advocacy projects and am now an active member

Student of Color Conference

● I have had the opportunity to connect with students of color across all UC’s and

discuss/plan of the ways we as students can help and advocate for ourselves and our


Student Lobby Conference

● I was a delegate with other UCLA students that proposed advantageous budgets and policies to Senators and Assembly Members to advocate for UC students in different areas of issues and discrepancies 


Naomi Hammonds' statement:

Hello, my name is Naomi Hammonds (she/her/hers) and I am your Students Organizing Active Resistance (SOAR) candidate for General Representative. As a Black Bruin and woman in STEM, I will advocate for the empowerment of students through the betterment of inclusivity, equity, collaboration, and retention on our campus. A bit of panic, a helping of fear, a splash of terror, and a dash (maybe more than a dash) of anxiety is how I felt when I first entered UCLA. Everyone around me had trouble understanding why I even wanted to attend UCLA; where I wouldn’t be around people like me, fit in as easily, and be moving out of state. I was never confident in myself nor my abilities until I joined organizations where I began to make lifelong friends that I could relate to, where I found that I wasn’t the only one with divorced parents or having a full-time job, or were experiencing the difficulties of being a minority at UCLA. In these organizations I have found my place and belonging, and I hope to inspire and advocate on behalf of my peers to enhance our experiences and success on this campus. With my lived experience, teachings from the Learning Assistant Program, and discussions with UCLA students, if elected as your General Representative I would:

● Advocate for and aid in the retention, empowerment, and overall wellness of marginalized and underprivileged students.

● Support students in recognizing their worth, prioritizing their success, and

promoting their passions. 


As the USAC Office of the President Staff Development Director and Accessibility Staff Member, I have maintained the morale of leadership directors and staff, reached out to organizations, and planned social events/retreats. I will continue to prioritize and ensure students feel a balance between work, academic, and personal lives.

As a Patent Prosecution Intern at UCLA Technology Development Group I learned about the business of technology transfer and intellectual property management. By analyzing technology evaluation, marketing, and commercialization techniques I have the skills necessary to aid in the creation of business development resources.

As a Research Assistant in the Life Science Liberation Project I created a more inclusive, caring, and welcoming environment in the LS7A/B/C series by advocating for better structure, support, flexibility, and autonomy. I developed greater interpersonal skills through listening to student stories highlighting microaggressions and inequities in resources.

As a Massage Envy Manager I have supervised daily operations, trained/coached staff in order to ensure excellent service for guests and to reach membership and retail goals. I have developed the skills required to lead with empathy, optimism, and unity while maintaining a welcoming environment.

As a Program Development Team Member for the Learning Assistant Program I reinforced peer learning by enhancing communication between students, instructors, and teaching assistants. Through serving in the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion division with increasing outreach to marginalized groups, I increased confidence in student's abilities to learn and succeed. 


Kian Kohanteb's statement:

Hi Bruins! My name is Kian Kohanteb, and I'm running for the Gen Rep position. I’m a Pol Sci student born and raised right here in Los Angeles. Like many, UCLA was my dream school, and to my amazement, my UCLA experience thus far has exceeded my dreams. Want to know something even crazier? On-campus, I realized that UCLA has the potential to be even greater than it already is. And so, I’m running to turn this potential into reality. 

How much do you know about USAC (its budget, members, duties, etc.)? For most, the answer is likely minimal, and that's an issue. I believe this highlights how USAC has lost sight of its chief focus: improving life for every UCLA student. Every student should know about USAC: know and experience the benefits it exists to provide. 

When I'm elected, I’ll do everything to ensure that UCLA is sustainable, accessible, and fun for all. Every student should feel safe. Moreover, every student should feel comfortable being themselves, taking pride in their unique identity. And above all, the UCLA experience should be a marathon of joy and never a sprint of despair. 

What's my plan? 

I will be the first NetZero emissions Genrep office and campaign. 

I will fight for free resources and student discounts (free stuff!). 

I will represent and fight for you. 

Join the movement for a more fun, safe, sustainable, and accessible UCLA. Vote Kian!! Learn more on Insta and Facebook 



Safe, accessible, and sustainable FUN: 


● Free rides in a 3 mile radius of campus at nights 

● Increased late-night patrol 

● Rapid safety alerts 


● Recorded Courses 

● Inclusive events 

● Leadership Transparency 


● Mental health and disability awareness

● Green initiatives 

● Financial literacy 


● High school student body president ● Youth group leader 

● Sports team captain 

● Counselor for special needs children

Mukul Kumar's statement:

Hello Bruins! My name is Mukul Kumar and I am an independent candidate running for the office of General Representative.

As a first-generation student, I am a reflection of my unique upbringing —my passions and motivations are shaped by both my struggles and my experiences. My parents immigrated from India, working long hours and graveyard shifts. With unwavering dedication, they raised my brother and I in a country foreign to them and instilled in us these core values: uplifting

community, unfaltering commitment to our morals, and compassion for everyone.

Growing up in the Bay Area, I was fortunate enough to be part of a very diverse environment that not only exposed me to other communities, but also the systemic obstacles and issues that hinder them from reaching their full potential. Thus, I have come to understand the importance and power of community organizing, and firmly believe that students and community

organizations on campus can be powerful agents of change. As a first-generation Bruin hailing from a working-class family, I want to facilitate this change and uplift the voices within our community. The UCLA I envision is anti-racist and inclusive, predicated on equity, liberty, and justice for all.

As your General Representative, I am here to listen, reflect, and grow with our Bruin community.

“[....] If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else. This is not just a grab-bag candy game.” - Toni Morrison 


● As part of the affordability platform in my time as an intern and staff in the USAC Office of the President, I assisted in advocating for equitable policies and strategies, one of the most notable being the decrease in laundry prices on the Hill.

● As Marketing Director in the USAC General Representative 3 office, I effectively

communicated progress and disseminated key information while developing and

maintaining a successful social media presence for the organization.

● As a co-founder of an environmentally conscious small business, Zabr, I have practiced significant expertise in researching and implementing strategies and solutions within systems of communications, marketing, and resource allocation.

● In my roles with the Sikh advocacy organization Jakara Movement and the Programming, Service, and Administrative (PSA) chair for the UCLA chapter, I have gained vital experience in leading civic engagement and community-driven change. 

Mukul Kumar, Headshot.jpg
DSC_0521 (1)_edited.jpg

academic affairS


Daniela Cortez's statement:

My name is Daniela Anais Cortez Bravo (she/her), and I am running for Academic Affairs Commissioner with Students Organizing Active Resistance. Coming from a multi-generational, mixed-status, and Latinx household has defined my academic journey. As a first-generation, low-income woman, I was molded into a resilient, persistent leader dedicated to achieving educational justice and freedom.

Despite its advertisements of inclusion, UCLA persistently invalidates and isolates students – especially our most marginalized. The administration fails to address the inaccessibility of higher education, the scarcity of resources for retention, and the absence of student welfare. Students forcibly bear the labor of making UCLA more accessible. UCLA must acknowledge these efforts and provide support to our communities.

As Academic Affairs Commissioner, I am determined to remove barriers by extending support to students on the road to their education’s completion. With my background, experience, and passion for student retention and wellness, I will successfully address the issues students face navigating higher education and center on a holistic view of the student experience.

Through amplification of student voices and campus communities, I will:

● Expand financial services within AAC’s purview, such as Books for Bruins, the Academic Success Referendum Fund, and Travel Grant Mini Fund, to subsidize more resources and close financial gaps through advocacy and outreach.

● Provide direct support to students through workshops, toolkits, and community-based mental health interventions.

● Reimagine accessibility beyond UCLA admissions through conversations with communities and administration regarding UCLA’s current state of affairs and ensure attainable opportunities post-grad by nurturing students’ navigational capital. 


● As the USAC Academic Affairs Commission’s Internal Assistant Commissioner

(2021 – Present), I have an intimate understanding of the commission's functions –

ranging from our platforms to our funding bodies and the Academic Senate. I support our staff in developing and implementing their initiatives, such as workshops, financial programming, and resource distribution.

● As Academic Senator on the Committee of Undergraduate Admissions & Relations

to Schools (2021 – Present), I reviewed ethnic studies requirements for prospective

students in the Fall of 2030. I advocate alongside campus communities with stakeholders for greater inclusion of transfers and marginalized students by centering communities and pushing for institutionalized representation.

● As an Educational Public Policy Fellow with Southern California College Access

Network (2022 – Present), I learn about educational disparities across California

through community advocacy – specializing in the different higher education systems and marginalized populations. I will also collaborate with policymakers to inform change to tackle issues within higher education.

● As a Peer Mentor in UCLA First Years’ Scholars Program (2021 – Present), I

empower incoming first-years from marginalized communities by amplifying campus

resources, cultivating a sense of belonging through the establishment of community, and passing on tools of self-advocacy as they take on their higher education journey.

● As a College Success Advisor for California Student Opportunity and Access

Program (Cal-SOAP) (August 2020 — August 2021), I supported high school students– preparing them for post-graduation with an emphasis on higher education accessibility. During the pandemic's peak, I assisted households with financial resources to mitigate monetary barriers through Cash-for-College workshops. 


Campus events



Giovanna Boffa's statement:

Hi my name is Giovanna Boffa and I’m running for the office of Commissioner for Campus Events Commission. As a member of CEC for the past three years, I have always worked to advocate for diversifying programming and offering events that best serve the UCLA

community. Now in the executive role of co-director of Concerts for CEC, I am experienced in the technical aspects of programming, and will implement this experience towards intentional and exciting events. Their purpose: to inspire and inform students by way of unique artistic

self-expression through various mediums, while also committing to providing entertainment in relief of the rigorous academic schedule at UCLA. Towards focusing CEC’s programming on the student body, I promise to allocate performances and financial opportunities exclusive to UCLA artists. I also plan to collaborate with other campus organizations, so as to improve CEC’s engagement with the UCLA and local Los Angeles community. Finally, I will strive for better accessibility through tangible changes in CEC’s online marketing and increasing efforts in the

distribution of information on campus. Visit my instagram page: @Gio4CEC to learn more about my platform. #Gio4CEC 


● As the current co-Director of Concerts for Campus Events Commission, I am confident in my ability to advise on improving and executing consistent and intentional programming to best serve students.

● In this role, I regularly coordinate with Talent managers on day of events, negotiate contracts with agents, work with UCLA administration to certify documents, and collaborate with CEC’s various staffs (Marketing, Digital Media, PR, and Print) to successfully plan and execute each event.

● Since being a member of CEC for three years, I am familiar with the entire staff and can support and lead members to carry out their respective responsibilities with a general goal of serving the UCLA community.

● As a Math/Econ major and multilingual student, my strong problem-solving,

communication, and analytical skills are essential towards carrying out tangible changes. 


Aaron Yamin's statement:

UCLA needs new leadership that represents the voice of its students. The Campus Events Commissioner’s most prominent role is to run Bruinbash. My goal is to bring well-known artists to Bruinbash to make the event more desirable for students. This also means providing access for ALL STUDENTS to receive a ticket to the event. Additionally, there is

nothing stopping the Events Commission from hosting more of these events, so I plan to create more concert opportunities at the start of Winter and Spring quarter. This way, all three quarters will begin on an exciting note. Furthermore, I will create an inclusive environment where all students feel welcome to share their ideas. I plan on creating a direct submission

form where students can voice their campus event ideas, allowing for more popular events. In addition, America’s top public university should host events with industry experts, in which students can network with high-level companies to expand their interests. These events will be widely publicized, so all students have the opportunity to attend, utilizing campus emails and reminders so everyone is kept up to date on on-campus events. Vote AARON YAMIN for Campus Events Commissioner. VOTE YAMIN HE’S ON YOUR TEAM!

Visit my Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook pages to learn more about my platforms

Instagram: @aaron4cec

Tiktok: @aaron4cec

Facebook: @aaron4cec 


● I have a long history of leadership, but am new to USAC, so I bring a fresh and unique perspective, unobsured by years of USAC politics

● High school governmental president: created fundraising events, brought guest speakers, oversaw budget and dues

● California Youth and Government Political Party Leader: Oversaw 800+ members in state-wide program

● Connections in entertainment industry with contacts to artists such as Gunna, The Kid Laroi, SZA 





Juan Flores' statement:

Hello Bruins! My name is Juan Flores (He/They/El) and I am honored to be running for Community Service Commissioner. As a first-gen college student and grassroots community organizer, it is my great pleasure to carry on the torch and build on the work of our predecessors.

As the Community Service Commissioner, I will work to maximize the impact and service delivery of all student orgs. In reflecting on my readiness for this position, I was reminded that I have sustained momentum in my work to serve disadvantaged communities because I am the

product of community service. Coming from a working-class, Mexican-immigrant household, I have greatly benefited from services intended to break pipelines and improve life outcomes.

This year I am serving as Co-Outreach Director for the Community Service Commission (CSC) where I worked on bridging gaps in resources for CSC-affiliated orgs. Through this process, I have gained key institutional knowledge of CSC and have grown my roots in the bruin-led change-making space.

The Community Service Commissioner Works directly with 31+ service organizations, 2,000+ volunteers, and over 10,000 service recipients per year. The commissioner also helps coordinate various funding streams and resources. I seek to reimagine and revitalize how community service is defined and performed in order to maximize impact.

I look forward to your help in joining the movement for equity and justice.

Link Tree:

Instagram: @juan4usac

Hashtags: #Juan4USAC #Juan4CSC #Juan4Commissioner 


● CSC Outreach Director

○ Worked to reinforce COVID-19 safety practices of student orgs as we transition

back to in-person activities

○ Share resources to student orgs to improve resiliency and structure in current

times of uncertainty

○ Conduct outreach and education to non-CSC affiliated student orgs on the benefits of joining the commission


● COVID-19 Youth Response Board Vice Chair

○ Review and award grants applications to youth-led projects working to build

equity and meet the immediate needs of their communities in Sacramento, CA


● Veritable Good Consulting Intern

○ Coordinate public health and public policy professionals to create

community-driven policy solutions for poor air quality and pollution for the City

of Sacramento

○ Conduct community outreach and build community voice on environmental

justice issues to report back to decision-makers

● Youth Development Network Board of Supervisor Member

○ Work to ensure the effective administration of a nonprofit through the passing of

referendums, budgets, and other strategic planning initiatives. 





Alicia Verdugo's statement:

My name is Alicia Verdugo (she/they) and I am running to be your 2021-2022 Cultural Affairs Commissioner with Students Organizing Active Resistance (SOAR) slate.

As a first-generation low-income queer person of color, I have become hyper-aware of the struggles associated with belonging here in my time at UCLA thus far. As we recuperate from several crises that exacerbate campus inequities, students must begin to reclaim the power they have within this institution. The platforms I have created and expanded on are grounded on viable optimism as I assure they are long-term, accessible, and sustainable.

This past quarter, I was able to participate in the longest sit-in in UCLA history. I joined my fellow students and slept on the floor of Murphy Hall every day for 16 days. This transformative experience helped me find the community that I longed for. I found agency from knowing that we created change and broke cycles of acceptance within the administrative-induced conditions against students.

Through my involvement in student advocacy, I have become impassioned about innovating the radical realm that embodies various aspects of Cultural Affairs at UCLA. As your Cultural Affairs Commissioner, I will use the power that comes with this space to uplift and advocate for marginalized students on campus as we address our artistic and creative identities next to our academic ones. With guidance, I will study and work towards the overall mission to ensure culturally relevant, inclusive, and conscious spaces created for and by Black, Indigenous, and peoples of color. 


● As a new member of the Student Wellness Commission, I am passionate about what we can do regarding health accessibility, disparities, and politics on campus. By establishing a DiverSWC committee, I plan to account for vast amounts of health issues that must be addressed in the SWC office.

● In order to express my creativity and love for handmade jewelry, I also run a small

business in which I make affordable earrings and charms; it also helps me pay for meals when my meal plan is not enough.

● For over two years, I have babysat and tutored the children of healthcare workers in all subjects through the volunteer program COVID Childcare in San Diego. Now, I branch out into the Los Angeles community and offer my knowledge to kids through the student affairs’ Leadership and Educational Advancement Program.

● I am a current volunteer for Pride Admit Weekend. I want to reproduce the joy I

experienced last year and make sure other baby Bruins feel the love from acceptance and welcomed by an unexpected place. 




Phoebe Chiu's statement:

Hello everyone! My name is Phoebe Chiu (she/hers), and I am the Students Organizing Active Resistance candidate for the USAC Facilities Commissioner. I am a second-generation Asian American from a single-parent household that witnessed how educational institutions supported

my community’s needs growing up. I ate school lunch, attended school plays with ASL interpreters, and saw how a first field trip to the local sanitary district motivated my peers to become environmental activists. Now, I advocate for UCLA to be the backbone of support and

activism that Bruins deserve for sustainability and accessibility.

Although UCLA claims to be committed to sustainability and inclusion, their goals lack consistent strategy, financing, and support from the administration for implementation. Uplifting the well-being of students at UCLA, the local Westwood community, and beyond is the foundation of a sustainable campus. UCLA needs more student voices at the table in designing a positive and inclusive campus infrastructure and culture. I am running for USAC Facilities Commissioner because I want to empower students as decision-makers in creating a better future at UCLA.

As your Facilities Commissioner, I will:

● Elevate student voices by organizing conferences with the Office of Sustainability and administration to ensure policies reflect student priorities and advocacy.

● Investigate and lift barriers to affordable housing, accessible transportation, and usable campus spaces to support student wellness and academic success.

● Increase student participation in student and local government to advocate for student needs.

Vote Phoebe Chiu for USAC Facilities Commissioner, visit @phoebe4fac, and #ChooseChiu. 





Sara Broukhim's statement:

Hello! My name is Sara Broukhim, and I’m running for Financial Supports Commissioner. As the daughter of two immigrants, I have seen first hand how financial health and education provides pivotal opportunities. I grew up on UCLA’s campus and was thrilled to officially call myself a Bruin when accepted. My love for our school has inspired me to run for USAC in order to improve the lives of our student body. 

My plan is centered around helping bruins succeed academically and financially by increasing access to resources, lessening the financial burden on students, and providing financial education through workshops. As your Financial Supports Commissioner, I will work hard to ensure that everyone has the necessary resources to thrive on campus and plan for a financially strong future. 

As your Financial Supports Commissioner, I will:

  • Broaden resource platforms available to students –– like a free NYTimes subscription –– ensuring everyone access to essential resources. 

  • Work with restaurants and businesses in Westwood to incentivise student discounts and collaboration. 

  • Facilitate Financial Workshops –– led by undergraduates –– to teach you how to make smart, financial investments and secure your future.

Following a return to normal life, I hope to help ease the student body through this transition by providing helpful resources and opportunities. I am passionate about serving the students of UCLA and ensuring a better experience on campus. 


  • Currently, I work as a Research Assistant at the VA. Some of my duties include working on subject payment and budgeting for the lab. 

  • I also served 2021-2022 Director of Outreach and Coordination for General Representative 3, where I worked with different organizations on campus and helped organize Financial Literacy workshops. As Commissioner, I hope to expand on the work that I did on these workshops.

  • I also serve as Director of Policy Innovation for Bruin Political Union. As a part of this organization, I worked with my team to create briefs for candidates in upcoming races –– such as the LA Mayoral Race. 

  • I interned for Congressman Brad Sherman’s District Office and spent my time talking with constituents and working within an office setting. 


Dakota Edison's statement:

My name is Dakota Edison (he/him/his), and I am running for Financial Supports Commissioner with the Students Organizing Active Resistance slate. As a first-generation, low-income student, I have experienced how difficult it is for students to receive financial assistance and understand

what resources are available to them, which has inspired me to advocate for equitable and accessible financial resources for all students.

I believe that all students deserve access to all the opportunities higher education provides regardless of financial status and resources. Oftentimes, students do not receive adequate support, and UCLA and the UC system misappropriate our tuition and grant funding, leaving students, especially the most marginalized, behind. Further, students do not receive adequate education about the financial resources available to them. As Financial Supports Commissioner, I would provide the student body with the resources, tools, and empowerment they need to advocate for themselves while pushing the UCs and UCLA to reform the inequalities of the broken resource systems that negatively impact students.

I will address two key issues - systemic injustice and individual lack of access - by:

● Working with administration to promote widely available financial literacy modules, workshops, and resources;

● Connecting with students and campus communities facing resource barriers to provide resources for their success at an inaccessible institution like UCLA;

● Advocating for reform in UC financial aid practices, for resources to better align with student needs, and for UCLA and USAC to be more responsive to the current crises the student body is facing. 


● USAC Academic Affairs Commission, Finance Director (2020—Present)

I have connected with students and campus communities to provide them with USAC funding and adapted funds and guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I have experience equitably distributing funding and resources and making sure funding best serves the student body.

● UC Student Association, Education Finance Model Board Member (2020—Present)

I conversed with the UC-wide Director of Financial Aid and stakeholders, and advocated for additional funding during COVID-19. I also focused on reforming UC-wide decision making to accommodate marginalized communities through initiatives to double the pell grant and increase overall funding.

● Academic Senator, Committee on Planning and Budget (2021—Present)

Within senate I advocate for better allocation of resources and recognition of underserved communities by faculty members involved in the decision making process. I have gained experience advocating for reform and pushing administration to act in the best interests of students.

● UC Cost Reduction Movement, Organizer (2020—2021)

The movement started in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and focused on lowering student fees and tuition. I worked closely with campus leaders and the UC Office of the President to recognize the challenges students were facing at UCLA and the UC-system at-large.

● UCLA Business and Finance Solutions, Student Auditor (2021—Present)

I have seen first hand how UCLA spends its allocations and utilizes student tuitions. I will use this knowledge to advocate for more transparency of UCLA’s spending and identify areas of improvement to make funding more accessible and beneficial to students. 

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student wellness



Ana Majer's statement:

Hi Bruins! My name is Ana Majer and I am running to be your next Student Wellness Commissioner.

I came to UCLA from a small town where I found space to not only grow my own information literacy, but to also promote literacy throughout my community. From working in a county clinic with one of the highest breast cancer rates in California to encouraging girls to enter male-dominated STEM fields, I have pursued my passion for health advocacy from an early age.

Our well-being is fundamental in supporting what we do and who we are as individuals. I want students to have a representative who is passionate about supporting holistic wellness, from mental health, to planetary health, to basic needs and beyond. I plan on organizing health-based

programming that is comprehensive, encompasses all student backgrounds, and firmly equips students with wellness resources.

With my leadership experience in SWC SEARCH, Semel HCI, and CSC, I have learned to create actionable goals and to organize and promote outreach events for our Bruin community’s health. In further collaboration with UCLA administration, I plan to continue empowering student

voices, acting as a liaison to ensure Bruins’ ideas guide future conversations and actions regarding student wellness.

Health on campus is not a responsibility limited to any one entity: it requires the collaboration of SWC, Semel HCI, CAPS, and Ashe, among other groups, to provide for all students. As SWC Commissioner, I will work to bridge these organizations, strengthening UCLA’s health and

wellness spaces for Bruins. 


● Student Wellness Commission Student Education and Research of Contemporary Health (SEARCH) Co-Director (2021-Present)

● Student Wellness Commission Active Minds Outreach Director (2021-Present)

● Student Wellness Commission Pre-health Imposter Phenomenon Research Director (2021-Present)

● Community Service Commission Internal Programming Director (2021-Present)

● Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Administrative Assistant (2021-Present) 


transfer student


Teddy Moreno's statement:

My name is Teddy Moreno and I am running for the office of Transfer Student Representative. For seven years, I served students as an elected official in high school and at the community college. In high school, I spent four years serving in student government, concluding as Associated Student Body President during my senior year. At my community college, I spent one year serving in student government as Associated Student Government Vice President, and one year serving as Student Trustee upon the community college district board of trustees. In these roles, I coordinated with public and private entities to leverage public funds and share the use of facilities to maximize student success with the protection of taxpayers in mind, drafted legislation to amend constitutional bylaws to diversify student representation among academic divisions and minority groups on campus, and lobbied congressional leaders in Washington D.C. to pass the Dream Act, reauthorize the Higher Education Act, and increase Pell Grant funding. As a transfer student, I have gained first-hand insight into transfer life at UCLA and wish to be a champion for change on campus for all students. If elected, I will work to ensure that transfer students become aware of all opportunities, services, and programs they can apply to. Transfer students are too caught up in familiarizing themselves with UCLA that they miss out on many unbeknown opportunities. I wish to diminish this gap between opportunity and student to promote student development and enrichment at UCLA. 

International student



Hansika Nath's statement:

Hi everyone! My name is Hansika and I am running for the Office of International Student Representative. As an international student myself, I wanted to be the voice that recognizes the importance of our international community and ensures that UCLA is committed to doing the same. Traveling thousands of miles away from home to a new country is a daunting task and therefore it is imperative to realize that the needs of an international student are slightly unique when compared to others. My focus will be to empathize with members of our community and work towards the ‘little things that matter’ to successfully make UCLA our

home away from home.

Over the last year, I have personally faced, observed and gathered first-hand experiences from international students that provide nuanced insights into the challenges that we face. Some key areas that I desire to work on include cultural integration, ease of access to healthcare/insurance, efficient personal financial management, mental health resources, food

options etc. My primary goal is to ensure every single international student not only has the opportunity for their voice to be heard but also sees substantive action being taken to meet their demands. I hope to foster an inclusive and safe environment where every individual has the opportunity to be their true selves, just like they would in their respective homes.

Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments, and questions using my

Instagram: @hansika_nath or my Email: 


1) I am currently a Global Studies student and have been pursuing subjects like Psychology, Sociology and Economics my entire life. This has instilled a strong sense of empathy, rationality and sensitivity in me, all of which, in my opinion, are important qualities of a leader.

2) I have served as the School Captain (head of Student Body) at my high school back in India. I have also worked with WWF- India in capacity as Secretary of the Student Body. Both these experiences have enriched my understanding of people and further my capability to handle situations. 

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