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candidate conversations



we partnered with BallotPedia and EnCiv, to create a forum for you to meet your candidates and referenda in order to have the information you need to make educated decisions, because #yourvoiceyourvote matters.

a note from our partner

Candidate Conversations is an open source web application built by, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. They do this with help from volunteers in Node, React, UI/UX, and other disciplines from, and we have room for more. At Hack For LA this project is called undebate, and they have many other active projects with room for more. 

Hack For LA brings together civic-minded volunteers to build digital products, programs and services with community partners and local government to address issues in our LA region. Hack for LA is a project of Code for America and is it's official Los Angeles chapter.

It’s a great place to gain real world, real project experience, and create things that do good. Volunteers looking to gain experiences to add to their resumes, and volunteers looking to share their expertise are all welcome. During the COVID-19 lock-down, HackForLA meets online, you can find their meetups here.