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we've provided information on what referenda are as well as the referenda on the ballot this year, so that you can have the information you need to make an educated decision because #yourvoiceyourvote matters.

general faq


what is a referenda?

Referenda is the plural form of referendum. A referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is invited to vote on a particular proposal. This may result in the adoption of a new policy, an amendment to the USA Bylaws, or a Student Fee Adjustment Measure.​ There are two referenda on the ballot in the spring 2020 election (click here).

what is a supplemental information and is it binding?

Supplemental language is additional information for voters in regards to a referendum. But it is not just informative - it is equally as binding as the "shall" question. That's why it's important to review the supplemental language for each referenda (click here). On the ballot itself, in my.UCLA, you can click the (+) button to see the supplemental information.

how does a referendum get on the ballot?

There are two ways in which a referendum can get on the ballot. The first requires a special presentation to USAC, which is then followed by a ⅔ majority vote on whether to add it to the ballot or not. The second way involves a student led petition requiring 10% student signatures. In either case, the language itself is typically written by multiple student organizations and is subjected to several rounds of formal revisions by administrators. Once the initial language is drafted, it gets forwarded to the UC Office of the President (UCOP) for a full review. If the students accept the edits to the language, it is then approved by UCOP, and USAC votes to add it onto the ballot. Either after approval by USAC or before, the Chancellor and UCLA Administration must also approve the language of the referenda. Specifically, a budget analysis is done, in order to ensure that the funds generated by the referendum will actually be enough to deliver on the promise of the referendum.

can the revenue generated by a referendum be used for something else?

No, once the referendum goes into effect, the money that is allotted cannot be reallocated by USAC.

when does a referendum go into effect?

Once the referendum is passed in the Spring General Election, the established policies will go into effect starting Fall of the following academic school year. The start times are listed in the "Shall" question.

who decides what's on a referendum?

Referendum language is drafted created by students of the undergraduate students association, typically with input from many campus organizations. It is usually a response to an ongoing issue facing students.

what are the referenda on this year's ballot?

CUBS: Cultivating Unity For Bruins 
GCGP: Good Clothes Good People Basic Needs

Both are described, in detail below.



in the spring 2020 election



Cultivating Unity for Bruins Referendum

Shall the Undergraduate Students Association address the space, resource, and programming needs of undergraduate students from historically underrepresented and marginalized communities by implementing a new ASUCLA CUB fee of $15.00 per undergraduate student per quarter ($9.00 per UC undergraduate student enrolled at UCLA in summer session), to supplement the Ackerman student union fee of $22.00 per quarter, beginning in Fall 2020?


CUB Referendum Summary

The Cultivating Unity for Bruins Referendum is a coalition based referendum that would raise 1.5 million dollars annually in student fees to be managed by the student-run ASUCLA Board of Directors to improve access to space and programming funding for underrepresented communities. This 1.5 million would be used to immediately fund a Black Resource Center in the Ackerman Viewpoint Conference rooms with a programming budget, permanently pay off the rent of the Transfer Center to ensure improved transfer programming, provide sufficient space for prayer and meditation, allocate over $500,000 for underrepresented groups' annual programming, and eventually fund the internal development of a new student run, ASUCLA building off the loading dock of Ackerman Student Union. 


Good Clothes Good People Basic Needs Referendum

Shall the Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) institute a new fee of $0.33 per undergraduate student per quarter beginning in Fall 2020 to fund school supplies and hygiene products to be distributed for free to UCLA undergraduate students at USAC’s Good Clothes Good People redistribution center?


GCGP Referendum Summary

Good Clothes Good People is primarily a clothing redistribution center, or basically free thrift store, and we practice a strict no-questions-asked policy. We also offer a number of sustainable hygiene products and school supplies that students can pick up for no additional cost, and additionally have wheelchairs, crutches, formal clothes, and umbrellas that UCLA undergraduate students may borrow from us for short periods of time. We’re asking students to pay less than $1 a year – 33 cents during each of fall, winter, and spring quarters – so that we can consistently provide items such as notebooks, pens, pencils, menstrual products, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner to the students who need it the most, as well as any other UCLA undergraduate student who wants to use our center. Since our grand opening in November of 2018, we have served over 5000 students, and aim to help many, many more with the stable funding that would be provided by this referendum!